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Integrated webcam and microphone help ViewSonic VG2440V stand out from common office monitors. In the context that the Covid-19 epidemic is still very unpredictable, the way this screen makes online meetings or lessons easier and more convenient is worth learning.

While the Covid-19 epidemic is still raging in many places, working and studying from home is still an effective way to limit the spread of the virus. However, not everyone has a laptop available, or we simply want a larger screen for better multitasking. Computer monitor brand ViewSonic has an interesting new solution, which is to integrate webcam and microphone directly into the screen with the appearance of two models VG2440V and VG2740V with sizes of 24 and 27 inches, respectively.

In this article, VnReview wants to send readers the experience and evaluation of the ViewSonic VG2440V screen model. On the market, the reference price of the product is more than 5 million VND, while the 27-inch model VG2740V costs more than 7 million VND.

The design emphasizes ergonomics, with the webcam cluster being the highlight

Belonging to ViewSonic’s VG Collection monitor line, the VG2440V inherits features such as a square, sturdy design, a grainy black finish that helps create accents and limits dirt. The screen edges are thin, only the bottom edge is a bit thicker because it contains the logo and function keys.

The most outstanding feature of the ViewSonic VG 2440V, is none other than the web cam cluster protruding on the top edge. This webcam has a 2MP Full HD resolution, and the ability to record 1080p @ 30fps video, when launching the camera application on Windows 10, this webcam can also recognize and focus on faces automatically. You can manually adjust the angle of the webcam by about 5 degrees to get a wider frame. When combined with the tilting ability of the stand, in total, we will be able to tilt 10 degrees forward and 45 degrees backward.

The difference in frames when adjusting the angle on the webcam. According to the writer’s assessment, the image quality from the ViewSonic VG2440V’s webcam is at a good level compared to most webcams on laptops today, which only have 720p resolution. When combined with the built-in mic on the screen, online meetings and meetings become more natural, the ability to rotate and adjust the webcam cluster helps writers easily share presentation content with other members. other members of the meeting.

In addition, this webcam cluster of ViewSonic VG2440V is also equipped with a manual slider to cover the webcam when not in use. This is a simple but effective way often used by laptop manufacturers to protect user privacy.

The base of the VG2440V has a solid metal core, a solid square surface even though it takes up a lot of space on the table, an ergonomic design that allows the screen to be rotated 120 degrees, tilted up to 40 degrees easily, as well as change the height of the screen accordingly. The monitor stand also has a wire slot to keep your working angle neater.

Like its brothers from VG Collection, VG2440V also has the ability to rotate the screen vertically to increase vertical visibility, suitable for web surfing or programming needs. If there is no need for a stand or desk space does not allow, the VG2440V can also be VESA wall-mounted.

The control system of ViewSonic VG2440V is encapsulated in 6 setting buttons at the bottom edge of the screen. In it, we have 4 dedicated buttons for online meetings, including volume up and down, mute and mute recording from the microphone. Being able to quickly access these features helps users be more active in meetings, instead of having to perform tedious operations on computers and laptops.

The customization of colors, display modes, etc. of the VG2440V is done through the menu button of the screen. In general, ViewSonic still sticks with the classic on-screen display interface that readers have seen many times if they have followed VnRview’s previous ViewSonic screen reviews.

In addition, the VG2440V is also supported by ViewSonic’s vDisplay Manager 2.0 software. Here, users can do things like split the screen, automatically launch apps, and customize display settings to maximize multitasking.

The number of connection ports of ViewSonic VG2440V is relatively rich, including 1 VGA port, 1 HDMI 1.4, 1 DisplayPort, 3 USB 3.2 Type-A Downstream and 1 USB 3.2 Type-B Upstream. The most unfortunate absence of the monitor is probably a USB Type-C port that supports Thunderbolt, if so, users will only need a cable to connect to a computer or laptop to output images, work multitasking. easier. VG2440V integrates two speakers with a capacity of 2W, so that users can completely communicate when meeting without support from mic or headphones, separate speakers.

Display quality: When work comes first

In terms of configuration, the ViewSonic VG2440V has a size of 24 inches, Full HD resolution (1920 x 1080), 16:9 ratio, equipped with a standard ‘SuperClear IPS’ panel with a standard brightness of 250 nits that the company claims to bring corners. Wide viewing angle, the image does not have color distortion at diagonal angles. For the occasional need to work from home, the VG2440V also comes with Advance Eye-Care technology, which is essentially a combination of Flicker-Free anti-flicker and Blue Light Filter to limit fatigue. eye.

Practical experience, ViewSonic VG2440V gives quite good display quality, vivid and true colors thanks to IPS panels, screen panels are covered with light matte anti-glare. The Full HD resolution on the 24-inch screen delivers a pixel density high enough that you won’t see pixels when sitting in a normal posture. After hours of tiring work, watching movies or playing light games on the VG2440V is also an experience worth the price.

As a monitor for the office and home work, it is not difficult to understand that the ViewSonic VG2440V is only equipped with a 60Hz refresh rate panel. In return, the screen has 104% sRGB and 72% NTSC color coverage, so it can meet both semi-professional photo and video editing needs, instead of only working with Office applications.

For online learning, ViewSonic also has its own solution myViewBoard Classroom, located in its myViewBoard software ecosystem. myViewBoard Classroom works completely in the browser, no installation required, participants don’t even need to register for an account, just enter the available class ID to join.

MyViewBoard Classroom is integrated with many convenient and intuitive teaching tools, such as interactive whiteboard between teachers and students, group activities, tools for raising hands, writing and drawing, taking screenshots, recording. video lectures…


ViewSonic VG2440V has brought a new solution in the context of the raging Covid-19 epidemic. While not having revolutionary superior quality, the webcam cluster of the VG2440V emphasizes convenience, with the ability to adjust the angle, face autofocus, privacy cover, along with the built-in microphone to help users. Meetings and online learning become easier and more convenient. This can be considered a “missing piece” for your working corner, because even after Covid-19 passes, the values ​​​​that VG2440V bring are still very commensurate with the money spent.

Hoan Dang

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