Review of misconduct Senator Boisvenu asks Arbor to refuse

Review of misconduct Senator Boisvenu asks Arbor to refuse

Quebec senator Pierre-Hugues Boisvenu asked Louise Arbor to refuse the mission entrusted by the Trudeau government to examine the problem of sexual misconduct in the military and, thus, “preserve her reputation”.

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In a statement released on Tuesday, the senator said it is “unacceptable” that the former Supreme Court judge be called upon to address an issue that has already been thoroughly examined before the the Liberals came to power.

The review, led by the former Supreme Court judge Marie Deschamps, resulted in the Deschamps report in 2015. The former judge recommended, among other things, to set up an external structure to deal with complaints related to sexual misconduct .

Thus, Mr. Boisvenu asked Judge Louise Arbor to “show professionalism” and to refuse the mandate.

“Over the past 6 years, the government of Justin Trudeau has completely left victims of sexual assault to their fate, in particular by neglecting to enforce Judge Deschamps’ recommendations, including that of creating an independent accountability center. in matters of sexual harassment and sexual assault outside the CAF to deal with complaints, ”said Senator Boisvenu.

“In this sense, Judge Arbor, whose reputation extends beyond the borders of our country, cannot accept playing in this cynical parody since the victims were sacrificed to protect the image of the Prime Minister and that of his Minister of Defense. He continues.

Last week Defense Minister Harjit Sajjan commissioned Louise Arbor to lead an even broader review, which would cut across the Department of Defense as well as the Armed Forces.

The announcement has been met with anger and derision by opposition parties, who see it as an attempt to sweep under the rug the controversy surrounding the government’s handling of sexual misconduct in the military since February.

Pierre-Hugues Boisvenu was appointed senator in 2010 by the government of Stephen Harper.


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