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Review Nikon D500 camera – VnReview

Before Nikon launched D500, most of its semi-professional models like D7000, D7100, and D7200 have not satisfied users yet, but the Nikon D500 has been evaluated as a competitor worthy of Canon 7D Mark II, at the same time. possesses many features equivalent to the professional Nikon D5 series.

Design and features

Unlike other DX cameras, the Nikon D500 is quite large in size, close to the Pro series cameras. So the first impression that the device offers is the feeling that it is a camera for professional photographers.

Nikon D500 is equipped with control keys and user interface quite similar to the D800: most of the buttons are arranged around the body, so you hardly have to enter the menu to set the parameters. . And although there are many buttons like that, you will not be confused when using. For example, the ISO adjustment key located in front of the capture key allows you to change the ISO using just one hand.

The Nikon D500 is an alternative to the D300, which Nikon stopped producing a few years ago. The Nikon D300 has a fast shutter speed and captures many different types of images but has a fairly narrow ISO range, with a maximum of ISO 3200. The D500 has the highest ISO level of up to 512,000, allowing you to take better photos under conditions dim light. Image noise is significantly limited and less noticeable.

The specifications of the D500 were also impressively upgraded by Nikon: Nikon's new focusing system has 153 focus points, of which 99 crossover points are effective and active in the dimly-lit environment to -4EV. Wide ISO range: from ISO 100 to 51,200 (extending from ISO 50 to ISO 1,640,000). New image sensor EXPEED 5 with 20.9MP DX-format CMOS resolution, 1.5 crop ratio. This is Nikon's first camera for the Crop line that can record 4K Ultra High Definition video (UHD) with electronic anti-shake and smooth auto ISO technology, capable of continuous shooting of 10fps with up to 79 shots in 14bit RAW format, connect to smartphone using Bluetooth / NFC. The device supports two memory card formats: XQD and SD.

The Nikon D500 is also one of Nikon's first cameras that uses SnapBridge wireless communication, connected to a built-in Bluetooth / NFC mobile device, with a phone app that lets you take photos and upload to smartphones and share straight to social networks. This technology also automatically transfers location data on the phone to the EXIF ​​data of the image.

The body is made of light and durable magnesium alloy with weather resistance. The 3.2-inch LCD touch screen of the machine can flip vertically similar to D750, the screen resolution up to 2.4 million pixels as on mobile devices makes it easy to select the AF point, select the weight point directly in white while in Live View mode, choose the settings to take pictures, zoom … The screen can display quite well in the morning.

Nikon D500

Nikon D500 allows high quality video recording with 3-axis electronic anti-shake technology to eliminate shake and shake when recording video. According to Nikon, this feature can work with any type of lens, but if combined with Nikon's anti-vibration VR lenses, this feature will work more efficiently with vibration resistance. 5 axes are similar to those on mirrorless models. D500 is also equipped with the ability to record video in time-lapse format. This feature allows you to record 4K videos in time-lapse format and ISO automatically adjusts during video recording. It also has a jack for external microphone and headphone jack for audio monitoring. The camera also allows users to view photo information for more convenient processing of images, viewing special notifications on the screen and the ability to control aperture allowing you to select and change the aperture immediately. in movie mode, however, you cannot zoom in loud or customize focus while shooting.

The features of the D500 are optimized for focus and fast shooting. The D500's viewfinder allows 100% viewing of the frame with unlimited viewing angles. It is also equipped with a 153-point autofocus system, similar to the Nikon D5 professional model. With cross-type 99-point cross-focusing, you can easily focus in any lighting condition and with any subject, plus the ability to focus in phase "Auto AF Fine-Tune" for lets you easily control focus via the live-view screen. Like the D5 series, the D500's custom focus system supports two parameters to customize in accordance with usage habits, allowing users to customize each specific movement of the subject to capture.

Although it is a semi-professional machine, the Nikon D500 is also equipped with the same EXPEED 5 image processor on D5, so it can shoot at 10fps with 200 images in RAW format, very suitable for taking photos sports and high-speed photography. Therefore, D500 is considered to be Nikon's leading DX model.

The Nikon D500 uses the MB-D17 battery, which is also used on the Nikon D750, D810, and D7200, allowing you to capture up to 1240 images of CIPA standard.

Accustomed flash users will feel inadequate when the D500 is not equipped with this light, instead it is compatible with all removable flashes.


According to the evaluation of the page Imaging Resource, Nikon D500 has impressive image quality, both at low and high ISO, high-contrast scenes or low-light scenes.

Touch screen and Live View mode

The Nikon D500's touch screen allows you to move your finger on the focus points to quickly select the points you want to focus on. However, some features of the device are not supported with this touch screen control, for example, the system's menu settings system is not compatible with the touch screen, so you must use a joystick or buttons Click to perform the installation. Also, when you press the "Info" button on the back of the camera, the screen will show a lot of shooting options, but you cannot press and choose with the touch screen.

The Live View experience on the D500 is very good. The device recognizes focus points very accurately and quickly. As soon as you click your finger to select the focus object on the screen, the machine will immediately change the focus area accordingly.

Focus system

The Nikon D500's 153-point focusing system is an impressive number for DSLR cameras that are only available on professional models. The new Multi-CAM 20K focus sensor module is also found on the Nikon D5 series.

Focus point system of Nikon D500. Photo: Imaging Resource

Nikon D500 focus very well, fast and accurate. It offers many focus modes, suitable for many different shooting situations.

When shooting a small object, or a small part of a large object, for example a bird's eye or a car's headlight, the dynamic focus mode works very well. You just need to select a focus point and the camera will automatically track your subject if the subject moves. When capturing a large subject, the focus mode will always keep your subject in focus. 3D focus mode is also quite impressive, although sometimes the background is not clear, the camera is misaligned.

Low light shooting

Although only using an APS-C sensor, the Nikon D500 has almost no trouble shooting in low light.

(Nikon 200-500 f / 5.6E ED VR AF-S lens), f / 5.6, 1 / 1600s, ISO 3600. Photo: Imaging Resource

100% crop image from RAW image file. (Imaging Resource)

In the above photos, even at ISO 3600, the D500 captures very fine details. 100% crop image although noise is visible but the contrast and color of the image is still good.

Nikon 200-500 f / 5.6E ED VR AF-S lens), f / 5.6, 1 / 500s, ISO 9000. Photo: Imaging Resource

100% crop image from RAW image file

With the ISO 9000 image as well, the image has noise but still shows the details of the subject.

Night shooting

Nikon D500 is ideal for night photography, although it is only an APS-C camera. The quality of night photography of D500 is completely comparable to that of professional models. In particular, the Live View screen allows you to zoom to a distant star and lock focus. The system's joystick system also glows in the night, making it easy for the photographer to select the buttons.


In general, Nikon D500 is rated by most photographers and sites for its high performance and features, especially when this model is only a semi-professional model, but the quality is equally professional. If you are looking for a good camera that is compact and soft, then this is a reasonable choice.


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