Review of the Dell OptiPlex 5050 MT: compact design, many options for upgrading - VnReview

Review of the Dell OptiPlex 5050 MT: compact design, many options for upgrading – VnReview

Dell's synchronized model owns a configuration with a fairly powerful processor, enough to meet office needs and easy upgrade capabilities.

Although laptops are now the most popular computer choice in offices, desktop models still have a foothold because performance is always stronger than laptops of the same price range, flexible configurations for different needs and Most easy to upgrade when needed.

The Dell OptiPlex 5050 that VnReview rated today is such a product. Besides the strong configuration with Intel Core i5 processor 7, this desktop computer also has the ability to upgrade more RAM, Intel Optane SSDs or various graphics cards to meet user needs. .

Products in the article have reference price of 13.49 million VND, with the following configuration:

Design and upgrade capabilities

The size of the OptiPlex 5050 is very compact, with a height of just 35cm so it can be easily arranged. Even when placed on a table, this machine does not occupy much space. The chassis incorporates plastic and alloy materials, weighing nearly 8kg is also quite heavy and firm. With the design of this machine, users can place stand or lie well.

The front of the device has 4 USB 2.0 and 3.0 ports, along with 3.5mm audio port

The front of the device is quite simple, the highlight is the mesh mask and the Dell logo strip. On the front, next to the power button and DVD R / W drive, users also have 4 USB ports and 3.5mm audio jacks.

DVD R / W drive is vertical

Connection ports on the back

Overall, the OptiPlex 5050 has a lot of connectivity ports. It has a total of 6 USB 3.1 Gen 1 ports (2 on the front, 4 on the back), 4 USB 2.0 ports (2 front, 2 back), 4 output ports (VGA, HDMI, 2 DisplayPort ports), Gigabit port LAN, 2 PS / 2 ports for keys and mice, and even a Serial port to connect old peripherals.

Overall the OptiPlex 5050 is not too prominent, compact in size and easy to arrange

If the exterior of the OptiPlex 5050 is not too outstanding, the internal design of the machine is very reasonable and easy to upgrade. The case is designed to be easily disassembled, mounted and almost opened manually. Details such as hips, fronts, etc. can be opened with a wedge or a wiper.

When removing the hips, the device still has a side frame to mount the hard drive and drive.

Instead of just opening the hips like a regular computer, the OptiPlex 5050 also has a rotating hinge to open the hips, allowing easy access to the motherboard. This design makes it easier to upgrade or clean the machine, whether it's for personal users or IT staff, this is a plus.

This frame can be rotated to easily access the motherboard or to remove the hard drive

In the default configuration, with the exception of CPUs, users can upgrade RAM, add graphics cards, hard drives or SSDs because there are plenty of room for the motherboard and chassis. At most, you can add 2 2.5-inch hard drives, 1 M.2 SSD, 3 RAM, 1 graphics card and 3 external PCI-e ports.

CPU and RAM areas. The new device only has 1 RAM of 4GB capacity, users can upgrade to a maximum of 64GB RAM with 4 slots

The board has 4 SATA 3 ports, which have used 2 ports for hard drive and drive. Thus users can still add 2 more drives

Built-in 1TB drive, Toshiba's speed of 7200 RPM

In addition to the 3.5-inch hard drive and the upper drive, users can also install two 2.5-inch drives at the bottom

Next to the RAM area is the M.2 port to attach the SSD. This device supports Intel Optane drive, combining SSD speed to speed up hard drive

PCI Express ports for adding video cards, expansion cards …

Besides the hardware, the most significant shortcoming in the configuration of this machine is that it does not support WiFi. If you want to add a WiFi card, you can buy products with PCI Express ports.

Source of machine with 240W capacity

Although you have a PCI Express port to add a graphics card, you won't be able to attach a very powerful card to this system because the power supply is only 240W.

Front of the machine when removing plastic mask

Dell OptiPlex 5050 also has a built-in speaker, attached to the front of the device. The size is small so the volume of the speaker is only moderate, enough to hear in a room about 15m2 wide, the quality is not worth anything.

Computer built-in speaker

It comes with a set of wired Dell keyboards and mice. The design of the keys is simple, square but fully integrated multimedia control keys on the row of keys F. The keyboard has a full size, chiclet style for feeling pretty good typing, long journey and bouncing.

