Review of Range Rover Autobiography: What is a luxury SUV?

Review of Range Rover Autobiography: What is a luxury SUV?

Range Rover Autobiography

Range Rover Autobiography is the best-selling luxury SUV in the world. In Vietnam, the car is receiving great attention from people interested in multi-purpose SUVs.

Range Rover Autobiography exterior

Compared to the old versions, the new Range Rover Autobiography car has not changed much in terms of overall design. Experts consider Range Rover Autobiography to be a very luxurious SUV. The car has a front bumper, side rims and shaping lines that bring many personality traits.

Range Rover Autobiography is equipped with standard 21-inch alloy wheels with 7-spoke dual ‘Style 7001’ wheels that have been finished with silver diamond polishing technology. LED Pixel headlight system for high resolution. All are silver-plated Atlas makes the car looks strong but also very luxurious and sophisticated.

Range Rover Autobiography interior

Range Rover Autobiography interior is upholstered in high quality leather. The seats are very smooth and comfortable with electric adjustment, heating, massage … Besides, the automatic air conditioning system to 4 zones allows cooling at each position. The equipment on sound and light is also extremely modern. All make up a luxurious and classy interior compartment.

Engine Range Rover Autobiography

The new Range Rover Autobiography offers the following engine options to suit your needs:

Supercharged V6 engine uses 3.0-liter petrol and produces 340PS of power, comes with an 8-speed automatic transmission.

Supercharged V8 engine uses petrol with 5.0 liter capacity of 525PS capacity, comes with 8-speed automatic transmission.

TDV6 engine uses DIESEL oil material with 3.0 liter for 258PS capacity, comes with 8-speed automatic transmission.

SDV8 engine uses DIESEL oil material with 4.4 liter for 339PS capacity, comes with 8-speed automatic transmission.

The above engines have the ability to help the car operate strongly and save fuel even when moving on the mountainous roads of our country.

Safety equipment Range Rover Autobiography

The latest Range Rover Autobiography possesses all modern safety features such as: Vehicle camera system; Features response and terrain control; …

Price of the latest Range Rover Autobiography currently on the market is about VND 11.5 billion. This is a relatively high price, so in Vietnam only the rich can afford.

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