Review Samsung Galaxy A50: The transformation of the giant - VnReview

Review Samsung Galaxy A50: The transformation of the giant – VnReview

Samsung is showing its very different face in the mid-range segment compared to previous years and the Galaxy A50 is the most obvious proof of the transformation of the kimchi giant.

Open Samsung Galaxy A50 box: When Samsung is really serious

One thing that can be clearly seen about Samsung's strategy in 2019, is that the company is very serious about reclaiming market share in the mobile market, which is being "tore up" by Chinese brands. The Galaxy M series shows that Samsung knows how to make a "cheap but delicious" smartphone if it is truly determined and the 2019 Galaxy A will be the new "strategic weapon" of the kimchi giant.

The price of less than 7 million VND of Galaxy A50 is a small surprise, when the Galaxy A series has always been directed towards the high-end segment, just under one level compared to its flagship S and Note.


When almost the entire mobile industry followed the screen defect movement, Samsung (with a few more brands) was very determined to "resist", persisting with its old design. So when this trend cooled down, Samsung suddenly released a series of new screen designs including Infinity U, Infinity V, Infinity O and Infinity Flex.

The Infinity U screen reminds me of Essential Phone – the phone is said to have opened up a screen flaw to increase the display area but it is softer. The upper border and the sides of the thin machine give a feeling of airiness even though the chin is still thick, not equal to the high-end Galaxy S10. The screen / front ratio of Galaxy A50 reaches 84.9%.

A nice point on the defective part of Galaxy A50 is that Samsung has integrated lighting effects running around the camera border, only works when the scanner scans your face to unlock. This is also what we have seen on Samsung's new flagship Galaxy S10.

The most prominent feature on Galaxy A50 is that the device is equipped with optical fingerprint sensor under the screen. Not "genuine" like ultrasonic sensors but fingerprint sensor under the screen is still a little feature appears on mid-range smartphones. However, the optical fingerprint sensor on the Galaxy A50 has a significantly slower recognition speed than the traditional capacitive sensor, the stability is not equal.

On April 9, the Galaxy A50 had a new software update, including "improving the performance of fingerprint sensors". After installing and updating, the recognition speed is faster but not comparable to the traditional fingerprint sensor. The fingerprint unrecognized status still occurs despite lower frequency.

Machine with plastic body design, fake plastic back glass is called "3D Glasstic" by Samsung with gradient transition effect. Version of VnReview is white, the machine has two more options are blue and black.

Because the back face is beveled, the grip of Galaxy A50 is firm, plastic material but there is no feeling of slippery or creaking. White also significantly reduces fingerprinting.

The cluster of three rear cameras is placed vertically, surrounded by a metal rim, so it looks more elegant and luxurious than the three cameras we've seen on the Galaxy A7 last year.

Galaxy A50 has a large capacity battery of 4,000 mAh, but the body is quite thin (7.7mm) and weight (166g) at a reasonable level. Physical buttons, connection ports, 3.5mm headphone jack are located in familiar locations, along with sim tray supporting two nano sim and separate microSD card.


The quality of Samsung's Super AMOLED panels, regardless of which segment, has been confirmed, and Galaxy A50 is no exception. Measuring 6.4 inches in Full HD + (1080 x 2340 pixels), the screen gives good display quality, sharp content, high contrast and brightness. Color is also the advantage of Super AMOLED screen when it tends to flatter, suitable for entertainment needs such as watching movies, playing games.

Compared to the Mi 9, the Galaxy A50's screen is even slightly better in terms of display quality

Speaking of entertainment needs, the Galaxy A50's screen also supports the Widevine L1 standard, allowing viewing content in HD resolution on online services like Netflix, Google Play Movies or Amazon Video. The Widevine standard began to be noticed after it was discovered that the Pocophone F1 and many other smartphones were not supported even though it was completely free.

Software and performance

OneUI is really a new wind compared to the previous Samsung Experience, when the interface is renewed in a flatter way, applications such as Settings look simpler and more intuitive, the icons of the applications are round.

The biggest change in One UI is that interactive points are pulled down to the bottom of the screen to make it easier for users to manipulate, while the upper part is only for display. Of course, this philosophy does not apply to third-party applications.

Another new feature of One UI is the dark interface across the system. When enabled, Samsung's entire app will switch to a black-and-white text interface, making it easier to use the phone at night. Super AMOLED panels give an impressive deep black color, and you can save significantly battery life.

