Review Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 Pro

After experiencing long enough, understand enough, now I share the review article Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 Pro home

1. Hardware
The front has the design of rabbit ears, black glass, simple and simply beautiful.

The back is not very nice, especially the antenna array.

Included in the box is a flexible plastic case that fits snugly into the device, when it becomes a part of the phone, not an "extra accessory" like other phones. If you do not use the back cover, the two disadvantages are slippery machine and most of the power in Vietnam lacks the mass so when plugging in the charger, but touching lightly will be numb and tingle, small children touch will be dangerous.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 Pro

No headphones in the box. The charger uses standard micro USB, the charger is a bit short.

Do not like micro USB standard because it is outdated. When plugged into the machine, if you use two fingers to shake, it will feel like it is about to fall off.

Do not like the layout of the power button and 2 volume buttons on the same side because there are at least 2 inadequacies. Firstly, if you want to take a screen shot, you have to use both hands, but one hand is not enough or you cannot press both keys; Secondly, when mounting on a rack to mount on the car, it will be completely pushed to the power button, moving up and unbalanced and shaking strongly when going through rough places. (In addition, you can use 3 fingers to swipe from the top to the screen to take a screen shot, but the reaction of this type is quite slow so if you need to take any pictures, quickly take them quickly will not work).

The battery is stable, spent almost 2 days.

With a price range of 4 million but equipped with both face and fingerprint recognition features. Fingerprints, banana roots. Face recognition is very cool even when the "declaration" only needs one selfie to complete and AI learns more slowly, not as complicated as Apple's Face ID declaration step.

2. Software
Because Android is open to custom firms, each company will "lay out" a different interface. As Xiaomi's is called MIUI, Samsung's Oppo TouchWiz, is ColorOS.

The latest MIUI version is 10.3

Xiaomi phone preload an app named MIUI Forum let people talk about each other MIUI.

Before the compliment. The first disadvantage is the insertion of three miscellaneous ads in many places.

The shortcut management screen is inserted ads, Recommended place

Download an app, and when you launch it, you will be tempted to put ads

Each time "clearing" is done, you have to watch the ad. And many other places. Too much trouble!

The relatively stupid image management mechanism. Obviously, I have just downloaded an image, but I cannot upload it to find it, but I can't find it. I don't understand what logic it manages.

Several times run with Strava every time I saw tracking, it was really crap.

Phonebook: There is no whitelist mechanism like iOS. Even if I added the contact to Favorites, the add-on was not able to be called if the device was in Do Not Disturb mode.

Sound: Use volume down key to reduce the volume but when the incoming call is still ringing. It turns out that it is necessary to turn off each desired category like this.

Slightly inconvenient if you need to turn it off. With the iPhone, push a button to finish

Kill app: For example, in the Grab app, want to swipe up to kill the app to restart it, as shown below when pressing X will kill the app but … except Grab. When that must go home and then swipe up again

One is
, do not install too many preload apps like other Android or even iPhone (on iPhone there are many apps that your whole life won't touch, for example Video, Find My Friends, Stock …).

After the phone, surely smarthome is Mi's strategic card but to the main app like MiHome they don't preload customers. Who needs to manually download and use.

With MIUI, you can swipe from the bottom of the device to swipe up to go home, but you can't swipe to see if the app is running because Apple will be sued. Instead, the latest version of MIUI has added a horizontal scrolling feature (both left and right) that will hold a bit of a switch to a nearby app.

Secondly, the app icon set is designed to be streamlined and beautiful.

Third is
, the settings have improved a lot to catch up with iOS as:
– Declare a mechanism to push notifications (notifications) for each app.
– Easily manage the consumption of mobile data.
– There are mechanisms to manage the keyword often type to save time.

Just type tchh to suggest and then The Coffee House and just touch the proposed result to finish

– Please app permissions clearly, properly, more detailed than before.
– Mechanism to set wallpaper now also has lock screen & home screen, no cut style + like Android in the past and has the advantage of a richer image repository than iOS.

Four is, the camera is integrated with AI to serve things like removing fonts, detecting objects …

Year isIf you scan QR code, it will show a link for people who use it to see if it is reliable to open.

Even MIUI has what it takes to break iOS like:
1. When opening the center control
, press on / off Wi-Fi or Bluetooth just press once. As for iOS, turning off in Setting is just off, but turning off the center control is just turning off temporarily and turning off the control center to see it on. This is Apple's mechanism. It will be a turn off if it's evening, it knows you're going to sleep (true story).
2. Give the clone app: For example, you install FB app or Viber or Zalo on your phone and want to use 2 Clone app accounts at the same time Super convenient, super like this feature too.

TCH twin

3. App lock: Set password for private apps like Photo, FB, Viber … so that anyone who can hold the phone will not be inside.

4. Gboard: Typing with Gboard must be super convenient. Here is to type according to the swipe mechanism, provided by Google so every word in this world is now difficult to pass Google. And machine learning is used here very well: When it suggests something, you delete it again and then learn it again, it will remind you exactly what you fixed to teach it.

Dùng trường: Set Grab -> Just chat with the driver to finish the driver cancel -> Other driver receive -> Just type the first letter is finished, the rest will suggest exactly what you just typed earlier .

The Apple App Store also has Gboard and is also used for iPhone but the experience is not as cool as on this Mi Note 6.

5. Integration Call recording function available.

6. Display available app rotating screen. In iOS is to turn on from the control center that not everyone knows to have this feature and know how to turn it on.

7. When you need to take a screen capture that the content to be captured is displayed in more than 1 screen frame, with Mi it is very simple because the screen capture is finished if "Scroll" is selected, it will get all the things in that view. .

"Scrolled" screenshot

8. When sharing photos, better than iOS for a few more options to share.

By the way, the experience is over, so I want to re-sell this Note 6, went to Android 9, black. Buy at Mobile World for a few months. Full box available.


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