Review of Tronsmart Element T6: no compromise - VnReview

Review of Tronsmart Element T6: no compromise – VnReview

While it may be considered quite new in the Vietnamese speaker / accessory market, Tronsmart is attracting attention with its "no compromise" product philosophy: prices can be somewhat expensive but quality is always perfect. The new T6 model is a clear testament to Tronsmart's philosophy.

The product is currently distributed by the manufacturer via homepage with a listing price of VND 1.6 million.


Compared to the regular Bluetooth speaker models – including the Element Mega that we reviewed, Element T6 seems to be optimized for outdoor use (practice, picnic, balcony balcony v. ..v …) more. Instead of using a square design, the product is shaped like a water bottle and also selected details that create a strong, strong feeling.

Above the speaker is a unique volume dial, the bottom is a black speaker that feels quite similar to the umbrella. The contrast in color between the speaker and the volume knob makes the speaker not as monotonous as Element Mega nor too messy. From the position of the on / off switch to the bottom – where the woofer is placed, Tronsmart places a strip of logo with rubber material, enhancing its "love for sport" message.

With the same size as a water bottle, Element T6 can be placed in a tray on the bike or in a cloth bag next to a backpack. The weight of the loudspeaker is not too heavy and therefore ensures a true "portable" speaker.

Experience using

T6 has a familiar user experience like any other Bluetooth speaker. You can connect Bluetooth from your iOS / Android device or laptop. With Bluetooth, you can listen / receive calls and move messages through the buttons on the speakers. Through the 3.5 "disconnected" connector under the slot with the charging port, you can also connect T6 with older equipment (the case with a 3.5mm cord and charger cord).

The most special highlight of the Tronsmart experience is probably the volume knob. Unlike most of the Bluetooth models on the capital market, which use physical buttons or touch sliders to control the volume, there is a knob set above the speaker, just below the control buttons. This rather outdated adjustment makes a good impression thanks to the small "click" sounds and a slow, accurate rotation.

Of course, the volume rotary knob is not Tronsmart's own creation, but when it comes to the number of times users have to adjust the volume when using a speaker, this small change can also create a much more pleasant feeling. compared to the buttons. Remember that with the usual button, you either have to adjust each step or press (to increase / decrease too quickly), quite inconvenient.

Another commendable point of T6 is about battery life. Even after almost a full day of use (on the morning / afternoon train and on the beach), in the evening to the hotel, we found that T6 still had about 30% of the battery on the icon on the iPhone. Manufacturer confirmed Element T6 has batteries for up to 15 hours, more than enough for mobile users who already have the habit of charging the phone or smartwatch at night before going to sleep.

Sound quality

Considering the specs, the Tronsmart Element T6 (12.5W x 2) has a lower capacity than the Tronsmart Element Mega (20W x 2). But in actual use, you probably don't care about this difference: T6 has enough power to create a sound that fills a 25m2 room. If placed on a table, Tronsmart T6 can create enough bass for you to feel the vibration when touching … table legs. It is thanks to this strong point that the experience of Hip-hop, EDM or Pop gives good bass quality, even when used in large open spaces.

Despite choosing the bass as the main driver, Tronsmart T6 can still show other music quite well. We especially appreciate the ability to show Vocals, because like Mega's brother, Tronsmart also has a relatively smooth, pleasant center. Even vocals prone to glare on "regular speakers" like Nhu Quynh or Amy Lee (Evanescene) also have no problems on the T6 Element.

Element T6's treb range generally has nothing to blame but it is not too special: high notes are not harsh and not too "smooth" or "long" but still cannot create a wide soundstage ( Remember we are talking about a portable speaker. The overall sound of Element T6 still impresses more bass range, high ranges (from high-mid to treb) mainly play the supporting role only.

The design of Element T6 is promoted as "360 degrees", ie the quality does not change no matter which direction the speaker is facing. Our test shows that this advertisement is completely accurate, but the design itself has an inherent weakness: there is no stereo separation. If used to play games, the Element T6 will primarily help increase the level of "enjoyment" (gunfire, vehicle sounds … very powerful) but does not bring any advantage at all – you will not be able to determine the opponent's position in CSGO or BF1.


It is clear that the Element T6 is not a perfect Bluetooth speaker, but Tronsmart's latest product obviously did its job well: best serve users who like outdoor activities, like Listening to music in moments where music is not the focus – when going on a picnic, exercising sports, when mountain biking or enjoying the evening outdoors. Compared to the price of Bluetooth speakers in the market, the T6 is quite expensive (the listing price is VND1.6 million), but what this speaker offers can enable Tronsmart to compete strongly with the big names of Mobile speaker market.


+ Strong bass, suitable for young music.

+ Convenient for sports and outdoor activities.

+ Large volume, "buffalo" battery.

+ Healthy design, unique volume dial.


– The sound is not clear stereo.

Gia Cuong

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