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Samsung NX3000 is a compact, cheap mirrorless camera using APS-C sensor. It cost about 8 million VND for the camera body and 16-50mm power zoom lens attached. This is the descendant line of the Samsung NX2000 but has a bolder retro style design and is similar to the popular Samsung NX Mini.

Officially released from June 2014, Samsung NX3000 with 20.3 megapixel sensor is quite suitable for mobile life of most people today, however, according to the site's evaluation. Trusted Review, it is not really a perfect upgrade of NX2000.


One of the attractive elements of Samsung NX3000 users is its design. Although NX3000 is not made of aluminum and leather like most of the previous cameras, but it is made from a stylized plastic pattern is quite beautiful and looks better than rival Sony Alpha A5000.

Review Samsung NX3000 camera

Retro-style cameras in general are not new to Samsung's mirrorless cameras, but NX3000 is a step forward in design compared to NX2000. The top of the camera has a metallic effect and the body looks like a leather cover around, making it look very similar from the back to the Samsung NX300 in the higher-end segment, while the NX2000 is not so beautiful .

In terms of other aspects, Samsung NX3000 is a completely modern camera. It uses a microSD memory card, not a full-size memory card that we're familiar with, and is charged via the microUSB port, not a separate charger.

With accessories that can be used together from any Android smartphone, Samsung NX3000 will be very convenient for those who have purchased other technology products. The microUSB charging capability also means you can carry an external portable battery rather than buying an extra battery for the device – extremely useful for vacations, when you might want to charge multiple devices. different.

NX3000 battery can capture 370 photos, lower than Sony Alpha A5000, but equivalent to Olympus PL-5.

Review Samsung NX3000 camera

Samsung NX3000 has a very light place on the right hand side to help users hold the phone more firmly. The largest thickness of the machine is only 39mm. The device has no built-in flash but you have hotshoe to mount the light.

While mirrorless cameras often have kit kits that are adequate for starting to use the machine, Samsung has reduced the cost of selling a modest power zoom lens with a focal range of 16-50mm. f / 3.5-5.6 for a standard NX3000 set. However, you can use other NX lenses.

Except for its small size compared to conventional zoom tubes, this lens is still equipped with optical image stabilization and the ability to limit noise when zooming to almost silent. These two features are very valuable for those who want to shoot video to avoid flickering as well as avoid unwanted noise during recording.

Review Samsung NX3000 camera

Although you can't shoot 4K video with NX3000, Samsung offers quite enough video features for the device.

Like most new cameras today, NFC and Wi-Fi features are also equipped on the NX3000, allowing you to easily connect to a phone via the Samsung Smart app. There's even a dedicated Wi-Fi button on the top of the phone.

Aim to reduce the body size, some features such as zoom control and iFunction button has been placed on the lens. Thus, you can perform ISO settings, white balance and exposure right on the lens without using the buttons on NX3000.

However, most of the machine parameter adjustment features are located on the buttons on the back of the device. There is a wheel that rotates the mode with the surrounding buttons, but most of the features of the device are placed in the menu system.

Review Samsung NX3000 camera


Some of you may be disappointed to know that Samsung NX3000 does not have a touch screen, which may limit how you communicate with the camera, especially when selecting the focus and exposure points. Meanwhile, Samsung NX2000 has a touch screen and a much better screen than you get at NX3000.

Review Samsung NX3000 camera

NX3000 owns a 3-inch 460,800-dot screen, while its predecessor model has a 3.7-inch screen with a much larger resolution, up to 1,152,000 dot. Although NX3000 screen for true color and outdoor visibility is quite good, but obviously the high-end NX2000 screen.

However, the control system by the NX3000 button can help users more easily than a camera controlled entirely by touch: NX2000 does not have buttons arranged on the back like NX3000.

Notably, the NX3000 screen provides a key feature for the machine, that is it can be rotated by hinges, allowing easy selfie photography. This feature shows that the device is targeted at customers who are young and mobile users.

Features, performance and AF

Although features such as selfie screen, mobile power charger and microSD card usage show that Samsung NX3000 is a universal camera, but we should not overlook the other features of the machine.

APS-C 20.3-megapixel sensor is also equal to the size and resolution of Samsung NX2000. This is a large-size sensor considering that the NX3000 is a low-cost mirrorless camera, which is much bigger than some of Panasonic and Olympus Micro Four cameras. Thirds.

