Review the old Toyota Sienna 2011: Attractive but worth considering

Review the old Toyota Sienna 2011: Attractive but worth considering

With many advantages, even with old cars from 2011 Toyota Sienna still has “standing foot” on the market.

General introduction about Toyota Sienna 2011

Toyota Sienna 2011 was officially introduced at the Los Angeles auto show in late 2010 and officially distributed to all markets in February 2011. This is a 3rd generation version of Sienna developed by Toyota. In this generation of cars, Toyota Sienna also has a lot of changes, targeting customers who are dynamic families, often going away or car owners need a luxury and quality model.

Toyota Sienna 2011Toyota Sienna 2011

With Sienna 2011, Toyota distributes up to 5 different versions: Grand Sienna (standard version), XLE, SE, LE and Limited Sienna premium version. The price of the car at the time of launch in the US market ranges from 23,345 USD to 39,700 USD. The versions have a lot of differences in interior and exterior equipment and some optional upgrade packages on utilities.

Review the old Toyota Sienna 2011 on the exterior

Compared to 2009 – 2010 Sienna old Toyota Sienna 2011 The exterior of the car has a modern feel and is more youthful than before thanks to the angular headlight designed angular and higher than the grille. The body of the car is also cleverly created to help the car weighing up to 2 tons looks not heavy, lumpy or too bulky. Remarkably, the car has the highlight of the LED tail light cluster is very eye-catching and attractive.

Toyota Sienna 2011 car designToyota Sienna 2011 car design

The size of Sienna 2011 has also changed. The airline has increased its width by 20 mm compared to 2010 Sienna car, meanwhile the height and long wheelbase remain unchanged. Therefore, the interior space of the Toyota Sienna 2011 is also assessed is somewhat more spacious, more comfortable than the previous one.

Review the old Toyota Sienna 2011 on the interior

Inheriting the “tradition” of Toyota in building a comfortable interior compartment, most users are 2011 Toyota Sienna car reviews old Owning a very spacious and well equipped cabin. Most notably, the company has improved the grooves in the door so that users can open the car door even in extremely tight conditions. This improvement has received much support from users. The driver can open it manually or use the integrated power button on the dashboard.

The space inside is quite spaciousThe space inside is quite spacious

The biggest downside of furniture Toyota Sienna 2011 The standard equipment is too sketchy for the price. Standard equipment on the vehicle includes only 3-zone air conditioning, felt seats, CD – 4 speakers, rearview mirrors, and except for the driver’s seat, the rest of the seats are manual. Want to upgrade the interior users are required to pay more to buy a higher version. Specifically, in the Limited version equipped with leather seats, 2-zone sunroof, engine lock, seat heating, removable third row seats, foot support for long trips, front and rear parking sensors, smart key …

Interior Interior “poor” utility vehicle Toyota Sienna

In addition, many also evaluate car Old Sienna 2011 has a pretty bad original audio system. To own a high-end audio system, users need to continue to buy the optional JBL 10-speaker system with a DVD navigation system combined with voice control.

Review the old Toyota Sienna 2011 on the engine

Although Toyota only offers two types of engine capacity of 2.6L I4 and 3.5L V6 for Sienna line, but combined with different types of drives and transmissions, Sienna 2011 has a lot of versions.

Version Price (in the US) at the time of 2011
7-seater L4 (standard) 24,260 USD
7-seat V6 (standard) 25,550 USD
LE L4 8 seats 25,345 USD
8-seat LE V6 28,900 USD
LE V6 AWD 7 seats 31. 130 USD
SE V6 with 8 seats 30,550 USD
8-seat XLE V6 32,170 USD
XLE V6 AWD 7 seats 34,510 USD
Limited V6 7 seats 38,500 USD
Limited V6 AWD 7 seats 39,770 USD

In Vietnam, most users choose buy an old Toyota Sienna 2011 the 2.7L engine version by 3.6L car version is too expensive compared to the economic capacity of most buyers. According to some car importers in Hanoi, at the time of launch, the Sienna 2.7L LE car reached the price of more than 93,000 USD.

Operational ability is still limitedOperational ability is still limited

Regarding user experience, according to vehicle owners, disadvantages of old Toyota Sienna 2011 cars is not enough loading and the force is not too good when passing a car. This will be flawed for car owners who like speed and breakthrough. And the car gives a feeling of quite compact, firm operation, the elasticity of the brakes is large, so a heavy-duty vehicle like Sienna will not be inerted so strongly when braking sharply. This is also a good criterion because Sienna is mainly a car of choice for families.

Review the old Toyota Sienna 2011 on safety equipment

Basic safety equipment of Sienna 2011 is quite inferior when comparing Toyota Sienna and Honda Odyssey. Vehicles only have ABS / EBD / BA brake adjustment system, electronic balance and 6 airbags. Want to upgrade more equipment and safety technology, users must spend more money to choose the more expensive version.

Should buy a car Is the old Toyota Sienna 2011?

In Vietnam, the old Toyota Sienna 2011 is currently priced from 1.2 billion to 1.7 billion depending on the version. The high price is one of the reasons why users wonder I should buy an old Toyota Sienna or not? In fact, if you need a spacious, sturdy family car, compact operation and spacious space, you can choose Sienna. In case of limited funding, you can also consider smaller 7-seat cars in the lower segment such as Toyota Innova, Ford Everest, Kia Sedona …

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