Review LG AI DD 10.5kg horizontal washing machine: worth every penny - VnReview

Review LG AI DD 10.5kg horizontal washing machine: worth every penny – VnReview

The price is slightly higher than other horizontal cage washing machines on the market but in return, LG’s new horizontal drum washing machine is really worth every penny.

LG AI DD is a line of horizontal cage washing machines launched at the end of 2020 of the Korean technology company with the emphasis on integrating artificial intelligence (AI) to assist in making the right washing cycle. LG AI DD washing machine line currently has 12 different washing machine models with washing weight from 8.5kg to 10.5kg, including some products with additional drying function.

VnReview product used in this review is LG AI DD FV1450S2B model with a washing weight of 8.5 kg for families of 5-6 people or more and without drying function. The listed price of the product is 19.99 million dong, but the actual price in many stores is several million dong cheaper depending on the place of sale.

LG AI DD FV1450S2B is a bit more expensive than many other horizontal cage washing machines but in return, this washing machine has superior design and finishing quality compared to cheaper machines. In the field tests, the product proves its ability to handle stains especially effectively, save electricity and water, and also conveniently control via phone.

Design: modern flat design, good materials

LG AI DD FV1450S2B has a square and flat design according to the trend of modern washing machines today. The most striking detail in the design of this washing machine is the addition of flat tempered glass over the recess of the washer door. Most horizontal cage washing machines today do not have this second layer of glass.

The machine has a flat design, modern design

Not only brings a flat design to the front of the washing machine, the tempered glass outside the washing door also works to reduce noise and prevent the washing door surface from getting too hot when washing in hot water mode, ensuring safety. Safe for children when accidentally touched.

Two-layer laundry door.

Case and drum are thickened and sturdy with stainless steel material. In particular, the whole LG AI DD FV1450S2B washing bucket is also made of stainless steel, unlike many other brands that often use plastic for the lift bar inside the drum.

The whole drum and lift bar are made of stainless steel.

The dashboard area is also flat designed to match the overall design of the machine. Bilingual description washing programs in Vietnamese and English, controlled by stepless rotary knob. To the right of the control panel there are additional touch buttons to adjust temperature, spin speed, steam, prewash and add neglected laundry. The washing time countdown screen is also large, bright and clear.

Control panel area.

The machine has a total of 14 washing programs. In addition to the familiar washing programs such as cotton laundry, mixed laundry, light wash, quick wash and steam wash, this washing machine also has a number of specialized features such as wool, delicate laundry, and items. sports and bed sheets. In particular, LG also includes a feature that many families will definitely need TurboWash – which helps shorten the time of many washing programs.

The circuit board is coated with water and moisture resistant glue.

Not only the outside, the details inside this washing machine also show that LG has perfected the product very carefully. The main circuit board of the washing machine and the display control board are glued on both sides to resist water and moisture, as well as insects or geckos crawling into the fire.

The concrete blocks that prevent the washing machine’s vibration are wrapped in plastic.

Concrete blocks used to prevent vibrations for the washing bucket are also covered with plastic, not bare like on Electrolux washing machines or some other brands. Three indentations under the drum are also made of a solid metal core.

Tub supports are made of metal.

AI technology and phone control

An interesting feature in this washing machine is that AI DD uses sensors to detect the weight and material of the laundry to provide the optimal washing cycle including washing movement, temperature and proper washing time to help ensure that better fiber protection.

During the actual washing process, we found that this LG washer will turn the drum one or two times slowly before rinsing water and when running the wash cycle. This is the act of having the washing machine analyze the washing weight and fabric softness in the drum to adjust the washing cycle accordingly. According to the announcement of LG, this company has integrated 20,000 data on the washing machine usage habits so that the AI ​​DD washing machine can automatically compare and offer the optimal washing mode for each fabric.

Besides AI feature, this washing machine can also be controlled by phone via the ThinQ app. The ThinQ application currently supports both the most popular operating systems, iOS and Android. After downloading the app to your phone, you can connect the washing machine to your phone via Wi-Fi for control.