The mouse has a medium-sized machine, designed to hold hands and is suitable for both right-handed and left-handed people. The shell of the mouse also uses rough plastic material like keys, perhaps taking a long time will reduce "sharpness" rather than glossy plastic material.

Performance, temperature and power consumption

The Core i5-7500 CPU is the highlight of this machine's configuration

In this machine's configuration, the most valuable point is that the Intel Core i5-7500 Kaby Lake CPU is relatively powerful, with 4 quad-core cores and 3.4GHz base clock, accelerating turbo boost to a maximum of 3.8GHz. This chip can handle quite heavy tasks like editing, rendering, and is also considered good game handling. The retail price of i5-7500 is nearly 5 million dong, which is nearly 40% of the value of the machine.

The Ubuntu operating system is enough to meet the basic needs, but in order to exploit the maximum power, users can still install Windows

This device is preinstalled with Ubuntu 16.04LTS operating system. If the demand is just web surfing, office processing or watching movies, listening to music, then Ubuntu can meet, but to exploit the maximum power, users can still install the Windows operating system. To evaluate the performance of the machine, we installed the latest version of Windows 10 1709 (Windows 10 had an update of 1803, but not yet released at the time of evaluation).

If the demand is just a normal office application, web browsing with little tabs, or even single image processing or publishing in Lightroom, the power of the OptiPlex 5050 is "redundant". For software that has a familiar CPU performance like Cinebench R15 or Geekbench 4, the score of i5-7500 is impressive, especially in multi-core performance.

Details about Dell OptiPlex 5050 CPU

CPU performance score measured with Cinebench R15 on Dell OptiPlex 5050

CPU performance score measured by Geekbench 4

However, the RAM capacity of only 4GB will be a significant limitation for the multitasking capability of the device. When opening about 10 tabs on Chrome browser, the computer starts to slow down. Similarly, when browsing photos and editing a large number of photos on Lightroom, the limited amount of RAM also makes the response speed quite slow.

Speed ​​HDD 1TB 7200 RPM hard drive

1TB hard drive capacity is quite plentiful to store office data, even if it must contain more games, music, images is not too big a problem. However, although the 7200 RPM speed drive, the hard drive is not enough to provide quick feedback and the "bottleneck" point makes the performance of the machine less impressive, especially when meeting the condition of Full Disk 100% in Windows 10. So a SATA 2.5-inch SSD or M.2 is one of the first upgrades that users should think about.

Graphic performance scores measured by 3D Mark software, Sky Diver review

The graphics processing task on this computer belongs to Intel HD Graphics 630 integrated graphics chip. In fact, this graphics chip is still enough to meet some games with not too high graphics requirements – when playing Pro Evolution Soccer 2018, Low graphics settings and Full HD resolution, the machine still reaches an average frame rate of about 30 fps, playable but not smooth. With League of Legends, the machine can meet the level of 60 frames per second.

The temperature of the machine after running the stability test of the AIDA64 software for 1 hour

The whole case has only one CPU radiator fan and one 80mm fan to push the hot air on the back, so the heat dissipation efficiency is not high either. When pressing the system to operate at full capacity with AIDA64 for 1 hour, CPU temperature sometimes reaches 74 degrees. This temperature is not worrisome, but if you want the system to run at maximum continuously, in the long run, it will need to replace the CPU radiator better. The advantage of this system is that the operation is very smooth, even when running at full capacity, there is no noise, so it is not uncomfortable in the bedroom.


It can be seen that the Dell OptiPlex 5050 is a desktop model suitable for small and medium businesses or individual users looking for a compact, quiet and moderate performance desktop model. The machine responds well to light, basic tasks, can play some popular online games today. With this configuration, users have many options to upgrade, such as installing Windows, adding RAM or adding SSDs to improve performance, thereby better responding to heavy tasks such as image processing and editing.


+ Compact design, modern design

+ Ports for connecting peripherals and diversified shapes

+ Easy to install and upgrade the machine, support Intel Optane SSD

+ Smooth operation

+ Good performance for office tasks, powerful Intel Core i5 7400 processor

+ Keyboard, mouse included


– The amount of RAM is only 4GB

– Do not install Windows

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