Review Xiaomi Mi Band 4: worth upgrading - VnReview

Review Xiaomi Mi Band 4: worth upgrading – VnReview

With screen enhancements and a wider range of motion tracking capabilities, Mi Band 4 continues to be a worthy upgrade option for users who prefer soft-smart devices.

Mi Band 4 this year was sold by Xiaomi genuine in Vietnam quite soon, from June 22, just one week after the first launch in the Chinese market. This wearable device has a listed price of VND 850,000, about VND 200,000 higher than a portable item.

The semi-genuine Mi Band 4 in Vietnam is an NFC-unsupported version and the virtual assistant Xiao AI because these features are only available in the Chinese market.

Also, perhaps due to early sale, genuine Mi Band 4 currently does not support Vietnamese in a perfect way. Messages and notifications in Vietnamese language displayed on the device's screen still have font errors and difficulty reading. According to Xiaomi Vietnam, this issue will be updated gradually in the upgrade in the future, is expected to be thoroughly handled in August.

Design molting thanks to the color screen, familiar wearing feeling

The striking change in the design of Mi Band 4 is the 0.95-inch AMOLED color screen with 240 x 120 pixel resolution, compared to 0.78-inch black and white screen of Mi Band 3. Thanks to the large and colored screen, people Now it is possible to download 77 different watch faces for Mi Band 4, richer and more attractive than the black and white screens of previous Mi Band lives.

Mi Band 4 is the first bracelet of Mi Band with a color screen

In addition to the change in size, the screen of the Mi Band 4 has a flat design and 2.5D curvature at the phone-like edge, not curving the entire screen like Mi Band 3. This design makes the screen look better and Better viewing angle.

Another important upgrade is screen brightness. The maximum brightness of Mi Band 4 is announced to be 400 nits. In practical use, the device displays crisp and clear sunlight, much better than Mi Band 3. In particular, the new version's screen is not as glossy as the previous generation of Mi Band 2 and 3 there. However, the inconvenience of the display is that the device still does not allow users to change the screen lock time, fixed at 4 seconds.

The Mi Band 4 has a brighter, sharper screen than the Mi Band 3

In addition to the screen, Mi Band 4 body has the same size as Mi Band 3, can be used together. But the charging band of the Mi Band 4 is placed on the back, not on the side like Mi Band 3, so the charging bulbs of these two devices cannot be shared. The weight of the Mi Band 4 is 22g including the string, slightly higher than 2g compared to the Mi Band 3, almost negligible.

The charging band of Mi Band 4 is on the underside, not on the side like Mi Band 3

Similar to Mi Band 3, Mi Band 4 gives a light feeling, smooth rubber band does not cause discomfort for the skin of the hand and the body is attached in a sturdy strap. Xiaomi also offers many color options for strap so users can change. Removing the body of Mi Band 4 into the strap is quite hard but luckily, users rarely have to perform this operation, usually just remove it to charge the battery after about 20 days of use.

Mi Band 4 charger (right) and Mi Band 3 (left) cannot be used together

Inside, Mi Band 4 is upgraded to connect to the new Bluetooth 5 BLE standard and the battery capacity increases to 135 mAh compared to 110 mAh on the old generation. The Mi Band 4 has a gyroscope sensor (gyro) to support more movement tracking than the Mi Band 3 with accelerometer sensor only. The device still has a 5-ATM heart rate sensor and water resistance (water resistance up to 50 meters)

Software adds many new types of movement but not fully supported Vietnamese

Similar to the old Mi Band, to use all the features of Mi Band 4, you need to connect to the smartphone via Mi Fit software, which is provided free of charge on the Android app store (from 4.4) and iOS. (from 9.0). Mi Fit is Xiaomi's health tracking software developed with an intuitive interface, easy to use and with Vietnamese language support.

From the Mi Fit app, you can track the parameters recorded by Mi Band 4 including counting steps, distance, calories consumed, heart rate and sleep quality (deep sleep time and shallow sleep) … as well as customize the settings for the bracelet. Thanks to a GPS connection from the phone, Mi Fit application can provide walking, running or cycling maps.

Vietnamese message displayed still suffers from unreadable font errors on Mi Band 4

In the software aspect, the problem with Mi Band 4 is currently not fully supported by Vietnamese. Vietnamese messages and announcements with display signs are characters, difficult to read. This greatly affects the experience of receiving messages and notifications on the device. On this issue, Xiaomi said it will handle in the update in the future.

