Review LG 2018 grams: still super thin light and buffalo battery, stronger and higher price - VnReview

Review LG 2018 grams: still super thin light and buffalo battery, stronger and higher price – VnReview

The LG 2018 laptop model continues to impress by its slim and most compact design, which is the ultra-light weight of the previous generation, and has great improvements in performance, the ability to upgrade hardware and standard durability. military.

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Officially entering the Vietnamese laptop market since last year with the 2017 gram generation, LG has made a big sound thanks to its extremely light weight advantage, less than 1 Kg on its laptop models. With the 2018 gram generation, LG continues to emphasize on high mobility, while enhancing durability to military standards MIL-ST-810, updating new configurations and adding more flexible hardware upgrade capabilities.

In this review, VnReview uses a 14-inch LG gram, codenamed 14ZD980-G.AX52A5 with a reference price of VND 28 million.

Outstanding design, more eye-catching, durability is raised to military standards

The design of the 2018 gram is not too different from the 2017 generation. Right from the box, the packaging of the product or the accompanying accessories is similar to the predecessor generation. Whether it is a white or silver gray version, the gram is still put in a box with outstanding white tones. The accessory comes with a charger and has a cable that converts from the USB Type C to the LAN port because this thin and light laptop has removed the traditional wired network port.

2018 Lg gram with more outstanding style thanks to the logo is transferred between the lid

White version looks more soft and attractive, very suitable for female users

The accessory comes with a charger and a cable from the USB Type C port to the LAN port

LG 2018 gram is still impressive with light weight, compact size, weighs less than 1Kg for the 14-inch version. Anyone holding a gram on their hands must be surprised at the surprisingly light weight of this laptop. It is not difficult to hold the phone with one hand for a long time. The hinge of the gram is solid, allowing the screen to be opened with one hand easily and with the option to open the screen to turn it on. However, the paired parts in this area are not very meticulously processed, still can see the gaps.

The white version of the 2018 gram proved particularly suitable for female users thanks to the white color combination from the lid, the bottom of the machine to the keyboard area, the projector rested on hand. White color combined with slim design makes the gram look more soft and attractive. If only LG made the screen border also white and cardboard with the case, then the gram will stand out even more. Of course, the white version will be slightly stained but thanks to the easy-to-clean material, just use a damp cloth to gently wipe it clean.

LG is still loyal to the use of magnesium carbon alloy material that feels a bit like plastic when touching though it is still very sturdy and sturdy. Many endurance tests have shown that the gram is really durable and can withstand strong bumps. According to LG, the 2018 gram version was also improved and achieved military standard MIL-ST-810 durability after passing 7 tests on shock, impact, low pressure, high / low temperature, dust. , shaking or hoarfrost.

LG 2018 gram is still impressive with light weight, compact size, weighs less than 1Kg for the 14-inch version and can completely hold the camera with one hand for a long time with no difficulty.

The durability of the 2018 gram is raised to MIL-ST-810 military standard with the ability to withstand shock, impact, low pressure, high / low temperature, dust, vibration or hoarfrost.

If in the 2017 version, the lid of the gram looks a bit "sad" and monotonous because there is only one LG logo with a modest size placed in the corner, with the 2018 version, this laptop has caused much more attention. with gram logo set prominently in the center.

The placing of this new logo will help the gram to be more recognizable, like the way Apple put the Apple logo on their Macbook.

The connection ports of the 2018 gram remain the same as the 2017 version with 2 USB 3.0 ports, 1 USB Type C port supports image, audio, battery charging, data transfer, 1 HDMI port and 1 microSD card slot .

Some 2018 gram models will have a fingerprint reader integrated directly into the power button, but with the 14ZD980-G.AX52A5 version that we experienced in this article, that feature is not yet equipped.

Along with extremely light weight, the thinness of the gram also gives a good impression with the thickest point of only 16.5mm

The connection ports are relatively complete but unfortunately the device still uses the standard microSD card reader less commonly used

The USB Type C port on the 2018 gram still allows images, sound, and battery charging to be output besides normal data transfer

Overall, the design of LG 2018 gram impresses well with its slim, light weight design, while ensuring ruggedness. New style logo makes the machine more eye-catching and outstanding. The number of connectors is just enough to meet most basic needs, but the price as LG switched from microSD card slot to SD is more useful. Because microSD cards are mainly used on smartphones, there is little need to disassemble and SD cards are very popular on current cameras and often need to be unplugged to retrieve data.

Screen, sound are improved quality, webcam location is more reasonable

The screen of the 2017 gram has made a good impression with high brightness, clarity, bright colors and on 2018 grams this continues to be promoted. 14-inch screen, Full HD resolution, IPS panel with slim border for airy display area. LG said the 2018 grams could reproduce 96% of the sRGB color range and the fact that the new generation's color temperature is also warmer, closer to the standard color than the cold-toned version of 2017. Users can also reset the heat. Screen colors as desired in the built-in LG Control Center application suite.

