Review Samsung Galaxy S10 + camera: more is better? - VnReview

Review Samsung Galaxy S10 + camera: more is better? – VnReview

As the first flagship of Samsung equipped with 5 cameras including 3 rear cameras and 2 front cameras, Galaxy S10 + is expected to bring more diverse shooting experience than previous generations and help Samsung rise to the edge. fierce paintings of stunned opponents come from Apple, Huawei and Google.

So far, Samsung's flagship cameras are still highly appreciated for quality when it comes to bright, crisp, bright colors, especially the speed of shooting, the ability to focus, save images very quickly. light. Only when shooting in low light, Samsung still slightly "noise canceling" so even though the image is very clear, details and definition are usually not high.

On the other side of the battle line, Huawei and Google flagships have made significant progress on cameras. With the Google Pixel 3 XL, even though there is only one single rear camera, the quality of photos taken in all conditions is impressive, especially images that remove fonts, HDR and dedicated night mode to help "turn the night into days" . On the Mate 20 Pro, 3 rear cameras with ultra-wide-angle shooting capability, 5X optical zoom, effective font removal and Pixel 3 XL even-on-night shooting also bring remarkable quality and very versatile imaging capabilities. in many situations.

Before the formidable improvements of competitors, Samsung certainly could not ignore. Although going slowly in the dual camera movement (until the new Galayx S9 +), Samsung "catch trend" very fast in the movement of 3 cameras when Galaxy S10 + is equipped with an extra-wide ultra wide-angle camera next to telephoto and camera standard.

The 16MP super wide-angle camera on the S10 + has a shooting angle of up to 123 degrees, a 12mm focal length, a f / 2.2 aperture, and a 1.0 micron pixel, which is one of the widest angle cameras available on smartphones.

The remaining two cameras behind inherit from the S9 + and Note 9, both with 12MP resolution and support for optical stabilization (OIS). In it, the main camera has a large pixel size of 1.4 micron, a 26mm focal length, 1 / 2.55 "sensor, and supports Dual Pixel dual-phase focusing and has two apertures: f / 1.5 for low-light conditions and f / 2.4 in bright enough condition, And telephoto camera has 1 micron pixel, f / 2.4, 52mm focal length, 1 / 3.6 "sensor and phase assist focus.

The wide-angle camera has an interesting shooting angle, which is bright enough

The emergence of wide-angle lenses offers novel photography experiences, especially when photographing landscapes, architecture and in narrow spaces. The wide-angle camera captures the whole scene, creating more eye-catching photos with stretched space. In the same position, if you only use a normal camera, your photo may not be impressive, but when transferred to a wide-angle camera, the captured image will be much more eye-catching thanks to a new perspective.

Wide-angle camera on S10 + provides good image quality, not inferior to standard camera. The image still retains the tradition of fresh colors, somewhat vibrant, flattering on Samsung smartphones. High level of detail, high definition, wide brightness range. Distortion phenomenon characterized by wide-angle cameras is well controlled. Samsung offers distorted photo editing features in camera settings and it works most effectively when you take scenes with multiple lines in the corner.

The wide-angle camera will also be used when taking panoramic shots (Panorama) and cannot be changed to other cameras. If you know how to take advantage, you can create impressive Panorama photos.

However, the wide-angle camera on the S10 + can only focus fixedly at infinity, so when you need to take close-up shots with this camera, the camera will not be able to focus. Another note is that the wide-angle camera will not be able to be used in the Professional manual mode and when shooting in low light, the camera will significantly reduce the quality compared to the main camera due to the small aperture and small pixels, so the ability to capture lighter.

Main and telephoto cameras for good photos but not much breakthrough compared to the previous generation

Besides the new wide-angle camera, the image quality from the main camera of the S10 + is not much different from the recent generations like S9 + or Note 9. Shooting speed and focus are still the strongest points on Samsung's flagship. . I almost never have to wait for the camera to focus or save images in any situation when it is very dim. 2X optical zoom camera is also fast, good quality in bright enough conditions.

Photos from the standard camera of S10 + follow true style Samsung pursued for a long time: bold colors, hot colors are pushed up a little blazing. Details, clarity, bright strip almost nothing to complain about. There are things when shooting low light, Samsung still suppresses noise (noise) very strong. Clear images, less noise but sharpness, details are not high.

Snapshot when turning off AI Process optimized context

Snapshot when turning on AI Process optimized context

The AI ​​scene detection mode on S10 + as the Scene Optimizer has increased by 10 more scenes, bringing the total number of scenes that the machine automatically recognizes to 30. When turned on, the picture will generally look fresher, higher contrast, more eye catching especially when shooting food or colorful landscapes. Notably in this mode, S10 + adds Night and Explosion mode to automatically optimize low-light images and add starlight effects to light sources.

Actual use shows that the Explosive mode is quite interesting, helping to create eye-catching, professional-looking dark photographs like when exposure, narrowing the aperture with specialized cameras.