In terms of performance, Galaxy A50 is the first (and only until now) smartphone to be equipped with Exynos 9610 processor manufactured by Samsung on a new 10nm process.

The Galaxy A50 version of VnReview has 4GB of RAM and 64GB of internal memory, in addition to the more advanced version with 6GB of RAM and 128GB of internal memory. Through the popular benchmark tools, the performance of Galaxy A50 is on par with those of Snapdragon 660 smartphones, there are even better places.

AnTuTu measures overall device performance

GeekBench measures CPU single-core and multi-core processing performance

The Manhattan test on the GFXBech app measures GPU's graphics processing performance at standard Full-HD (offscreen) resolution and real resolution (onscreen).

In practical use, good "weighing" machines for daily needs, from surfing the web, watching Youtube to heavy gaming. PUBG Mobile or Warhammer 40,000: FreeBlade does not make it difficult for Exynos 9610 and Mali-G72 MP3. Below is the detailed gaming performance of Galaxy A50 when measured by GameBench application.

With PUBG Mobile, the Galaxy A50 has an average FPS of 31, and except for a few scenes that contain heavy effects (such as parachuting) the overall experience is still quite smooth.

With two titles, Dead Trigger 2 and WarHammer 40,000: FreeBlade, Galaxy A50 runs smoothly at 59-60 FPS, high frame stability

The battery

Galaxy A50 has 4,000 mAh battery, higher than the current smartphone common ground. In the familiar measurements of VnReview, the device has good battery life, thanks in part to 10nm chip to help save energy.

Time to watch movies copied to the device, see at brightness and volume at 70%, counting from full until 10%.

Time to surf the web on Wi-Fi network, brightness at 70% and also calculated from full to 10%.

Time to play the game continuously, from the moment the battery is full to 10%.

Galaxy A50 supports Samsung's fast charging Adaptive Fast Charge, 15W capacity (9V / 1.67A). Fully charged 4,000 mAh battery from 0% takes about 1 hour 50 minutes.


Galaxy A50 is equipped with a three-camera cluster of 25MP main camera, 8MP wide-angle camera (123-degree viewing angle) and camera measuring 5MP depth of field. This camera cluster basically has no difference with the Galaxy A7 (2018) except that the main camera has a 25MP resolution instead of 24MP, so the image quality doesn't change much.

The main camera of Galaxy A50 provides good image quality in natural light conditions, bright colors, flattering eyes, especially when taking portraits or landscapes. However, in low light conditions or with many artificial light, the machine "breathless" clearly, the details are blurry and easily noisy because Samsung often push photos brighter than reality.

With an 8MP wide-angle camera, the Galaxy A50 has a more flexible shooting angle, suitable for portraits when it comes to capturing the whole scene and subject. Architectural buildings or small spaces are also places where wide-angle cameras can shine. However, because the resolution is not too high and the aperture is narrow (f / 2.2), Galaxy A50's wide-angle camera has difficulty in low light conditions. Low-light images often have pale colors, brightness and low detail. The phone's wide-angle camera doesn't have the same autofocus as the Galaxy A7 (2018) and Galaxy M20.

Regarding the ability to capture fonts, the camera measures the depth of field to complete the work at a decent level. Subjects in the image are well separated and less susceptible to sneaking. In font deletion mode, Samsung also allows adjusting the level of background erase both before and after shooting.

Galaxy A50's selfie camera has a resolution of 25MP for sharpness, fine detail, bright color reproduction. This camera also supports the removal of fonts with software, but in low light conditions the face tends to be smoothed slightly.


Galaxy A50, like the M20, is not too remarkable at a specific point except for the Super AMOLED screen but the overall experience of the product is suitable for under 7 million VND. Samsung continues to be the brand that focuses on bringing wide-angle cameras to its mid-range and low-cost products, and One UI and extra battery life are the points you should consider with Galaxy A50.

Fingerprint sensor under the screen is the most expected thing on Galaxy A50 but the experience is not equal to traditional sensor. Samsung can improve the fingerprint experience through software updates but it will certainly be difficult to compare with conventional capacitive fingerprint sensors. The low-light shooting capability of Galaxy A50 is also an improvement. But after all, the Galaxy A50 is a praiseworthy endeavor of Samsung and when the giant moves, who knows what will happen?

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