Review Nissan Sunny 2015

After many years of use, users rated the old Nissan Sunny 2015 as economical but also had many disadvantages. So should I buy the old Sunny 2015?

The old Nissan Sunny 2015 is a B-class sedan and has become a competitor to models such as old Toyota Vios, Honda City, Hyundai Accent, … However, according to professional assessment, the 2015 Nissan Sunny has slightly weaker than strong competitors in the same segment. Here are the old Nissan Sunny 2015 reviews.

Introduction of Nissan Sunny 2015

The 2015 Nissan Sunny has been very successful in the international market, especially in Brazil and China. This compact sedan plays an important role in developing Nissan’s brand in the world market. 2015 Nissan Sunny was brought to Vietnam for assembly with the desire to make a new revolution in sales. However, here, Nissan Sunny 2015 has encountered many difficulties when faced with other famous brands such as Toyota, Honda, Hyundai, Mazda, …

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The old Nissan Sunny 2015 is considered to be quite durable, with little damage

To be more complete than before its competitors, Nissan Sunny has always renewed itself with upgrades from exterior, interior, and equipment. The old Nissan Sunny 2015 is evaluated to be perfect, impressive and has many changes compared to the old 2014 Nissan Sunny. After 3 years of appearing on the market so far, the old Nissan Sunny 2015 has gradually conquered many consumers by its simplicity but practicality, durable operation, less breakdown and affordable price.

Sunny exterior 2015

Judging from the exterior, the old Nissan Sunny 2015 is somewhat weaker than other competitors in the same segment. The old Nissan Sunny 2015 is designed with a simple appearance in a classic style, a bit old. However, that simplicity is very reasonable, harmonious and convenient towards middle-aged customers or likes simplicity.

The front of the car is uniquely designed with an X-shape with the car’s intake system and grille. The car’s grille is designed in an inverted trapezoidal border, the bars are made of metal. In the middle of the front part of the car is placed with a shiny chrome brand logo that looks very luxurious. The car’s air intake system is placed below with impressive caro-shaped spokes. The fog lights on the sides are designed to be eye-shaped.

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The headlights of the old Nissan Sunny 2015 are designed with a large size extending from the front of the car to the side of the car. However, the headlight system only uses halogen bulbs, so the light is not very good. This is a disadvantage of the old Nissan Sunny 2015 with rivals that make them somewhat classic and old.

The body of the car impresses the viewer in some outstanding details such as the rearview mirror, door handle, wheel, … Rearview mirrors on all versions integrate turn signals using LED lights. In the L and XL versions the door handles are the same color as the body while the XV and XV SE versions are plated with shiny chrome. The wheel system of the old Nissan Sunny 2015 is also designed in two different sizes. For the L and XL versions, the wheel size is 14 inches made of steel, the other 2 high-end versions are made of alloy material, 15 inches in size.

Exterior old Nissan Sunny 2015 is designed in a simple and traditional style

The rear part of the old Nissan Sunny 2015 is unchanged from the previous version. The rear lights are the most impressive detail in the rear of the car. The rear lights are designed with a light half-claw to the side of the car and a half at the rear, but not clinging to the trunk door like other models. With this design, the rear lights are evaluated by the user quite simply and classic. In addition, the old Nissan Sunny 2015 does not use reflective lights, so compared to its competitors, this is a weakness.

In general, Nissan Sunny 2015 image is relatively old and classic. The disadvantage of Nissan Sunny 2015 is that the painted surface of the car is thin, so after a while the color of the car no longer retains the original shade and is easily discolored, scratched and rusted. The exhaust neck of the car is located low so it is easy to be flooded when moving through puddles. The tire is small in size, so it is not in harmony with the whole and also causes a bit of noise when operating.

Sunny Furniture 2015

The old Nissan Sunny 2015 specifications for the length x width x height are 4,425 x 1,695 x 1,505mm and the wheelbase is 2,590mm. It can be seen that the size of the old Nissan Sunny 2015 is relatively large compared to its competitors, especially the largest wheelbase in the segment, creating a spacious and comfortable interior space. Interior Nissan Sunny 2015 is simply designed in harmony and very convenient.

