Review of Bose SoundTouch 30 Series III speakers after 5 years of use: Still very delicious

Personally, I like Spotify so I use Spotify with this speaker.

It’s thanks to Spotify that I never touch the remote of this speaker. Because controlling it only needs to use the phone.

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Increase or decrease the volume or select music all can be used on the phone, very convenient.


The playlists I often listen to are regularly updated with new music by Spotify, so I can listen to music of the same genre but with new songs very often.

What I don’t like about SoundTouch 30 Series III


The first thing I don’t like is that in the display, the screen shows the full name of the music, the name of the singer, there is a clock, but when playing music, it does not show the clock.


So sometimes it’s hard to wake up in the middle of the night and want to know what time it is, I fix it by adding an LED clock, I’ve used a lot of LED clocks, I’ve broken a few, the black one in the picture is what I just bought for 139k.

The second dislike is that this speaker has a bit of excess bass at high volume.


If you open the volume to about 60 or more, the bass is very strong, overwhelming the mids and highs. The speaker is also distorted when opening about 80% of the volume.


Perhaps Bose they are also aware of the bass strength of the SoundTouch 30 Series III, so in the settings there is an section for you to adjust the bass, you can only reduce the bass, not increase it. ?

Fortunately, I always use this speaker at the maximum volume at 20-30%, mainly listening to it occasionally, so this problem of excess bass is not important to me.

The 3rd dislike is that the white/gray color gets stained easily over time too.


The top edge of my speaker has gradually turned gray over the years.


The front membrane in many places has been stained, the reasons are many, for example, when bathing with wet hands, pressing the speaker, water falling on it causes stains, children with dirty hands touch it, and so on.


Maybe if you buy it, you should buy black, it will probably be less dirty 😀

What I like about SoundTouchs 30 Series III


I really like the shortcut system, which helps me save 6 playlists or albums that I often listen to.


Love the full, diffuse sound of the SoundTouch 30.


I like it’s simple design, so I can put it anywhere 😀

Should you buy the Bose SoundTouch 3 Series III at this time?

This speaker model 5 years ago I bought 14.5 million, now I see a shop selling for 12.9 million, there is a shop selling 11.9 million, and there is also a shop selling for 14.5 million or even more.

I think the sound quality of this speaker is not worth the price of 14.5 million, so if you buy it at that price, I advise you to find another speaker.

However, if you buy it for about 10 million, I think you should buy it.



The keyboard shortcut system makes using the speaker simple and fast.


The sound quality is very good at less than 50% volume, the sound is very good.


If you use Spotify, you should buy it because it works very well with Spotify, save playlists, and customize it all. Control by phone without touching the remote etc and so on.


Currently, I am still using the speaker every day, every day at least 10 o’clock from 8 pm to 8 am, and I hope it will continue to serve me for many years to come.


namair@me.com (Nam Air)

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