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Vaio Tap 11 is Sony's answer to Microsoft's Surface Pro 2. It is also a proof that the tablet can completely meet the office work needs of users.

This 11.6-inch tablet comes with a stand and comes with a set of removable keyboards. The device has a very slim body, good battery life and a price of US $ 799 (about 17 million) for the Pentium chip version, while the Intel Core version is priced at US $ 999 (ie 21 million VND.

The following are the reviews of The Verge and Cnet about Sony's famous tablet:

Impressive design

At first glance, Sony Vaio Tap 11 has a very attractive appearance. The body is made of high-grade magnesium alloy, the front cover is glazed up to the edge of the machine. Sony Vaio Tap 11 is less than 1 cm thick and Sony advertises that this is a Windows 8 tablet using the world's thinnest Intel Core processor. In addition, Vaio Tap 11 is only a bit thicker than the iPhone 5s, and thinner than the Surface Pro 2 (1.35 cm).

Review Sony Vaio Tap 11

Review Sony Vaio Tap 11

The edges look compact and glossy, and the connection slots are covered by plastic caps, except for the power plug on the left side. Vaio Tap 11 has a lot of connection ports but except for USB 3.0 port, most of them have been reduced as mini HDMI port and microSD port. It would be better if the device supports full standard connection ports, but in return it will thicken.

The assembly quality of Vaio Tap 11 is quite good but still has some minus points. The plastic covers give a feeling of uncertainty, cheap and relatively difficult. The charger plug is quite short, it is difficult to recognize if the device has been charged or not, if you do not look at the battery icon on the screen.

In return, the base of Vaio Tap 11 is excellent, it can open at a 45 degree angle compared to the flat surface. However, the base of Tap 11 does not look much and much smaller than the Surface Pro 2, which makes it impossible to place the device on the lap. Windows key makes glass look nice but hard to press and hard. Perhaps instead of using hard keys, Sony should use touch keys such as Surface (flat keyboard Touch Cover of Surface identify keys based on pressure).

Review Sony Vaio Tap 11

The shell of Tap 11 connects to the screen with a very strong magnet. However, the weakness of the magnet connection is that the case and the screen are easily slipped and separated from each other.

Review Sony Vaio Tap 11

The removable cover surface can be used as a keyboard, just like the Type Cover for Surface but cannot be connected by hinges. This is a set of wireless, removable keyboards and only connected to the tablet when not in use. This annoys the user because the keyboard also acts as a storage battery, just like the Power Cover for Surface Pro.

However, unlike Microsoft's tablet, there is no way for you to use a spare battery unless you stop using the device and insert the cover. Similarly, there is no way to charge the keyboard set without going through the tablet. Both components must be attached to each other and plugged into the charger to fill the keyboard battery. If the keyboard runs out of battery, you will not be able to use it until you insert it into the tablet and stop using it to charge it.

However, the most disappointing thing about the keyboard set is that you cannot use it when placing the device on your lap. If you don't have a table, you must accept to use only the tablet and touchscreen on the screen. Meanwhile, the Surface Pro has a larger stand and the magnet cover allows for easier use on the lap.

Keyboard and pen

The keyboard is carefully crafted and suitable for the purpose of Vaio Tap 11. Good typing experience and no restraint like Type Cover. The keys are a bit soft, feeling like a low-end traditional keyboard rather than a tablet-cum-keyboard cover.

Review Sony Vaio Tap 11

Like other Windows 8 tablets, the touchpad of Vaio Tap 11 is a disappointment. The size of the touchpad is too short and too wide, with inexpensive plastic dots like the netbook's trackpad. The feeling of using the touchpad of Vaio Tap 11 is like tickling a finger, not pleasant at all. The mouse button needs to use a lot of force to press and cause many discomfort during use.

Review Sony Vaio Tap 11

Using a stylus on Windows 8 is a pretty good experience, but if the Active Pen is better compatible with Windows 8, the experience will be more perfect. The pen is quite luxurious and light in weight. However, the tip of the pen acts more like a mouse pointer than a finger. That means you cannot use the Active Pen to perform drag and drop operations. You will have to use the pen to click on the slider to move up, down, left, right.