The seat system in the standard version is upholstered in felt material while the premium version is upholstered in leather. The front seats of the old Nissan Sunny 2015 are designed in a bo shape to help hold the occupants feel very comfortable and sure. The rear seats are designed to be folded neatly to help the space in the rear trunk more spacious. However, the back seat has the disadvantage that the seat cushion is a bit short, so for those with long legs to sit will not be very comfortable.

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The car’s steering wheel is designed with a 3-spoke design but somewhat simple, classic, not as sporty and personality as some other competitors. On the steering wheel, there are a number of buttons to help users control the car, such as hands-free phone, volume up / down … In addition, the car is electrically powered and has a nod feature. Behind the steering wheel is a cluster of gauges displaying basic technical information of the vehicle while operating. With those parameters will help users capture speed, rpm, fuel consumption, km traveled …

The interior of the old Nissan Sunny 2015 is quite comfortable and easy to use

The interior details of the old Nissan Sunny 2015 are made of plastic and leather. However, the quality of some details is not very certain, so it is somewhat weaker than the competitors. The evaluation of the storage compartment on the car is quite small, thin, not deep, so it can hold a little and not sure. The air conditioning system of the old Nissan Sunny 2015 is designed in two independent zones and is more appreciated than the competition. Users can actively adjust the temperature and wind in the car, the cooling ability of the air conditioner is fast and deep.

The old Nissan Sunny 2015 is fully equipped with the company’s basic amenities. The standard version is equipped with a CD player while the high-end version is equipped with a touch DVD player with integrated GPS. In addition, on all versions there are USB ports, 3.5 jacks, MP3, … and a 4-speaker sound system (only the L version is equipped with 2 speakers), electric glass doors, rain wiper, …

Engine specifications Sunny 2015

The old Nissan Sunny 2015 is assembled in Vietnam using a gasoline engine system, 4 cylinders in line with a capacity of 1.5L. This engine system helps to create a maximum capacity of 99 horsepower and maximum torque of 134Nm. The old Nissan Sunny 2015 is equipped with two gearbox options: a 4-speed automatic and a 5-speed manual transmission.

Compared to its competitors, the engine power of the old Nissan Sunny 2015 is relatively low. But due to its light weight design and good traction ability, the 2015 Sunny’s performance is quite good. The slightly weak drag capacity is one of the performance limitations of the old 2015 Nissan Sunny.

Performance of the old Nissan Sunny 2015 is quite flexible

The car has quite good acceleration, especially when moving at high speed, the car operates well, compactly, firmly, stable, creating a sense of safety for the user. The car’s suspension system is hard, so when passing rough sections on asphalt roads is not smooth. But this is a strong point when the old Nissan Sunny 2015 moves on bad roads to create stability for the body if the car moves at high speed or suddenly changes direction.

Feel the old Nissan Sunny 2015 has the ability to operate flexibly and soundproof quite well. The ability to save fuel is considered economical compared to competitors in the same segment. The average fuel consumption is about 6.5-7 liters / 100km of the mixed road. However, according to some users, the old Nissan Sunny 2015 has a slightly higher fuel consumption than the published data. This is inevitable because after many years of use, the car may deteriorate, the engine system is no longer as powerful as new, so the more fuel consumption is understandable.

Should I buy a used 2015 Nissan Sunny?

Currently on the market for buying and selling used cars, the price of old Nissan Sunny 2015 cars sold ranges from 328 to 530 million VND. Depending on the vehicle’s version, the usage of the vehicle, the new condition of the vehicle, the price will be different. However, basically the price of the old Nissan Sunny 2015 sold is in the range of 400 million VND.

Review Nissan Sunny 2015 old Cheap but durable

Thus, if you have a need to buy a used car of about 400 million VND, the old Nissan Sunny 2015 is one of the suggestions that cannot be ignored. Because what is equipped on the old Nissan Sunny 2015 in terms of safety and comfort, they are completely worth it. However, the simple, aging exterior of the old 2015 Nissan Sunny is a limitation compared to other competitors. The old Nissan Sunny 2015 is suitable for middle-aged people or those who love simplicity, elegance, but comfort and ease of use. So, whether to buy the old 2015 Nissan Sunny or not will depend on your preferences and needs.

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