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Review the ViewSonic XG2705 screen: Fill in the gaps – VnReview

XG2705, along with its smaller sibling XG2405, will be the pieces needed for ViewSonic to fill the gaps in the mid-range gaming screen segment. 144Hz refresh rate and IPS panel will obviously be the two factors that are most concerned about.

At present, Full HD is still the most popular resolution among gamers, but the “standard” screen sweep frequency has gradually shifted from 60Hz to 144Hz. If your system is able to handle the high frequency screen, the motion picture will become much smoother, giving you certain advantages when playing games (See also: 60Hz, 144Hz, 240Hz: How important is the refresh rate (refresh rate)?

However, the majority of mid-range high-frequency gaming monitors at the moment are only equipped with TN or VA panels, which are cheaper to produce but have lower image quality and viewing angles. with IPS. ViewSonic has VX2758-2KP model with high frequency of scanning and IPS panels, but the price of more than 9 million may make common gamers difficult, and of course this group of users is mostly without computer systems. powerful enough to “weigh” 2K resolution.

The arrival of XG2705 and XG2405 is believed to be a move to expand ViewSonic’s gaming monitor lineup, while filling the existing gaps. The product in this review of VnReview is model XG2705, which is expected to soon be distributed in Vietnam market with the price of 7.59 million.

Eye-catching slim design, high flexibility, no flashy RGB

Viewsonic XG2705 inherits most of the design characteristics of the Elite gaming monitors, with a minimalist design that takes the mainstream black color, thin screen borders for a sense of airy, spacious, minimizing discomfort when Use multiple monitors. In the mid-range segment, it is not surprising that this model is not equipped with RGB LED, so this will be a suitable product for users who love simplicity.

The edge of the screen is thin, airy

But the bottom edge of the screen is still thick

Brackets of XG2705 are quite compact size, less “encroachment” of table space but still ensure certainty. Scratch-etched pattern is an interesting highlight to help increase the aesthetics, but the sweat, fingerprints when clinging is very clear and difficult to clean. You can place the phone or other decorative items on this soleplate.

XG2705’s rotating shaft works smoothly, making it easy to adjust the position of the screen to suit the office or gaming space. Unfortunately, this spindle has no wiring holes so you can organize the wires on the table more neatly.

XG2705 is one of the rare gaming products that allows users to rotate vertically to display vertically. Besides gaming, screen rotation allows you to display more information in tasks such as reading the newspaper, surfing the web or writing programming code. The versatility of this screen is also appreciated by me, when you can adjust the height up to 120mm, tilt (tilt) -5/20 degrees and rotate left and right 90 degrees. If you want, you can also mount this monitor on a wall with the VESA 100 x 100mm standard.

The XG2705 retains the same ViewSonic viewpoint with the joystick located on the right rear of the screen. In my opinion, these buttons should be placed on the bottom of the screen to be more accessible, even possible to integrate into a joy-stick format like some other products on the market instead of having to “grop” each button.

The on-screen display console of XG2705 is still the same, boring and monotonous. Here, you can optionally switch between the connection ports, many different display modes such as: “Game” (including three game genres, namely first-person shooter FPS, real-time strategy game RTS , and MOBA games), “Movie”, “Web”, “Text”, “Mac” and “Mono”, AMD FreeSync frame synchronization technology or 1ms mode (two modes of FreeSync and 1ms cannot be activated with a time).

Speaking of 1ms mode, XG2705 is one of the rare IPS panels with a 1ms GTG (gray-to-gray) response time. VA and TN panels are widely used for high refresh rate monitors because they allow for lower response time more easily than IPS. In a professional gaming environment, everyone knows that even a single moment can determine the outcome of a match.

The back of the screen is still integrated 2W “fireproof” speakers. Behind the screen shaft, ViewSonic has integrated a small switch so that users can hang their headphones, and this is clearly a more reasonable choice to “try-hard” the game, instead of the other speakers.

The number of ports on XG2705 is no different from recent ViewSonic products, including two HDMI ports (2.0 and 1.4), a DisplayPort and a 3.5mm audio output port, unfortunately there is no Type- C or USB.

IPS panels vivid colors, good gaming, work temporarily okay

Preliminary configuration, ViewSonic XG2705 is 27 inches in size, Full HD resolution (1920 x 1080 pixels), 144Hz refresh rate. The 2K resolution will be more suitable for the 27-inch screen size, overcoming pixel pitting, but this is something we must accept if we want to cut costs. Moreover, with the main need to play games, we tend to sit away from the screen so pitting pixels will be harder to recognize.

During actual use, IPS panel of XG2705 gives images more vivid, true, “has” eyes than if compared with panels VA or TN. Viewing angles when playing games or watching movies are less affected by the characteristics of the IPS panel, while the 144Hz refresh rate for smooth image movement even when operating on Windows rather than playing games to see the difference distinct.

Making the best use of the high 144Hz refresh rate and 1ms response time will probably be Counter Strike: Global Offensive, or CSGO. When playing, the XG2705 provides very smooth image movement, while the fast response time makes the processing more accurate. Of course, the latency of the internet is also a matter of consideration, but before taking that into consideration, getting the best hardware might still be the number one priority. To see more clearly the difference between frequency levels, readers can watch more videos below:

In my experience, I mainly use this screen to edit files on the VnReview homepage, surf the web and play games in my free time, and the XG2705 meets my needs well. If I had to point out an improvement, I would only “wish” the XG2705 is a curved screen because the 27-inch screen is quite large when sitting close, difficult to observe the content in the corner. If it’s a curved screen, this drawback will be overcome, and ViewSonic’s screen will almost be a perfect product. But of course, the price will be pushed higher.

Regarding color coverage for the needs of photo / video editing, the manufacturer’s announcement said that XG2705 reached 72% of NTSC color space and 104% of sRGB color space. It’s not as impressive as the VX2758-2KP-MHD with 96% DCI-P3, 93% NTSC and 131% sRGB, but after all, the XG2705 is still a gaming-focused monitor, and the need for gentle photo / video editing still within the capabilities of this screen.

The brightness of the screen is a problem that many gamers are interested in, basically every monitor using IPS panels has this phenomenon, and XG2705 is no exception. It should be emphasized, it is a completely normal phenomenon due to the design characteristics of IPS panels. VnReview’s sample is a bit open at the bottom of the screen, but it is not really significant and also difficult to recognize when used normally everyday.


With XG2705, ViewSonic’s mid-range gaming monitor effort is on track. The 27-inch screen size and 144Hz refresh rate are almost ideal for gaming, plus the IPS panel makes XG2705 can serve users in other needs too. The price of VND 7.59 million may cause XG2705 to face strong competition from other brands, but what this product offers is completely commensurate.


+ High flexibility, can customize to suit many different spaces

+ Thin, airy border design

+ Compact stand still ensures certainty

+ IPS panel for good display quality, vivid colors, wide viewing angles


– Physical buttons are not optimal, boring, monotonous custom interface

– The number of ports is relatively limited, no USB

– No RGB lights

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