The washing machine can be controlled remotely by phone with the same functions as on the control panel.

The ThinQ application has the same functions as the control panel on the washing machine. In addition, users can also load many other custom-optimized washing modes that are not available on other washing machines on the market such as the noise reduction, fruit and food stain treatment, bear sleeves and cuffs … Once washing is finished, the washing machine sends a notification to the application to let the user know.

Practical use: effectively treat stains, noise, electricity and water consumption

The heart of LG AI DD FV1450S2B washing machine is the direct drive motor. Unlike washing machines that drive indirectly via belt, the motor on LG washing machine is attached directly to the drum, when the motor rotates, the drum also rotates. Thanks to the homogeneous structure from the motor to the drum, the washing machine has a high spin speed, less noise and also less vibration than a washer that uses a belt drive motor.

Direct drive motor images of LG AI DD washing machine

Specifically, this washing machine has a maximum spin speed of up to 1400 rpm, while the maximum spin speed on machines using an indirect drive motor is usually only 1200 rpm. In addition, the LG AI DD FV1450S2B also has up to 4 nozzles that flush water into the tub from all directions, while many other washing machines only have 1 sprinkler of water in the tub.

In fact, we once compared the LG AI DD FV1450S2B washing machine to a similar washing machine using a belt drive motor from another manufacturer. As a result, the LG washing machine proved to be superior in most of the tests, ranging from stain cleaning efficiency, drying to noise level, and electricity and water consumption.

Clean effect: we challenged this washing machine with what can be said harsh test: smear with soy sauce, chili sauce and coffee water (instant coffee) on multiple positions of the white shirt including the Difficult positions such as collar, wrists, pockets, armpits and bodice. Then, we let the smeared shirt dry, put it together with other clean clothes and wash in 60 degrees hot water.

The shirt is smeared in many places with soy sauce, coffee, and chili sauce.

Stains are removed after washing with 60 degree C hot water.

As a result, the white shirt has been cleaned for all the smeared spots and the white shirt color is back. In addition, with the spin speed of up to 1400 rpm, the washing speed in normal batches is also squeezed dry, and the clothes are not twisted together.

Water and electricity consumption: We tested the water consumption of a complete load on default mode (Cotton mode) with a dry weight of 3.5 kg. After the entire washing cycle, this washing machine uses 87 liters of water.

LG washing machines (right) use 87 liters of water per batch in default mode.

In terms of electricity consumption, we measured the batches in the normal wash mode with cold water and the hot water wash mode 60 degrees C. Specifically, in the normal wash mode (Cotton mode) with cold water, the This washing uses up 0.112 numbers (KW). Also in the wash mode with hot water of 60 degrees Celsius, the machine consumes 0.582 of electricity for a batch of washing.

The power consumption of a load is in the default mode (Cotton mode).

Electricity consumption of a batch of 60 degree C hot water wash.

Calculated, the operating cost of LG AI DD FV1450S2B is only about 780 VND (calculated according to the price of domestic water at the highest level is 8,700 VND / m3), 300 VND for electricity (based on the price of electricity for living in the highest level – 2,927 VND / number of electricity) for a batch of cold water washing and nearly 1,800 VND for a batch of 60 degree C hot water washing. Thus, if each family wash about 360 batches of normal laundry with cold water each the year, the cost for electricity and water is about 370,000 VND. This cost will increase for families who often wash in hot water.

About noise level, LG AI DD FV1450S2B also produces quite good results in this respect. In the wash rinse and tumble cycle, the noise recorded was about 48dB. And at the highest spin cycle, the noise increases by more than 57dB (normal talk noise level is 60dB), much quieter than washing machines using indirect drive motors.

Noise measured in the highest spin cycle


Through what is shown, LG AI DD shows that this is a well-designed washing machine with perfect finish and effective stain cleaning ability. Operating costs are also very economical and can also be controlled by phone. The price of the product is higher than some products from other manufacturers but this is clearly the investment worthwhile.


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