Review MSI Vigor GK60 and Clutch GM50 mouse keyboard combos: Satisfied, not satisfied – VnReview

<pre>Review MSI Vigor GK60 and Clutch GM50 mouse keyboard combos: Satisfied, not satisfied - VnReview

Aiming at popular gamers, MSI Vigor GK60 and Clutch GM50 focus on providing core features and experience, which are enough to meet the demand but at the same time do not put too much pressure on the "purse" of friend.

MSI is a gaming hardware brand that is no stranger to international gamers in general and Vietnam in particular. Laptops, motherboards and graphics cards are what made MSI's name famous, but like other gaming hardware brands, MSI is working hard to expand its "territory" with gaming gear. stretches across many segments.

Vigor GK60 mechanical keyboard and Clutch GM50 mouse are two of the typical gaming gear products in MSI's popular segment. At a price of about 3.3 million VND, this combo is aimed at gamers who do not need to be so big as professionals but still have certain expectations on design and features, as well as experience. better than the cheap products available in the market.

Design: strong but no less delicate

The first impression of the box of the two products is that they all have a subtle red-white tone which has become familiar to MSI. While the front is the large render image of the product inside the box, on the back and the sides of the product box are the main information. Vigor GK60 has only one version using Cherry MX Red switch.

Inside the box are the usual accessories. While the Clutch GM50 mouse only has a user manual, the Vigor GK60 comes with an extra WASD keycap to replace the built-in metal keycap assembly when there is no need for a game and an o-ring keycap. . It would be better if MSI equipped the keycap, because using o-rings would scratch the two sides of the keycap, maybe this is a way for MSI to save some cost.

Overall, the Vigor GK60 and Clutch GM50 carry the same design as what you would expect from a gaming gear product: strong and bold gamer.

Vigor GK60 mechanical keyboard

Vigor GK60 is designed according to the standard layout 104 keys ANSI, without separate media keys, so the size is neat, not taking up too much area on the table. The weight of 1.05 kg can be a bit difficult when carrying along with the person, partly because the surface of the keyboard is made of aluminum but in return, this keyboard is firmly on the table, not moved. when manipulating.

The key surface is silver in color, made from scratched aluminum material that is well-finished, eye-catching and at the same time anti-fouling effectively. The owner of the Corsair K70 Mk.2 Low Profile keyboard also has a scratched aluminum key surface but black is easy to attach to fingerprints and sweat, so this is where MSI did better than expected.

The top right corner of the keyboard is a cluster of three LED indicators for Numlock, Capslock and Windows Lock, and MSI's dragon logo seems to be painted so it will be difficult to avoid peeling or discoloration for a long time. .

Keycap of Vigor GK60 is made from popular ABS plastic, not PBT, so it will stick to sweat and be shiny when used after a long time. The characters are engraved with lasers, not double-shot, so the letters will be eroded, leading to the phenomenon of flying letters. If possible, you should replace the default key of Vigor GK60. With this keyboard using a Cherry MX Red switch, finding an alternate keycap would not be too difficult.

Vigor GK60's font is designed in a gaming style, sturdy and slightly colorful but slightly smaller than usual. Individual writers do not need to look at the typeface when using it, but if the font size is a bit larger, it may be easier to see and look more beautiful because the LED lights pass more.

The profile keycap of the keyboard is called an OEM profile, which is very popular so users can get used to it easily. Keycap is designed to float (floating) to increase gaming sharpness, but in return dirt will be easier to penetrate and LED lights will be spilled out of keycap, someone will like it, or not.

Without separate media keys, Vigor GK60 still supports media control via Fn key. You can play, pause, rewind, increase or decrease the volume, … and change the LED mode without software.

MSI's "Gaming base"

Flip down and down, there are two points that we need to note is that MSI deliberately designed the center section of the raised cut so that users could wire other components such as the mouse and earphones more neatly. , and 5 large size rubber soles with a dedicated keyboard base, which MSI calls "Gaming Base". However, in fact, Gaming Base is basically just adding a fulcrum for the extra rugged keyboard to use. Also, unfortunately, the keyboard's lift has only one step, and it's slightly higher than the writer's preference.

The Vigor GK60's connection is a seamless wire, and it not only "thins rice" more than usual, MSI also does not cover this wire to increase durability, so users should pay attention to not break the wire. implicit. The anti-jamming department – which is commonly found on low-cost keyboards – doesn't appear, but in return, the USB connector is gold-plated, won't rust due to oxidation over time.

Mouse Clutch GM50

In terms of design form, the Clutch GM50 has ergonomic design. This design makes the process more comfortable, but it is only for right-handed people.