Vaio Tap 11 can be recognized when the stylus is near by displaying a small dot on the screen. You can press the button on the pen to perform the function of the right mouse button. However, the Active Pen has not been able to completely replace the fingers and the switching is very uncomfortable. Ideally, only when you really need it, use the pen that comes with Vaio Tap 11.

Obviously, the pen is not an important part of the machine. There is no decent pen slot but only a small plastic hook attached to the left side of the device. This department looks very out of place with the design of Vaio Tap 11, as only added to it. At the very least, the Surface Pro's pen can be plugged into the power slot.

Experience using

Although very thin, Tap 11 is not a weak machine. Sony equips this device with the Haswell Y-Series processor, allowing the tablet to possess the same power as a laptop. Core i5-4210Y chip with 4GB RAM makes the machine work more like a laptop than a tablet.

Like other laptops or hybrid products, the device is not designed to play PC games or graphic jobs but can only serve simple tasks. But on the other hand Vaio Tap 11 also has weaknesses: when scrolling through websites or Start screen, Windows has a shocking phenomenon. You can also buy Vaio Tap 11 with Core i3 or i7 chips, or even weaker Intel Pentium 3560Y. The Pentium chip helps the starting price of Vaio Tap 11 to be about 100 USD lower (equivalent to 2 million VND) compared to the Surface 2 Pro. However, if you qualify, you should use Core i7 to experience the smoothest possible.

Tap 11 has an integrated radiator fan, but the low-voltage chip set rarely needs fans anyway. The device is almost never hot but sometimes you can still feel the fan's activity.

The 11.6-inch 1920 x 1080 pixel screen uses Sony's Triluminos technology, which first appeared on TV before setting foot on devices like Vaio Pro or Xperia Z Ultra. Screen of Vaio Tap 11 has very good quality, great viewing angle and bright colors, accurate. High resolution is a must have on a tablet, but because of that, many details of Windows 8 have too small display sizes.

When in desktop mode, you can clearly see this weakness. The icons and buttons are too small to click with your finger and even the stylus can't solve the problem completely. The website is too small and difficult to read. You can reduce the screen resolution through the Control Panel, but this reduces the value of the 1080p screen – everything is dimmed. You have to choose to "live with the flood" or accept not to enjoy Full HD resolution.

The 16: 9 ratio is not suitable for a tablet, especially when it is placed vertically. If you are a person who takes the device to surf the web, you will be disappointed that the screen is too long and the text is too small. This is the weakness of hybrid devices. 16: 9 ratio is suitable for laptops but should not be put on large tablets.

Review Sony Vaio Tap 11

In terms of battery life, Tap 11 can stay within a day with average usage intensity. However, it still has not reached the battery life of tablets and far behind laptops using Haswell chips. Vaio Tap 11 ran out of battery after 5 hours 42 minutes of surfing the web, compared to the results of 7 hours 33 minutes of Surface Pro 2. Sony should sacrifice a little bit of thinness to fit larger capacity batteries.


Basically, Sony Vaio Tap 11 is like a thinner, cheaper version of Surface Pro 2 but has quite a few minus points. The assembly quality of Tap 11 could not be equal to Surface Pro 2. The device was sold with a keyboard – a necessary requirement for Windows 8 tablet – but Sony integrated too clumsy. Users should be allowed to charge the keyboard while using the tablet, not just when the phone is folded. Sony should design that when these two components connect together, it will create a complete notebook.

Review Sony Vaio Tap 11

If you are looking for a Windows 8 tablet to replace laptops, Microsoft Surface Pro 2 is still the top choice today. You still have to pay more for the keyboard, but Surface is a better device from battery life, performance to design.

Vaio Tap 11 version with 128 GB drive and Intel Core processor still needs improvement if it wants to compete with Microsoft. This is also a good example of how difficult it is for manufacturers to produce a perfect hybrid device between a tablet – laptop.

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