Revolutionary products come out! Supreme Technology「Over Suspension」

The brand “Supreme Technology”, an all-new modification parts manufacturer, has introduced “Over Suspension” exclusively for various models such as the popular Z900RS and MT-09.

A new concept revolutionizing the motorcycle industry

“Over Suspension” is a new type of modification part developed by the Italian modification brand Supreme Technology. This part adds a damping structure where the vibration of the body is the greatest, and reduces the vibration of the body by making the vibrations cancel each other.

Over Suspension

■Improve the tracking performance for curbs and uneven road surface

During riding, or when the bounce response is caused by uneven road surfaces, the Over Suspension can successfully reduce the vibration, which not only enhances the tire’s trackability on the road, but also increases the sense of stability.

■Improve the degree of rear wheel tracking control

Because it can slow down the extra body dynamics such as the rebound and extension of the rear shock when the throttle is turned off, and the compression and sinking of the rear shock when accelerating, the rider can make the next move more quickly. Therefore, when turning back to the body, it is possible to add more tracking control to the rear wheels, which makes it easier for the tires to exert grip. It also becomes very simple when you want to change the direction of travel by sliding.

・In urban streets, when riding on speed bumps on curved roads and uneven roads, it can reduce the vibration of the car body and allow the motorcycle to enter the curve in a more stable state, so it can definitely let the rider Enjoy the ride more safely and happily.

・In the part of the track, the control is improved, so that the rider can more easily ride to the limit of the motorcycle, and it is not prone to accidents of the rear wheel slippery person falling out, which can definitely help the rider improve on the track Achievement.

■Over Suspension is made of light alloy tubes made of metal materials with very high density and high specific gravity.

There is a bushing in the middle of this light alloy tube, and this bushing is also specially processed on the surface, so that it can slide smoothly inside the light alloy tube without hindrance.

On the other hand, the movable part bushing in the light alloy tube is set on the opposite side of the spring and uses a special polymer developed by Supreme Technology.

The micro-screw system will change according to the preload value of the spring, and the movable component will change its movable frequency according to the resonance with the rocker arm.

【Video】Pirro slow motion oversuspension

[Video]Player Taiki Sato gave us a detailed introduction to Over Suspension

Data source “Supreme Technology”

“Webike Taiwan” editorial department compiled

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