Review of the actual mouse computer “mouse F5-i5”! Widely customizable 15.6 type notebook! (F5 series)

Main image of mouse computer mouse F5 series

Real machine review of “mouse computer mouse F5 series”is.

The review machine is a rental exhibition from the manufacturer.
* Even if it is a rental item, we will review it in good faith, including the disadvantages.

First I found out by reviewing“Recommended points and features”When“Points to note”I will give you.

You can check the points and cautions just by looking here.

    ■ Recommended points and features

  • High customizability
  • Customization of OS, memory, storage, optical drive, LTE, high-speed Wifi, etc. is possible.

  • LTE communication module can be added by customization
  • Supports dual storage
  • You can customize by ordering dual storage (with two storages) by adding an HDD.
    * Models with Celeron cannot be dual storage.

  • Full interface
  • Also equipped with a D-Sub terminal. However, there is only one USB Type-C.

  • Can also be charged with a mobile battery
  • I was able to charge it with a 40W output mobile battery.
    * Depending on the output of the mobile battery, charging may not be possible.

  • 24/7 support included

    ■ Notes

  • Vertical viewing angle is not very wide
  • ▲ When you look at it at an angle in the vertical direction, it looks a little overexposed.

  • A numeric keypad is installed, but a three-row numeric keypad

Look at the mouse computer “mouse F5 series” on the official websiteicon

■ mouse F5 series specifications(Including items that can be customized)

OS Windows 10 Home / Pro
display 15.6 inches Full HD (1920 × 1080), non-glare (non-glossy)
CPU Intel Celeron 4205U / Core i3-8145U / i5-10210U / i5-8265U / i7-8565U
memory 8GB / 16GB / 32GB
storage SSD: 240GB-1TB
* Dual storage is also possible by adding HDD by customization (excluding models with Celeron)
Graphics Intel UHD Graphics 610/620
size About 361 x 256 x 24.1 mm (When folded / not including protrusions)
weight 2.1 kg

* Specifications as of March 30, 2020. It may change in the future.

■ Specifications of this review machine
mouse F5-i5 “Core i5-8265U, memory 8GB, 256GB SSD, full HD (model number: F5-i5WHLAB)”

table of contents

  • -Checking ease of use-
  • ▶ Keyboard
  • ▶ Speaker
  • ▶ Liquid crystal display

    • Since it is a non-glare liquid crystal, it is difficult to see
  • ▶ Check battery life
  • ▶ Quality check
  • ▶ Size
  • ▶ Weight measurement: 1,998 grams
  • ▶ Interface
  • ――Processing performance check ――
  • ▶ CPU performance check
  • ▶ SSD data transfer rate

    • Graphics performance
  • ――Appearance and other checks ――
  • ▶ Appearance
  • ▶ Accessories
  • ▶ Review summary of mouse computer “mouse F5 series”

-Checking ease of use-

▶ Keyboard

▲ Click to enlarge

The keystroke (distance where the key sinks) is about 1.8 mm, and the feeling of keystroke is solid.

It has a slightly hard typing feeling.

Numeric keypad is a three-row keyUnfortunately, it may be better than not having a numeric keypad (depending on preference).

It’s a pity that the arrow keys are small, but you can also use the numeric keypad to operate as arrow keys by holding down the Shift key.

The key top (key surface) is almost flat.

Key top up image

Up the keyboard diagonally

The key pitch (the distance between keys) is about 19 mm, which is said to be easy to type.

Key pitch

▼ The palm rest is large enough because it is a 15.6 type laptop.

Place your hands on the palm rest

The keyboard backlight is not installed.

Comparison with desktop PC keyboard

It is a comparison with the keyboard for desktop PC.

Comparison with desktop PC keyboard

Touch pad

A type with left and right buttons on the bottom of the touchpad.

Touch pad

Personally, I like the touchpad with buttons like this because it’s easier to use.

The clicking sound when you press the button is small.

In addition,It is convenient because the touch pad can be disabled / enabled with the Fn + F1 keys.

▶ Speaker

Equipped with a speaker on the bottom.

Mouse computer mouse F5 series speaker

Depending on the sound source, there were times when I felt that I wanted “a little more sound missing” for the sound quality of the speakers, but I think that the sound quality is good enough to enjoy music while working.