Even so, the S10 + Night Light mode doesn't have much effect. This mode is only automatically activated when shooting in extremely low light conditions but the results do not improve much compared to normal shooting. You will not be able to enable this feature manually like Google or Huawei phones. Many recent rumors said that Samsung will soon release an additional night-time update, which can be turned on and off manually for S10 +.

In addition, the S10 + also has another new feature, Proposal, which gives instructions on the screen for you to align the frame and layout more appropriately. If you are not knowledgeable about photography, you can turn this feature on to get hints to make your photo more "standard".

Features Detecting when someone in the picture is closed, or the image may be blurred by hand shake or someone moves or has stains on the lens that appeared on S9 continue to be equipped on S10 and proved useful used in many situations.

The feature of removing fonts on S10 + also has some new features. It will no longer use a telephoto camera in this mode, but only a standard camera. In addition to blurring the usual backdrop, the S10 + adds the effect of simulating a twisted or zoomed bokeh and moving the background to an interesting black-and-white format, creating new fonts to remove fonts.

Quality delete fonts very well. The background is removed naturally, not too harsh, not being dragged into the hair or shoulders. The intersection between the subject and the background is soft and smooth. The gaps between the hands and the person are well removed, without deleting or missing. Users can choose the level of font deletion both before and after shooting very flexibly.

High quality video recording, anti-shake, impressive recording

The Galaxy S10 + can record maximum quality video in 4K / 60fps resolution, slow motion video recording 240fps at Full HD resolution and super slow video 960fps at 720p HD resolution. In addition, the S10 + also recorded HDR10 + video. The quality of video obtained from S10 + is very good, high detail, bright color, wide light band, lively sound, effective noise filtering. Especially the vibration resistance, autofocus, switching between the S10 + 3 cameras is very impressive.

However, you should note that when shooting 60fps will not be able to use the wide-angle camera, and when the Super Stabilizer mode is turned on, the camera only allows recording at Full HD resolution.

4K 30fps video recorded with Samsung Galaxy S10 + in bright enough conditions

4K 30fps video recorded with Samsung Galaxy S10 + in low light conditions

Selfie camera is sharp, good detail, no longer "virtual", effective beauty, remove interesting fonts

With selfie camera, S10 + has 2 cameras including 1 main 10 MP camera, f / 1.9 aperture, 26mm focal length, 1.22µm pixel, Dual Pixel PDAF focus support. Besides, there is an 8 MP camera, aperture f / 2.2, a focal length of 22mm (wide), a pixel of 1.12µm, specializing in recording depth for font removal.

Common corner photos

Corner photo of 2 people

Regular photos (left) and remove fonts (right)

The two font removal effects can be adjusted before and after shooting

Photos taken in the house at a normal angle 1 person (left) and wide angle mode shooting 2 people (right).

The image of normal font deletion (left) and the effect of keeping the subject color (right) on the image removes the font

The quality of selfie images of S10 + has made significant progress compared to previous generations. Photo has sharpness, high detail, bright colors, impressive bright strip. Compared to the fuzzy style, pale colors often seen on Samsung's previous selfie cameras, it can be seen that the Korean phone company has made remarkable improvements. Selfie camera allows to choose between 2 close-angle or wide-angle camera, suitable for taking selfie or selfie group. You can also use the wide angle to make your face look slimmer.

The beauty or erase mode of fonts all work effectively, creating more "sparkling" selfie photos but not over-expression like before. This is the right direction that Samsung should continue to develop on the next generation.


When performance, screen and battery life are difficult to make a difference, the camera is a feature for technology companies to continuously invest, develop, compare each other to attract the attention of users. With 3 rear camera systems and 2 front cameras, Samsung showed that they have put a great determination on Galaxy S10 +.

In fact, the S10 + is still one of the smartphones with the top camera today. It offers good image quality in almost every situation, extremely fast shooting speed, super wide-angle camera that brings new angles, helps those who love photography have more creative inspiration. The AI ​​features to optimize photos, effect of removing fonts or turning night photos closest to the camera … are also worthwhile additions.

Of course, the S10 + still has limitations that Samsung can improve further, especially the ability to capture night. Super wide-angle camera needs additional improvements to deserve the flagship segment.


+ The image is full of high detail, sharp, fresh, vibrant colors, flattering eyes, wide bright band

+ Speed ​​to capture, focus, save photos very quickly

+ Wide-angle camera brings more new angles, effective distortion feature

+ Useful Explosion mode, create eye-catching night shots

+ Remove fonts effectively, less errors, more interesting fonts removal effects

+ Very good quality video recording, impressive anti-shake

+ Selfie camera sharp, detailed, effective beauty, standard font removal


– Wide-angle camera only focuses on fixed focus, does not capture macro, low light average shooting, does not allow manual adjustment

– Night mode cannot be turned on manually, the results are not much different

– The main camera captures a lack of detail as low as its competitors

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