The screen is closer to the standard color, the color temperature is warmer

Screen color thermostat can be tweaked in LG Control Center software

The maximum screen aperture of grams is about 140 degrees, which is quite comfortable to get the right viewing angle in many usage situations. The machine uses a mirror screen to make the image brighter and clearer, but also comes with a glossy phenomenon, especially in a bright environment. Another note is that the gram versions in Vietnam do not have touch screen options.

With the 2018 version, the screen of the gram still has Reader Mode similar to the blue light filter on smartphones today and can be activated quickly with Fn + F9 key combination. This mode automatically switches the screen to gold tones, reduces screen brightness, is suitable for working in the night, reducing dazzling phenomena, eye strain. Unfortunately, Daylight Mode, which lights up the screen for outdoor use or when there is a strong light source, is no longer available.

Larger size speaker with bigger, clearer volume

DTS Sound tool kit allows fine-tuning sound effects for both external speakers and headphones

In terms of sound, the new point is that the speaker pair of grams has been made more prominent, larger in size. Thanks to that, the sound quality is better. The volume is large, clear and thicker. Machine continues to equip DTS Audio tool to enhance sound quality, suitable for listening to music, watching movies, playing games to help sound bigger, simulate surround sound, create 3D sound effects, enhance sound bass …

Another improved detail is that the webcam section has been repositioned at the edge of the screen instead of in the "horrendous" part of the 2017 version, making video chatting more convenient and easy instead of I saw my chin because of the angle from the bottom of the previous generation.

The webcam has moved from the hinge to the familiar edge of the screen

The keyboard has a higher bounce, and the touchpad supports Microsoft Precision drivers

Keyboard and mouse touchpad touchpad of the 2018 gram remains the style of the 2017 version. Although light and thin, the chiclet keyboard of the 2018 gram still feels good typing, the bounce is higher than the 2017 version, without the phenomenon of subsidence ( flex) too much for fast typing, less errors.

Keyboard has better bouncing than the 2017 generation

Full-size buttons with full size, navigation keys are also separated with large size for easy operation. Smooth sanding surface, spacious key distance, friendly key layout, easy to get used to. The font on each key is printed clearly and sharp. A bright 2-level backlight keyboard makes it convenient to work at night without turning on the desk lamp.

The keyboard backlight is arranged more evenly and brighter

The quick setup keys are directly integrated into the row of F keys with prominent orange icons, easy to observe. Users can still choose to use immediately without keeping adding Fn keys through the settings from the LG Control Center software (quick activation with Fn + F1 key).

LG Control Center provides many useful functions such as opening the lid and turning on the machine, without pressing additional power buttons through the Instant Booting option. Combining this feature with the screen close is automatically Sleep, the startup or shutdown of grams is really convenient. In addition, this tool also provides other useful settings such as screen color thermostat, USB Charge Setting (allows USB charging port for peripherals such as smartphones, smartband … even when shutdown ), check battery status, battery charging limit to 80% to limit battery bottles …

LG Control Center toolkit continues to bring many useful customizations

The mouse drag table of the 2018 gram is large in size, spacious, high sensitivity, smooth surface covered with glass for a smooth, comfortable, accurate mouse movement. What's new is the touchpad of the 2018 gram has supported Microsoft Precision driver so the multi-point operation is much smoother, especially when zooming in, minimizing the web page with Chrome browser or applications available on Windows like Edge browser and photo viewer Photos.

Touchpad supports Microsoft Precision drivers for multi-point operation and smoother zooming

Improved performance, has allowed the installation of more RAM, SSD

LG 201 gram still has 4 versions from 13.3 inch to 15.6 inch like 2017 with the starting price from 27.5 million for 13.3 inch version, Full HD screen, IPS, Core i5 8250U CPU, Intel UHD GPU Graphics 620, 8GB DDR4 RAM, 256 GB SSD drive. Details of the configuration of each version, readers can refer to the table below.

With the configuration of Intel Core i5 8250U processor, 8GB of 2400MHz DDR4 RAM, 256GB M.2 SATA3 hard drive, integrated Intel UHD Graphics 620 graphics card, in the real experience of 2018 LG gram for smooth, smooth performance but in most tasks.

The new Intel Core i5 8250U processor helps 2018 grams run much smoother

Notable points in the configuration of the 2018 gram in addition to being equipped with Intel Core i5 8250U processor of Intel's new generation, there are 2 RAM slots and 2 SSD slots, allowing users to upgrade more Hard into RAM Dual Channel DDR4 and Dual SSD to improve performance. This is one of the rare thin and light laptops on the market that allows users to upgrade RAM and SSD. One note is that version 14ZD980-G.AX52A5 has not been preinstalled with Windows. Users can choose the 14Z980-G.AH52A5 to have Windows 10 Home (64bit) and fingerprint sensor integrated into the power button with a price difference of 3.5 million.