It is a speaker on the bottom, so be careful when placing it in a soft place because the sound will be muffled.

It is best to place it on a hard, well-rebounded surface.

▶ Liquid crystal display

If you check the viewing angle, it will be a little dark when viewed from the side, and a little overexposed when viewed from above.

There is no problem in using it alone.

LCD display front

▼ When viewed from the side with an angle.

Viewing angle check Seen from the side

It is not suitable for use by peering into multiple people.

▼ When viewed from above with an angle.

knee(Knee)If you use it on, the display will appear slightly overexposed if you do not tilt the display vertically.

Place the mouse F5-i5 on your knees

When I tilted the display so that it was clearly visible, I felt it was not suitable for use on trains, etc., as the display would stick out from the line of the knee.

(However, there may not be many people who use laptops of this size on trains.)

Color gamut

Color gamut

■ Coverage

sRGB 63%
Adobe RGB 47%

* These are the values ​​measured by us, so there may be differences depending on the environment and measuring equipment.

The color gamut is not very wide.

Since it is a non-glare liquid crystal, it is difficult to see

The display of the mouse computer mouse F5 series isSince it is a non-glare liquid crystal, it is difficult to see it.

Light is reflected during work and it is difficult for flickering to occur, soPracticalis.

How light is reflected on the display

▶ Check battery life

Assuming use for typing and browsing the internet,Measures battery lifeDid.

■ Actual measurement of battery drive time

Used for browsing the Internet and typing text
(Load: light)
5 hours 10 minutes
(Load: medium)
3 hours 16 minutes
* Time until battery level falls below 20%
The amount of battery that could be charged in 30 minutes About 33%

* Display brightness: Measured at 80%. The darker the display, the longer the battery life will be.

Tap (click) here to see measurement conditions, etc.

■ Battery drive time measurement conditions

  • Display brightness: 80%
  • Battery saving function: Turned on when the remaining battery power is 20% or less
  • Web browsing: Open 5 tabs in web browser and display website in each tab. The tabs are automatically reloaded every minute.
  • typing: Use BBench software to input typing automatically every 10 seconds.
  • Under the above conditions, measure from 100% battery remaining.

■ About “PC Mark 8 HOME” items

This is a battery life measurement test using the software “PC Mark 8”.
It also includes operation tests that affect battery life, such as browsing 3D images on websites and video chats.

The larger the display size, the easier it is to drain the battery.

With a 15.6-inch display, this battery life is not bad.

▶ Quality check

I tried to see how noisy it would be under load.

Measured from a distance of 30 cm in height and 30 cm in depth from the hinge part, taking into consideration the position of the ears during use.

When idle Almost silent
* If you put your ears close enough to touch the main body, you will hear a small sound.
Benchmark test Up to around 44db

* It was almost silent at idle, but if you add a HDD as a second storage by customization, you may hear the operation sound of the HDD.

Even if the fans are full and try hard,Not too noisy for its sizeI got an impression.

■ Standard of noise (decibels)

Pretty noisy 70db Inside a noisy office
Noisy 60db Normal conversation in a moving car
usually 50db Quiet office
quiet 40db Quiet residential area, library
Very quiet 30db Midnight suburbs
Almost inaudible 20db Sound of snow

* The table is for reference only.

▶ Size

It is a size comparison with A4 paper.

  Size comparison of A4 paper and mouse F5 series

mouse F5 series thinness

A4 size 297 x 210 mm
mouse F5 series Approximately 361 x 256 mm (x thickness 24.1 mm (excluding protrusions))

The width x depth is rather larger than the A4 size, so it would be better to carry a backpack or bag corresponding to the 15.6 type notebook for carrying.

Place it on your side

▶ Weight measurement: 1,998 grams

Where we are weighing

Body About 1,998g
AC adapter + power cable About 217g

It is the standard weight for a 15.6-inch laptop.

It is a nice point that the AC adapter is light.

▼ By the way, I was able to charge it with a 40W mobile battery.

* It may not be possible to charge using a mobile battery.

▶ Interface

■ Right side

right side

① Headphone output / Headset terminal
② Microphone input
③ USB2.0 (Type-A)
④ USB2.0 (Type-A)
⑤DVD Super Multi Drive
⑥ Security slot

I was happy if the USB on the right side was 3.0.

