Review of T98 X journey camera Procam: price 5.9 million, enough demand - VnReview

Review of T98 X journey camera Procam: price 5.9 million, enough demand – VnReview

Last year, VnReview had articles on Procam's T98 2018 journey camera experience. In 2019, the company continued to market a new version with code name Procam T98 X.

The new update of T98 X Procam has improved screen quality, more powerful microprocessor and some design changes. The price of the updated version also increased to 5.9 million. In addition, the basic features of Procam T98 are inherited as 4G support to play Wi-Fi network, have enough front and rear cameras and support many modes to support the safe driving process such as warning lane, collision …

Procam's camera products in Vietnam are currently distributed by DIGITAL-class company and warranty for 12 months.

Design and features

T98 X Procam has a flip design, one of the most popular designs of current travel cameras. Compared to the old version, this product collapses the screen size to 8 inches instead of 10 inches as before.

The screen on this version can be folded down or opened up through a front button so as not to affect the view when driving.

The back side also has many changes, especially the front camera cluster looks quite strange. In terms of specs, this camera has a 1080P resolution, a 140-degree wide-angle F / 2.0 aperture and uses the NT99142 sensor, which can lower and lower high as well as a flexible angle adjustment. However, to adjust the angle of rotation, we must adjust manually, not adjust via software. This does not affect much in practice because normally, we only adjust and leave a fixed angle. Under the 2 camera side, there is a heat sink design to cool the device during long-term use.

Unlike the 2018 version, on the 2019 version, the manufacturer Procam brought the entire connection port to the side of the machine. Connection ports include mini USB charging port, rear camera input port, 1 slot for 3G / 4G SIM plugging, maximum expansion slot of 64GB and GPS jack for positioning and driving car.

In terms of material, Pro T98 X is still the same as last year's product line. The overall product is a large plastic block with a nice appearance but the finishing for a firm feel and the paired parts are relatively tight. In addition, black also helped T98 X to eat quite well with the dashboard on the car.

The included accessories include GPS navigation device, a USB cord for charging with different power sources, charging for Pro T98 X via car power, 16GB memory card, 1 Sim 4G and 1 security card. genuine carrier from Procam Vietnam.

Installation and use

Under the sole, the manufacturer has attached 4 adhesive tapes to attach to the car dashboard. This design does not allow the device to be attached to the mirror. Depending on the installation location, users can adjust the camera's rotation angle to achieve the best viewing angle.

T98 X uses a Mini USB connection instead of the usual microUSB or USB-C. Since this connection port is quite old, users will not be able to use the commonly used extension cord for Android smartphones / tablets in recent years. In return, the manufacturer has included wire in the box.

As with most models of cruise cameras, users will have to use a cable to attach the rear camera to the car. The connection cord is not too big but firm, ensuring both aesthetics and use. The length of the wire is also sufficient to use for 7-seat cars.

Experience the road

When the user presses the power button, T98 X will automatically open the screen up to start using. This is a pretty interesting mechanism, especially to attract the attention of small children when traveling with their parents.

Overall, the T98 X Procam's travel experience is almost no different from the Android-based cruise camera models. The interface is still optimized by the manufacturer into large icons, allowing users to easily activate familiar features such as viewing camera images, routing maps, turning on / off music …

The product also supports the familiar ADAS features for lane deviation alerts, distance reminders, vehicle tracking at parking spots, etc. The rear camera also supports reversing feature, with split line to measure approx. way. These features will definitely help a lot of drivers, especially those who use older models without built-in ADAS. However, these are also features that you can find on any of the 2019 Android camera models.

T98 X has a plus point compared to other products in the same segment is good display quality. Most current cruise cameras have medium quality screens, just enough for driving needs. T98 X has a sharp screen and bright colors, wide viewing angle. The device also runs the full Android platform and can run the Google Play application like any other Android device.

T98 X records Full HD 1080p video at the front and 720p HD behind. Video quality is very good: details, natural colors and smooth motion frames.

The device also adapts well to changing external lighting conditions. Video images are well-focused in backlit or night conditions.

Similar to other cruise cameras, the device will automatically delete old videos to record new videos when the memory card is full. If a collision is detected, the camera will automatically lock the video. The recorded image is also broken down every 2 minutes, allowing the driver to easily find the moment to watch.

Full Android experience

Thanks to the Android installation, T98 X can be used as a regular Android device. You can use T98 X for entertainment needs such as playing music, playing videos, hands-free conversations (Bluetooth), connecting to car systems … If you install a 3G / 4G SIM card, you can play Wi-Fi is for people who use cars and can also stream live on Facebook or other social networks.

The chip and Android version used on the camera are quite old (MediaTek MT6735, Android 5.1 – 2015). So, the Android experience on T98 X is only at a basic level. However, in the main function is the recording, the chip comes with 2GB RAM and enough to meet well. The device can record video simultaneously in both front / back cameras while simultaneously turning on the map at the same time without lagging problems.

T98 X is able to connect to the phone via the manufacturer's application. Users can also "live stream" the vehicle image from T98 X to a smartphone and can also use the smartphone to copy or view the video captured by T98 X without removing the camera from the stand.

About battery life, the battery on T98 X version remains the same as on T98 version with a capacity of 1500 mAh. When disconnecting the charger from the car, the machine only works for about 15 minutes, the device will run out of battery.


This year's T98 X version has more valuable upgrades than the old version. At a price of 5.9 million, T98 X Procam fully meets what users expect in a journey camera in the same price range: stable, easy to use and diverse features (via Android). Besides, hardware and design also have improvements, especially the display quality is better.

Not only satisfying the traditional features of cruise and navigation / positioning video, T98 X also has the ability to replace ADAS devices that are absent on older models and cheap cars. Android operating system brings many other features such as Wi-Fi playback via 4G, access to rich app store of Android and vehicle tracking via smartphone.

Significantly minus points on this product is the attached battery with low capacity, the file lock feature when colliding sometimes still confused when the car enters the squirrel and the image quality recorded by the rear camera needs improvement. than.

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+) The front camera is sharp, works well in all bright conditions.

+) Many smart features, replace ADAS.

+) Full Android installation.


-) Old Android version (5.1).

-) Battery life when not plugged in is quite weak.

-) The file lock feature when colliding sometimes gets confused when the car enters the squirrel.

-) Need to upgrade the quality of the rear camera.

Dao Truong

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