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Review Rokinon AF 75mm f / 1.8 FE lens for full-sized Sony E devices

Users of Sony E series full-frame mirrorless full-frame mirrorless cameras are supported with a gentle and handy portrait lens. It is a Samyang / Rokinon AF 75mm f / 1.8 FE lens.

Many people are no stranger to the name Samyang – a Korean company that produces a series of high-quality lenses at affordable prices. Rokinon is actually the distributor name of Samyang AF 75mm f / 1.8 FE lens, based in North America.

Focal length 75mm

The focal length of 75mm is a bit different from that used in other Full-frame camera systems (full-frame cameras). However, Samyang said that this focal length was very common during the peak of photometric cameras. Currently, the camera with the “viewfinder” viewfinder is being used by many users because they can focus on themselves, but focus on a “frameline” style (users adjust the camera themselves so that the focus image and the image are exactly the same). There are also certain advantages.

This focal length is almost forgotten, but the company says this is between 50mm and 85mm standards, which is extremely common in portrait photography.

High quality compact lens

Selecting a focal length of 75mm means that a lens is lighter and more compact than the 85mm lens, but still has a compression effect that is better than the 50mm focal length – a “magic” effect when shooting. portraits help close the distance between layers of space to create a perfect photo. At 9oz, equivalent to 255.15g, this lens is significantly lighter than the Rokinon AF 85mm f / 1.4 thanks to its shorter focal length and narrower aperture. The lens is also compact, measuring less than 3 inches in length, great for compact and lightweight mirrorless cameras. However, the lens is still guaranteed to be made up of 10 aperture blades in 9 groups.

Samyang also says the lens supports high-resolution with fine details. The medium focal length and f / 1.8 aperture help separate the background when creating a soft, rounded effect. Three lenses have an extremely low dispersion that you often see in high quality lenses that help users easily focus, especially when shooting at close range portraits. In addition, highly refractive lenses help to prevent chromatic aberrations. Along with that is the Samyang UMC coating, which helps to reduce flare when the light source is too strong and maintains adequate contrast.

The autofocus feature uses a stepping motor designed to enhance accuracy without creating black noise in the image.

Autofocus or custom

An innovative feature is a custom control ring. Users can change from autofocus to aperture control using a switch on the lens bezel. Usually, custom control loops are not common though most are programmed into the camera menu system.

Mode 1 makes the control ring act as a focus ring, but only if the camera is placed on DMF (Direct Manual Focus, for MF adjustments while in AF mode) or M (Retrieve) manual strokes). Mode 2 makes it an aperture ring and it is extremely useful for those who like to process images or use it for movie shooting. Many lenses also use their own dedicated focus and aperture rings, but this one-ring design is better suited for small and simple lenses like the AF 75mm f / 1.8 FE.

There is no weather-seal feature

If talking about the disadvantages of AF 75mm f / 1.8 FE, it is the lack of weather-seal feature to help protect the camera from the adverse effects of weather such as rain, sand, dust, … Mid-range lenses already support this feature for safety with this sensitive device, but the AF 75mm f / 1.8 FE does not. This can be a minus point for the fastidious photographer.

Except for that, the AF 75mm f / 1.8 FE seems to be the perfect and effective lens for you to choose.

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