The optical drive can be customized to be a Blu-ray Disc drive.

Conversely, it is possible to reduce the price and weight by setting “no optical drive”.

■ Left side

left side

① Power supply terminal
② Network (LAN) terminal
③ D-Sub
④ USB3.1 (Type-C) *

⑥ USB3.0 (Type-A)
* Supports USB Power Delivery. USB3.0 for models with Celeron processor

■ Front

Where the SD card is inserted

Equipped with an SD card reader on the front.

Unfortunately, the USB on the right side is 2.0 instead of 3.0, but the interface is good.

Look at the mouse computer “mouse F5 series” on the official website

――Processing performance check ――

▶ CPU performance check

The CPU of this review machine is“Intel Core i5-8265U Processor (1.6-1.8GHz)”is.


PassMark CPU benchmark test results: 7643

Average of the same CPU in PassMark 6478*This is a higher number, so the CPU performance is solid.
* Numbers as of March 30, 2020

“Mouse computer mouse F5 series” has 5 types of CPU depending on the model, so let’s use the reference values ​​of the other 4 CPUs.

■ CPU Mark reference value

Celeron 4205U 1309(Reference value)
Core i3-8145U 4066(Reference value)
Core i5-8265U 6478(Reference value)
Core i5-10210U 7,000(Reference value)
Core i7-8565U 6692(Reference value)

* The average value as of March 30, 2020 in PassMark. The values ​​may differ significantly from those measured with the actual mouse F5 series.

Both Core i5-10210U and Core i7-8565U have 4 cores and 8 threads, so if I focus on performance, I would like to choose Core i5-10210U.


  CINEBENCH R20 test results

Multi-core 1165
Single core 395

If it is Core i5, it is a performance that business software can handle with margin.

I think that you can edit images to some extent (unless you use it very heavyly).

▶ SSD data transfer rate

Storage transfer rate

Since it’s a SATA-connected SSD, it’s obviously faster than an HDD, but as an SSD, the data transfer speed is not particularly fast.

Personally, we recommend that you change to SSD with M.2 PCI Express connection by customization.

SSD information

  SSD information

It was an SSD made by A-DATA.

* Even laptop computers with the same model number may have SSDs from different manufacturers installed.

Graphics performance

We have checked the graphics performance of the models with Intel Core i5-8265U (Graphics: Intel UHD Graphics 620).

3DMark score
Fire Strike 972
Time Spy 414

It is not a high number compared to gaming PCs.

Dragon Quest X Benchmark
Standard quality
(1920 × 1080)
3778 usually
FF14 Jet Black Villains Benchmark
1920 x 1080 standard quality (notebook PC) 1497 Need to change settings

Therefore, it is not suitable for video editing and playing 3D games.

You can play a light 3D game such as Dragon Quest X.

Look at the mouse computer “mouse F5 series” on the official website

――Appearance and other checks ――

▶ Appearance

It has a calm black appearance.

Appearance of mouse computer mouse F5 series. Cool angle from diagonally above

It doesn’t have to be flashy, but it looks straight and has little useless decoration.

The top plate has a simple design with only the mouse logo.

appearance of mouse F5 series

Top plate logo up

Folded up from diagonally above

The bottom of the body

I opened the display to the point where I could open it. Open up to this.

View from the side where you opened the display up to where you can open the display

Palm rest up

It is also equipped with a 1 million pixel Web camera.


▶ Accessories

It is a set of accessories.

Image of accessories

Includes AC adapter, power cable, support manual, warranty card, etc.

▶ Review summary of mouse computer “mouse F5 series”

It is a summary of the reviews of “mouse computer mouse F5 series”.

Appearance of mouse computer mouse F5 series

There is no problem if you use it alone, but since the vertical viewing angle is not very wide, it is not suitable for peering in with multiple people or using it on the train.


  • Blu-ray disc drive
  • LTE communication module
  • Large capacity SSD
  • Dual storage

It is the uniqueness of a BTO computer that you can customize it to your liking.

Despite being a large 15.6 type notebook, it is also an advantage that it can be charged with a mobile battery.

The mouse computer comes with 24/7 support, so I recommend it for beginners.

Look at the mouse computer “mouse F5 series” on the official website

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