Meanwhile, the application of Mi Fit on the phone still supports normal Vietnamese so there is no problem when tracking information recorded from the bracelet as well as setting up the settings.

Mi Band 4 supports tracking more types of movement

In terms of features, Mi Band 4 adds the ability to monitor more types of movements including swimming, cycling, outdoor running and fitness. In addition, the device still fully inherits features from the old generation including step counting, sleep monitoring, distance statistics, displaying messages / notifications and incoming calls, ringing off / rejecting calls. call (press and hold the home button), alarm, remind when not active after about 1 hour.

Besides, Mi Band 4 can still unlock the phone from the bracelet, make a stopwatch, find the phone (click on the phone find button on the bracelet, the phone will ring) and measure the heart rate automatically. continuously according to the time frame from 1 minute, 5 minutes, 10 minutes or 30 minutes.

Faster response, music control, 10-day battery comfort

In actual experience, the first noticeable improvement on Mi Band 4 was the faster response speed with swipe gestures than Mi Band 3. Besides, due to the flat screen surface, the sport Swiping on Mi Band 4 is also easier than the curved screen of the older generation.

In terms of movement tracking, Mi Band 4 can now identify more types of movements including outdoor running, running, cycling and swimming. Similar to other fitness monitoring loops, this bracelet provides quite a bit of basic information about movement patterns.

Such as running, the bracelet will provide information about average speed, distance, stride, number of steps, running time. When swimming, there will be information about time, swimming style, speed, arm span (stroke), SWOLF index (index of arm span and pool time) and the amount of calories consumed. The motor data will be recorded by the bracelet and synchronized to the Mi Fit application on the phone when connected.

The information about swimming activities from Mi Band 4 is displayed on the phone's Mi Fit app

The automatic step counting feature is quite standard when you are mainly walking or running. However, when combined with other types of traveling such as motorbike or car, Mi Band 4 still has the wrong step count, even more misleading than Mi Band 3.

In fact, the writer tried to wear both of these smartband and ride a motorbike for about 10km, not taking any steps. The result is that the Mi Band 4 still counts about 400 more steps than the 250 steps of Mi Band 3.

Similar to the older generation, the Mi Band 4 does not have GPS navigation but you can combine your phone's GPS to redo the same walking, running or cycling path as Mi Band 3. Thanks to GPS from the phone , the recorded bracelet motor parameters will also be more accurate.

The device supports continuous heart rate measurement with multiple time frames from 1 to 30 minutes.

The Mi Band 4's ability to measure the heart rate is quite standard. The device can be measured continuously throughout the day according to 1, 5, 10 and 30 minute time frames. In addition, this bracelet will automatically increase the frequency of heart rate testing when you discover that you are practicing.

Watching sleep is one of the features of Mi Band and of course Mi Band 4 is not missing. This bracelet will provide information on deep sleep time, sleep and awakening based on movement monitoring sensors and heart rate sensors. However, to monitor sleep, you need to wear Mi Band 4 while you sleep.

Sleep information

In addition to the functions of the fitness monitoring device, Mi Band 4 can be used as an alarm clock, timer, countdown and receive app notifications, messages and incoming calls. You can also connect your phone to Mi Band 4 via the Mi Fit app to find your phone through the bracelet.

A nice new feature of Mi Band 4 is that it allows to control the music player on the phone. You can increase or decrease the volume, transfer songs, pause, play music, track songs playing right from the bracelet.

Regarding battery time, Mi Band 4 still has good usage time. In actual use, the writer wears about 10 days, has the heart rate monitor turned on continuously every 30 minutes but the battery is still 15%. The process of fully charging the device takes almost 2 hours from the charging port of the computer.


Mi Band 4 is a powerful upgrade compared to older generations. In particular, the two most innovative innovations are a brighter, more beautiful color display screen and the ability to track more types of movements, including swimming.

The typical advantages of Mi Band generation generations are light, comfortable wearing, long-lasting batteries, and especially comfortable prices that continue to be inherited. The most annoying point of the product at the moment is to display Vietnamese with font error. But this is a software problem, so it may be handled by the manufacturer soon.


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