Review of Durgod Taurus K320 Corona Sweet Pink Mechanical Keyboard Limited Edition: For design, stay for experience - VnReview

Reviews on Durgod Taurus K320 Corona Sweet Pink Limited Edition mechanical keyboard: Come for the design, stay for the experience – VnReview

If eye-catching design is something that catches the eye in the moment, then the user experience will be what makes you want to stay with Durgod K320 Corona Sweet Pink Limited Edition.

Just appeared in Vietnam not too long but Chinese keyboard brand Durgod is constantly "bombarding" the market with quality keyboard products. Recently, Durgod has launched the Taurus K320 Corona Sweet Pink Limited Edition, a limited edition of the Taurus K320 family of keys. Can this keyboard continue to impress like the Durgod V104s that VnReview has ever experienced?

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Durgod Taurus K320 Corona Sweet Pink Limited Edition is currently distributed genuine by Ninza Vietnam with a list price of 2.5 million. In the article, the writer will write the product name Durgod K320 Sweet Pink for readers to follow.

Open the box and design: Sweet as youth

If the box of products of Durgod V104s is somewhat simple, not too fussy, the K320 Sweet Pink box looks very eye-catching with white, blue and pink tones, and some funny pictures such as camera, smartphone or pen box, causing the writer to suddenly recall the days he was still in the school chair.

There are a lot of accessories inside, including a dust cover for the keyboard, a whisk keycap pick up, a sticker for you to organize the string more neatly, a Durgod logo sticker and up to two strings connection, one Type-C two-wire cord, one Type-C wire to USB. This is clearly a plus point, showing the caring of Durgod and users can connect to almost every device today, from computers, laptops to tablets, smartphones (Android). Unfortunately, the USB connector is not gilded and may rust over time, the cables are not covered with umbrellas, and the keyboard does not support Bluetooth connectivity.

The first impression of the K320 Sweet Pink – as its name suggests – is the very sweet pink color on the entire keyboard, from the case to the keycap and the connecting cord. Durgod pink was chosen not to be "soft" but soft, moderate, enough to make any gamer, whether male or female, also have to "fall in love".

Like other Taurus K320 keyboards, the Sweet Pink version has an 87-key layout – also known as TKL (Ten key less), without the numpad keys – which makes working or gaming space a pleasure. more neat, but users who frequently type will find it a bit inconvenient.

The case of K320 Sweet Pink is made of plastic, slightly rough, good finish, no fingerprints and feels solid. Despite only experiencing the keyboard for a short time, but the writer found it not easy to get dirty, so users can feel secure.

K320 Sweet Pink's keycap is slightly raised compared to the key case, just enough for the LED light to emit more, not so high as gaming keyboard models that easily get dirt in. Another plus point for this keyboard is that it is waterproof and dustproof, while many other keyboard brands are often ignored.

Like its seniors, K320 Sweet Pink's keycap is made of PBT Doubleshot plastic. The advantage of this plastic material is that it is stronger and more durable than ABS plastic, and does not get shiny after a long time of use, but the disadvantage is difficult to produce, causing the keyboard to push the price up a bit. Durgod keycap surface is pretty much beveled, creating good fingertips.

K320 Sweet Pink supports media functions (play, pause, next, …), users can activate them with the keys Fn and F1 to F7.

The font on the keycap looks very neat, more beautiful than the V104s, and because it is printed by Doubleshot technology, it will not be blurry, fly characters like the product lines of iKBC.

The lower part of the K320 Sweet Pink in addition to 5 rubber feet, there are two more joints to raise the keyboard height, and on each step there is a rubber sole to increase grip. However, it is not clear whether this is a product error or not, but on the writer's keyboard, when opening the lower lift joint, this joint has a very "creaking" sound, giving the feeling that it is about to break. Next to it are two wiring slots and cable connection holes.

Another plus point is that the connector on this keyboard uses USB Type-C standard so it makes it very convenient to plug the cable. You will not need to care if you plug in the right way or not. In addition, it is easy to replace cables when they are damaged as USB Type-C cables are now very popular in the market.

Smooth typing, smooth

The Durgod K320 Sweet Pink of VnReview uses a Cherry MX Silent Red switch from the familiar German brand Cherry MX. In addition, this keyboard also has a version using traditional Cherry MX Red. The difference between these two types of switches is that Silent Red has only 1.9 mm key travel, 3.7 mm journey, while for traditional Red, the key receiving point is 2 mm, 4mm journey. Having force of 45g and not causing clicky sound like Blue, K320 Sweet Pink will be suitable for gamers or office workers who love the quiet and do not want to disturb those around them.

Practical experience, K320 Sweet Pink feels very smooth and smooth typing. Although this is the first time I have experienced the Silent Red switch (I use Cherry MX Silver Speed ​​at the office and Cherry MX Brown at home), it is quite easy to get used to, whether it is playing games or typing. Noise generated when using is very small, useful for those who often work at night.

Beautiful LED light, enough software to use

K320 Sweet Pink only has a single white LED but it is very suitable for the pink color of the keyboard. Thanks to the LED light bulb placed on the housing, the light passes through the characters more, looking very "shimmering" whether in bright or dark rooms. K320 Sweet Pink has some built-in LED modes that you can switch back and forth right on the keyboard, but I personally do not attach much importance to LED modes because they only cause distractions when used, if any. it will only use the brightness mode for all keys.

Durgod has a tuning software called Zeus Engine, which you can download right on its homepage. Here, you can change the LED mode or assign a macro key along with a few other functions.

However, for some reason, immediately after downloading the Zeus Engine software and installing it, I could no longer use the keyboard with the error of failing to install the driver (previously used normally). Removing the Zeus Engine software, removing the keyboard driver at Device Manager, restarting the computer did not fix the problem, but strangely, it is still possible to change the LED mode, or the LED modes that interact with the keys. Click still works normally. This only happens on the home PC of a writer using Windows 7, and testing on a machine at a company and colleagues at an office using Windows 10 has no problems.


Overall, the Durgod Taurus K320 Corona Sweet Pink Limited Edition is a very interesting keyboard. If eye-catching design is something that catches the eye in the moment, then the user experience will be what makes you want to stay with this keyboard. Although there are still "grainy" such as the gold-plated USB head or the keyboard lift has a "strange sound", K320 Sweet Pink is really worth considering, especially if you are a "love pink, hate. lie".

Plus mark

+ Eye-catching colors, high quality finishing

+ Good typing feeling, makes less noise

+ Keycap PBT doubleshot is not ball, fly characters

Minus point

– The connecting cable is not covered with an umbrella, the gold-plated USB connector may rust over time

– Does not support Bluetooth, an unfortunate absence

– The keyboard lift lever has a strange sound, creating a feeling of uncertainty

Hoan Dang

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