The Intel Core i5-8250U processor itself is also a significant upgrade due to its four real cores (1.60 GHz, 6 MB clock, 3.40 GHz SmartCache, Turbo Boots), compared to only 2 cores of the Intel Core i generation. 7 (Kaby Lake) before that. Thus, 2018 grams for better performance than the 2017 generation. All operations from opening applications, browsing Chrome with about 30 tabs, along with that is processing images in Photoshop, Lightroom are handled well, little The phenomenon of bottlenecks like the 2017 version. The video editing of Full HD resolution with Premiere Pro with Full Playback level is also smooth and smooth.

Of course, because there is no discrete graphics card, so the ability to play games, the 2018 gram still stops at the basic level, meeting gentle games like League of Legends, Fifa Online 3 at the middle setting level. vase, low. Gram 2018 proved to be more suitable for ported mobile games on Windows Store like Asphalt 9, Modern Combat 5. With these titles, the machine can play well at the highest level of graphics settings without much difficulty. .

LG gram 2018 can play games like Asphalt 9 well …

… or Modern Combat 5 at the highest graphics setting

The measured scores of the 2018 gram with the familiar benchmark software all showed improvement compared to the 2017 version. The only regrettable point is that the 2018 gram still uses only SATA 3 standard SSD, not high-speed PCIe. than.

Cinebench application evaluates CPU power and graphics power

Geekbench application evaluates CPU power

Speed ​​SSDs measured via CrystalDiskMark

3DMark application evaluates graphic power

The operating temperature of the gram with normal tasks is completely cool, the machine runs smoothly, rarely hear the fan noise and is completely comfortable to use on the thighs to use.

The cooling system has improved compared to the previous life, helping the CPU to operate at a higher pulse for a long time, significantly reducing the pulse reduction (Throttling) of the 2017 version.

The temperature of LG gram 2018 when constantly having to run benchmark tests

The battery life is slightly better than the 2017 version

In the 2017 generation, gram has impressed with very good battery life, can be used continuously for about 8 hours at screen brightness of about 80% with tasks, browsing the web with about 20 tabs, turning on Photoshop in parallel. to edit photos, Word to compose text, sometimes even Premiere Pro for video editing. With 2018 grams, the battery is upgraded to 72Wh compared to 60.06Wh of the 2017 grams, LG announced a new battery that can help operate up to 21 hours on 14-inch version, 22.5 hours on 13.3-inch version and 19 hours on a 15.6-inch version.

In the standard battery tests of VnReview, LG 2018 grams although not reached the time used as LG announced, but all are better than the 2017 version with nearly 16 hours of continuous movies, nearly 6 hours of continuous game play and nearly 8 hours of continuous web surfing. Note that all battery tests of VnReview are done from full battery to 10%, 70% screen brightness, 70% volume via headphones, Windows Balance Mode Better Battery battery mode, Turn off the keyboard light.

The point is that LG Power Manager software with LG All Day Mode or LG Hibernate mode no longer appears on 2018 grams. Therefore, users only have to choose to use the built-in Battery Saver mode of Windows 10 to Save battery when needed.

In everyday use, I usually achieve about 9 hours of continuous use with 2018 grams when leaving the screen brightness of about 50-60%, the Battery Mode Balance Battery Better Battery mode, performing tasks like web browsing, tuning photos, videos, parallel writing. The convenient point is the Type-C USB port of gram that supports charging so you can use it with backup batteries that support USB Power Delivery standard or USB Type-C port on some computer screens.

A noteworthy point is that the charging bulb comes with a 2018 gram size much larger than the 2017 version and when "scrutinizing" the parameters, the capacity of this charger is also higher, reaching 65W compared to only 40W of previous generation. However, perhaps due to the larger battery and by 2018 gram does not support fast charging, so the full charge time is still equivalent to the previous generation for nearly 3 hours. During the charging process, the charging tubers are no longer as hot as the 2017 version, but you still should not let the charging tubers of the device go into easily catchable objects such as bedding.


Compared to the 2017 version, LG 2018 gram still retains the outstanding advantages of mobility thanks to its extremely light weight, slim design, and easy to move. The design of the 2018 gram was striking, eye-catching, less boring with a new logo layout while durability was enhanced, military standard. The machine has made significant improvements in performance, hardware upgrade capabilities to increase performance when needed.

Other factors such as screen, sound, webcam, movie table, touchpad or battery life are all better than the previous generation. If you are a frequent traveler, LG gram is one of the laptops worth considering because of its rare mobility.

The problem of the 2018 gram is the high starting price of up to 27.5 million for 13.3 inch version, nearly 3 million difference compared to the 2017 version. The 14 inch options also have the same difference. Fish with 15.6 inch version has a difference of up to 4.5 million.

Of course, with the difference in money, you will receive many improvements in the new generation but this is still a picky price, making it difficult for the gram to reach the majority. Especially when a series of competitors with a gram-equivalent configuration is getting a more attractive price even though it is not as compact and portable as LG's laptop model.

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