As a general rule, larger sensors will give better shots, and you can shoot with low light, high ISO settings. Constant ISO range compared to NX2000: 100-25,600.

Review Samsung NX3000 camera

In terms of AF autofocus system, it is not equipped with a phase-focusing AF module for fast focusing like on the Samsung NX300, but the contrast focus system has been upgraded.

Last year's Samsung model used a 15-point focus system, while the NX3000 had a 21-point system and could be increased to 35 points when shooting close-ups. The more focus points the better, and the NX3000 shows the ability to focus quite quickly in good lighting conditions.

Review Samsung NX3000 camera

However, in poorer conditions, the results are not so good. Focus speed is not fast with low light, but quality is acceptable. NX3000 tends to focus on any point when the scene has the highest contrast, which is something you don't want. You can improve the situation by using the area focus mode, but it will be difficult to select focus areas because the machine does not have a touch screen.

NX3000 also allows manual focusing, but there is no point mark feature on the screen. Instead, you will get a focus area that is magnified by x5 or x8, although this feature shows the downside of the screen: the low resolution makes it difficult to accurately assess the focus point in the focus area. this.

Review Samsung NX3000 camera

The camera's ability to take pictures is also not good. Samsung NX3000 uses DRIMe IV processor similar to NX2000 and NX300, however, the shooting speed of the machine is worse.

Continuous shooting speed only reached 5fps while NX2000 reached 8.6fps. However, this speed is still faster than Sony Alpha A5000, with only 3.5fps.

NX3000 allows you to choose JPEG, RAW or both, but in both JPEG and RAW shooting mode, you will have to wait about 10 seconds to take the next picture.

Image quality

Photographic performance is not perfect, but in good conditions Samsung NX3000 can still create great photos. When shooting at ISO 100 during the day you will have photos with the same level of detail as APS-C DSLRs. The details are still very good at ISO 800, even though there has been noise. At higher ISO levels, the noise reduction system seems to work "positively" when removing some fine details in JPEG images.

Review Samsung NX3000 camera

Samsung NX3000 is clearly geared to ordinary users who just want to take pictures without having to worry about calculating too much about shooting parameters. High ISO shooting capability doesn't seem as good as Fuji X-M1.

If shooting in RAW format and combining post-processing, you may get more detailed photos than JPEG shots. Samsung NX3000 is provided with Lightroom 5 software, allowing you to make such tweaks.

To be fair, the reduced image quality when shooting in worse conditions also occurs with the NX300 series. Dynamic range is generally good, but the camera tends to try to keep the bright spots in the scene at a high level making the dark areas lose detail.

Review Samsung NX3000 camera

Although NX3000 provides several metering modes and the ability to distinguish focus points and metering points, but the best solution is probably self-testing with manual exposure levels. For new photographers – which are easily attracted by low-cost models like this model, this doesn't seem to be good news.

In the dark areas of the image, users can see the loss of color saturation, and between images with the same exposure, there is a relatively clear color difference. However, the overall color is still quite vivid and vibrant, you just need a little patience to get the best results – take more photos than you need.

Some test shots on NX3000:

Review Samsung NX3000 camera

Review Samsung NX3000 camera

Review Samsung NX3000 camera

Should buy Samsung NX3000?

Samsung NX3000 is a good choice in terms of price, compactness and convenience in use, with an APS-C sensor, microSD support, microUSB charging and Wi-Fi. Actually shooting with Samsung NX3000 requires users to be a bit skilled because it has some problems in shooting speed, exposure, and noise filters at high ISO levels working slightly enthusiastically. You may have a few other alternatives, such as the current Olympus E-PL5, which is even cheaper and has good shooting quality, although the Micro Four Thirds sensor is smaller. The more direct competitor is the Sony Alpha A5000, which is also accompanied by a 16-50mm power zoom lens. Sony's model does not have noise reduction problems like that of Samsung and although it is not as good as NX3000, the overall quality is better. Both models have low resolution screens, so if you want a better screen, you should spend a bit more to buy the Sony Alpha A6000 and some similar models.

It should be emphasized that Samsung NX3000 gives very good image quality with good lighting conditions, so if you often take photos outdoors, this option is not bad.

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