Review of “The Land of Bad Fruits” Eaten by melon eaters

Today’s evaluation and appreciation of the work, is produced by SpaceCan studio, “The Land of Evil Fruit” released by the heart network!

This is a Roguelike game full of “sweet” style of painting. Players will hold various types of weapons to fight a mutant battle with mutant fruits!

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Game summary:

“Land of Bad Fruits” is a work that uses action shooting as the main gameplay, supplemented by the Roguelike system ~!

One day, a meteorite fell to the earth and brought a strange alien life form. This strange life form is like the “fruit of wisdom” of plants. It opens up the global scope and the rapid mutation of all plants! These plants grow hands and feet and have the smart tools to get started! This is the most incredible challenge since humans have reached the top of the food chain.

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As the protagonist, we will control each character with different gameplay, take weapons to the frontline of alienation plants, and explore and solve this huge change!

What we are blocking in front of us is a full-fledged mutant fruit-as the so-called melon eater Renheng is eaten, and we are caught in the encirclement!

Ranger NetworkRanger Network

About picture and design:

The picture of “The Land of Bad Fruits” is very peculiar. It is a colorful and high-contrast cartoon style. The soft lines and the slightly fairy-tale-like color tone make the author feel that “The Land of Bad Fruits” is full from beginning to end. Q bomb soft and cute flavor.

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Soft cute banana ghost boss

At the same time, the production team is also willing to work on small details of the screen performance. For example, except for a few enemies, they use “light balls” as barrage. More enemies have a connection with their own fruit types, such as launching The “husk” of durian, the pomegranate that dropped the fruit bomb, etc., although it is only a small detail, but after seeing the corresponding picture feedback, the feeling that “this is so, very reasonable ~” that comes to mind is very good!

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