Review Mercedes Maybach S650: Beautiful luxury, class

Review Mercedes Maybach S650: Beautiful luxury, class

Super sedan Mercedes Maybach S650

Maybach S650 – the most advanced car that fully conveys the technological quintessence of the Mercedes brand currently receives much appreciation from car enthusiasts.

Exterior New Mercedes Maybach S650

Luxury cars of the Mercedes-Benz manufacturer are always impressed by the luxurious appearance, class and the new Maybach S650 is no exception. The car is designed with a sporty style, but it is not pitiful and quite elegant.

The body of the car has curved lines that are lightly extinguished and lasted until the rear, making the car more flexible. The most special feature of the Mercedes Maybach S650 is the 20-inch lazang that is just enough to create a sporty and healthy feel but does not lose its elegant beauty. This is the difference of Mercedes Maybach models compared to other models.

Mercedes-Maybach S 650 degrees Brabus

furniture New Mercedes Maybach S650

The new Mercedes Maybach S650 is invested and equipped with a very luxurious and luxurious interior compartment. Maybach S650 is a competitor that makes other cars can not be ignored.

The new Maybach S650 has a very spacious interior compartment that makes users always feel comfortable when sitting in it. However, the most impressive thing lies in the internal equipment. The car interior has up to 64 colors with 10 color schemes customized according to extremely diverse temperatures.

Maybach S650 is invested in detail by Mercedes-Benz manufacturer. Typically, the tiles are polished Lacquer Piano wood with embossed, aluminum and high-quality leather. Besides, the equipment and facilities of the car are also the most advanced, ensuring best meet the needs of users.

New Mercedes Maybach S650 engine

The new Maybach S650 uses a V12 petrol engine with a capacity of 5 liters combined and a 7G-TRONIC PLUS 7-speed automatic transmission. This motor produces a maximum power of 630Hp, along with the maximum torque of 1,000Nm. Maybach S650 specifications are rated as excellent. In addition, luxury car S650 also gives the ability to accelerate from 0km to 100km / h in just 4.7 seconds and reaches a maximum speed of 250km / h.

Safety equipment New Mercedes Maybach S650

The new Mercedes Maybach S650 is always the first car in the field of additions and perfection in terms of safety equipment to meet the maximum needs of customers. This is also what brings success and prestige to the Maybach S650 2019. Therefore, customers are completely assured to accompany the new Maybach S650 on every journey.

Thus, with a beautiful design, powerful engine and a range of modern and advanced equipment for interior as well as safety systems, the new Mercedes Maybach S650 from Germany is truly a super. Expensive products are worth the money.

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