Review quickly Asus Vivobook S410: thin, unlock fingerprint, Intel Core 8 processor - VnReview

Review quickly Asus Vivobook S410: thin, unlock fingerprint, Intel Core 8 processor – VnReview

Asus is one of the companies offering the most "slim-edged" laptop models in the past. After two UX410 and UX430 models, the company continues to introduce the new Vivobook S line in 2017.

In addition to the thin screen border that allows for the integration of a large screen in a smaller body, the Vivobook S410 also has an unlock feature with handy fingerprint sensor and the latest microprocessor configuration from Intel. The price of S410 is also quite comfortable compared to the UX line, from 12.99 million VND for the universal configuration and pre-installed Windows 10 Home operating system.

Configuration and price of Asus VivoBook S410 versions


S410's outer shell is made of aluminum with scratched, on the inside of the keyboard and the armrest also uses aluminum so it feels luxurious and sturdy compared to the price range. Of course, because it is not in the high-end model, the machine does not own the metallic block design, there are still plastic parts like the screen border. The machine currently has only one yellow option.

It has a slim and light design for a 14-inch screen

Overall, S410 is quite thin (18.8mm thickest and tapered) and light (1.3kg weight), so it is still a device suitable for traveling. Rugged chassis construction, long hinges and strong screen retention, no vibration when used but the opening angle is only 135 degrees.

The keyboard provides a good typing experience, not too impressive

The keyboard is raised, the key stroke is not as short as on the UX430

The keyboard of the device is also firm, without the subsidence phenomenon when typing fast and strong, the key journey is at a reasonable level with a thin device, in general the feeling of typing is okay but not excellent. The key also has a backlight, convenient to see and distinguish keys when you work at night.

The touchpad on S410 is large in size, with a fingerprint sensor to open the laptop

The touchpad on S410 is slightly larger in size than average, the feel is smooth and responsive. The trackpad also fully supports quick application switching, dragging or manipulating the browser. At the right corner, you will see the fingerprint sensor. This sensor is sensitive and receives fingerprints very quickly, making computer login much simpler.

The screen border is not too thin like the Dell XPS13 series, in return the webcam is still placed above the screen

S410 has a thin side screen border, only 8 mm thick. The top edge of the screen is a bit thicker, in return, Asus can put the camera and sensors on the top, preventing it from affecting the image when using the webcam. Thanks to its thin, S410 size, it is only equivalent to popular 13.3-inch screen laptops.

The left side has a power slot, USB 3.0 port, HDMI, USB Type C and a headphone / mic slot

The right side has two additional USB ports, memory card slot and status lights

The device is fully equipped with connection ports: USB 3.0, USB Type C, HDMI output port, memory card reader and mic / headphone slot. These ports are sufficient for those who need to work or entertain gently.


S410's screen is rough, reflective and bright enough for comfortable outdoor use

Besides thin edges, an advantage in screen S410 is that it does not use a mirror screen, making you comfortable working in any space without worrying about reflecting lights or sunlight. Maximum brightness is about 270 nit enough for outdoor use in case it is not sunny.

The screen of VivoBook S410 is quite different in color, shown when measured by specialized equipment

The screen angle on the S410 is wide, reflecting the advantages of an IPS LCD display, but the display color is not really accurate. The color of the screen in the direction of flaming, heat yellowing is suitable for office work or watching movies, but also want to edit photos and graphics with standard colors, you will have to weigh it quite hard. If high quality display is required, accurate color display, then the UX430 model will be a more reasonable choice.

Experience performance and battery

The configuration of the device meets the photo editing software or the whole movie editing process, but if RAM is raised to 8GB, the usage will be more comfortable.

The article version uses Intel Core i5-8250U processor, 4GB RAM and 256GB SSD. In terms of wireless connectivity, S410 is equipped with WiFi chip with dual band (dual band) standard with Bluetooth 4.2. This configuration is a little "redundant" in processing power, with 4-core CPU with 8 threads and a maximum clock speed of 3.4GHz, can easily respond to photo editing software, solving large and light excel files, even If it is used to handle clips on Premiere still meet. However, 4GB RAM capacity is a bit lacking to handle heavy tasks, or even when opening multiple tabs in the browser. Therefore, you should also consider upgrading RAM to make the configuration more balanced.

S410's upgrade capability is quite good: the machine has 2 LDDR4 RAM slots (1 card left in the slot), 2.5 inch standard storage drive and has M.2 slot to add SSD (but only supports SATA3 standard) . So if you buy the hard drive version, you can still install a standard M.2 SSD for both speed and storage capacity.

Results of measuring CPU performance and graphics power with Cinebench R15 software

Geekbench application evaluates CPU power

GPU performance is shown through 3D Mark software

Medium speed SSD for SATA 3 connection

Configuration of the device can also meet popular online games like DOTA 2 or LOL, at the level of basic graphics settings, or offline games do not require high graphics like PES 2018 at low graphics settings.

In the process of use, even when operating heavily with benchmark applications, the projector is still cool. The hottest part is the bottom of the device, but when the hottest is only a bit warm, not too hot, so it can be placed on the lap and used.

With 42 WHR battery, S410 usually gives about 3 hours of use with my usual needs, set to High Performance mode, 100% bright screen. The usage time can be significantly increased if you switch to Balance mode or reduce the brightness a bit (at 60%, it can be used comfortably in a cafe, during the day).

Movie player is 5 hours continuous

Using the device to watch a movie in Full HD resolution, the screen set to 70% brightness, 70% headset audio, S410 runs for more than 5 hours. The battery assessment results in PC Mark 8's Home test (screen brightness of about 110 nit, running home computer simulation tasks) are 2 hours 50 minutes. In general, S410 battery life is not impressive.

Asus says the compact charging tubs follow the device for quick charging, reaching 60% after 50 minutes. In actual testing, after 50 minutes of charging in conditions of shutdown, the battery was charged to 68%, after 60 minutes was 82%. The device fully charges the battery after 1 hour and 45 minutes. However, if you want to protect your battery for longer use, Asus also provides Battery Health Charging software, which allows you to limit the battery charge to extend the life. This is the necessary software if you regularly plug the charger into the machine.

This laptop uses 64 bit Windows 10 Home version, in addition to preset quite a lot of other services such as WPS Office office suite, McAfee … If not used, you can delete all these software to save memory saving.


The VivoBook S410 is a laptop that balances the lightweight design for mobility needs, and good performance to meet your needs. The thin border design, fingerprint sensor are inherited traits from the more advanced UX line. The biggest drawback is that the battery life is not long, but fast charging also makes it easier to use. Asus also offers many versions of S410 with different configurations and selling prices to suit many users: from students and students to office staff.

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