Overall, Clutch GM50 looks at the eye level with a moderately long taper, not too "blooming" but still retaining the gamer. The size (long, wide, high) of the mouse is 120x67x42mm, fitting, not too big, not too small, while weighing 87g (excluding cables) can be considered moderate.

The surface cover of the mouse body is made of plastic, matte (matte) against good fingerprints. Besides the indispensable dragon logo, the Clutch GM50 has a unique U-shaped LED strip. The Clutch GM50's finishing quality is commensurate with the price range, when the seams are tightened, without feeling rickety when held.

The two sides of the mouse are attached with two rough rubber pieces to increase the anti-slip ability when the hand is wet. Based on the placement of these two pieces of rubber, the Clutch GM50 is suitable for palm-grip users (the entire palm rests on the back of the mouse, the index finger and middle finger stretch straight, while the thumb , youngest and youngest tend to lean on the sides to hug the body of the mouse. Above the rubber pad are two macro keys, the default is forward / backward, but you can assign another function to it via the software.

The mouse wheel wheel section comes with an LED strip, and like the dragon logo and U-shaped strip, you can customize their color via software. Beneath the wheel is a single button that changes DPI, users can combine with other keys to change the brightness modes of the LED array instantly. Individuals like to have two DPI increase and decrease buttons just like the Durgod V95s, so users can actively change depending on their game. Another disadvantage is that this DPI button does not have a notification LED, so we will not know what the current DPI is.

Clutch GM50 connection cord is almost "twin brother" with Vigor GK60 keyboard, when it is similar in length and not protected, it is also gold-plated with USB connector, only it is different even "thin rice" more.

Underneath, two mouse feet of the large Clutch GM50, MSI sacrificed part of the dragon logo to make room for these mouse feet, an action "welcome".

Hardware, good experience in price range

Vigor GK60 keyboard only has a single version using Cherry MX Red switch (switch) of the famous manufacturer from Cherry Germany with a lifetime of up to 50 million clicks. Perhaps it would be better if MSI equipped at least three basic switches, Red, Blue and Brown, for users to choose from, but after all, this keyboard is still aimed at gamers, and Red switch is still The best choice with short key stroke, convenient for quick operation.

Regarding the Vigor GK60's sense of typing, there is nothing worth complaining about or criticizing. Smooth key strokes are between the keys, the low typing noise is Cherry MX Red's features. Spacers using Cherry Stabilizer help to remove / install these keys more easily, but in exchange for a sense of typing will be "soft". Gaming Base really has support for keystrokes, but it doesn't improve the typing experience.

Meanwhile, the Clutch GM50 mouse uses a switch from the famous Omron brand with a lifespan of up to 20 million clicks, but re-reading the PMW-3330 is less well-known in the market. With a maximum DPI of 7200, the Clutch GM50 still has enough "weight" for all kinds of different resolutions at the present time, and the product also has many DPI options ranging from 400, 800, 1600, 3200, 6400 and 7200. .

The feeling of mouse, mouse click is comfortable and accurate when trying with a few League of Legends and Counter Strike: Global Offensive games, but only the sound when clicking is a bit loud, enough to cause discomfort to the people around. Quiet office environment, but this is not a big problem for gamers.

Bright LED lights, customizable software for use

To further refine the features, MSI has its own software called Gaming Center, and this software supports both Vigor GK60 and Clutch GM50 products. Simple software interface with mainstream red and black tones, high visualization. If you have many MSI gaming hardware products, you can also synchronize LED lights through the Mystic Light software.

While the Vigor GK60 keyboard only has customizations related to LED mode, the Clutch GM50 mouse is more customizable with 3 profiles, allowing you to tweak many things, from LED mode, brightness, DPI. until changing key functions, assigning macros.

Both products have good LED lighting, sparkling in the dark room. While the Vigor GK60 keyboard is only red in color, the Clutch GM50 mouse supports RGB but the color options are not much. Personally, the writer does not really care about the LED or RGB mode numbers, just if it is bright enough to work or play games at night is fine.

Summary: Good overall, but competition is very fierce

Overall, the Vigor GK60 and Clutch GM50 are products that match the amount of 3.3 million VND spent. This is not much of a cost for a gaming mouse combo and mechanical gaming keyboard, but obviously not much. The experience that this duo brings is definitely better than floating products with few names, but when the competition in the gaming gear market is becoming very fierce, MSI needs to understand that the product is just good. enough.

Users want to see their own imprints, which are missing Vigor GK60 and Clutch GM50. The points that this duo does well, in the market, are not rare other products that can do the same thing.

Hoan Dang


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