Review Lenovo YOGA Tablet 2 Pro - VnReview tablet for "desktop"

Review Lenovo YOGA Tablet 2 Pro – VnReview tablet for "desktop"

Chinese technology company Lenovo has updated slightly for two 8-inch and 10-inch YOGA Tablet tablets with a slight change in stand design, improved configuration and addition of Windows 8.1 version. Besides the two upgraded versions, Lenovo also introduced a completely new version of the YOGA tablet, the 13.3-inch YOGA Tablet 2 Pro, with a projector.

The YOGA Tablet 2 Pro has a round hinge design, a versatile base and uses many of the same configuration components as two small YOGA Tablet 2 models (8 inches and 10 inches). But at 13.3 inches and weighs nearly 1 kilogram, this is no longer a mobile device, but a "desktop" product for home entertainment needs.

Therefore, the device is favored by the manufacturer to include some good support features for entertainment needs such as 2K screen resolution, 32GB internal memory (double 2 small version) with slot external memory card to expand capacity, JBL subwoofer with 5 watts capacity to improve sound quality and especially with projector. However, the price of the product also increased quite high, 15 million compared to 10.5 million of the 10-inch version and 8 million of the 8-inch version.


Later in the tablet market, Lenovo knows how to make a difference. In a sea of ​​brands of tablets with familiar rectangles, Lenovo's Yoga Tablet tablets stand out in a distinctive design with a circular hinge and a 180-degree swivel base for use in many devices. Different postures.

Three new YOGA Tablet (8 inch, 10 inch and YOGA Tablet 2 Pro 13.3 inch)

Two YOGA Tablet 2 (8 inch and 10 inch) versions and this year's Tablet 2 Pro retain the basic design features of the YOGA Tablet series last year: the surface of the plastic case looks like the raw aluminum material. blocks, round hinges and 180 degree swivel base made of metal material. However, tDesign of circular hinges and the base of YOGA machines this year adds holes to the tablet.

4 postures to use: erect, put, hang and use as a normal tablet

Thus, the new YOGA Tablet will be used in 4 postures: erect, lay, hang and hold like a normal tablet. During use, we found hThe rotation of the hinges and the base is quite hard, but gives a stable and stable feel when placed in standing, standing and hanging positions.

Power button, audio jack, micro-USB port and volume key on the left

In addition to supporting the stand, bRounded edges on the YOGA Tablet line make it easier to hold and hold hands tired than normal rectangular computers. However, this effect shows more pronounced efficiency on the 8-inch and 10-inch version of YOGA Tabet 2, but the oversized size of YOGA Tablet 2 Pro is really inconvenient for mobile even with round hinges. or not. In addition, this hinge is also a place for the manufacturer to place the battery, so it can increase capacity without making the body thicken like on regular tablets.

The back of the machine

8MP rear camera (without flash-powered flash), JBL subwoofer and push-button stand

Speakers are also the difference of YOGA Tablet 2 Pro compared to normal tablets, with pair of dual speakers in front and more subwoofer of JBL on the back to bring impressive sound quality: volume large enough for rooms about 30 square meters, the sound strip is wider and thicker than other tablets. The device has built-in Dolby software for users to adjust the sound quality according to their preferences and a pair of quality JBL earbud headsets included in the case.

It has an external memory card slot


The 13.3-inch screen is the point that makes YOGA Tablet 2 Pro completely different from the current tablet, making it a real product. Home entertainment products instead of pure mobile devices.

The screen of the device uses IPS LCD panel technology and has Quad HD resolution (2560 x 1440 pixels) with pixel density 221 PPI. Although not the highest-definition tablet (for example, the iPad Air 2 has a pixel density of 264 PPI), the pixel density of YOGA Tablet 2 Pro ensures good sharpness. The density of YOGA Tablet 2 Pro's pixel density only 221 PPI still has good sharpness because the viewing distance on this large sized tablet is much larger than that of smartphones and smaller sized tablets.

The color of the screen is bright, the viewing angle is wide and the brightness is quite high (374 nit). When measured on a dedicated device, YOGA Tablet 2 Pro displays very well in red, green and purple, while dark green and blue are slightly skewed, lighter than reality. The result of color temperature measurement is also quite good (7188), relatively close to the equilibrium level (6500), although still slightly light blue.

However, the drawback of this screen is its ability to display black and slightly low contrast. In addition, the screen has a good viewing angle but is slightly reflected so when viewing outdoors or under the light bulbs in the house will be vulnerable.

Basic color display capability: the top is the display color and the bottom is the standard color

Gray scale display: the top is the display color and the bottom is the standard color

Measuring table of color space of YOGA Tablet 2 Pro. The squares are standard color points, while the dot is the actual color measured. The yellow, red, white and light blue colors of the device can be found very close to the sRGB standard color space.

In general, in 5 important points of the screen, YOGA Tablet 2 Pro scored quite well at 4 points (detail, color, brightness, viewing angle) and only a pity is the contrast yet high.


The tablet has a screen resolution of 2K but the projector only projects much lower resolution images of 854 x 480 pixels. The projector is integrated on the right side of the hinged round and is very easy to use, can be activated with the physical button located on the right side or by touch key on the screen interface. Machine also The slider is on the hinge to adjust the projector focus.

It can display content (photos, letters, movies …) displayed on the tablet screen on any plane, of course smooth surfaces such as walls or cloths will make the image look better. The optimal projection distance is 2 meters with a projection image area equivalent to a 50-inch screen. The quality of the content displayed from the projector is not high, but the sharpness is still acceptable if viewed in the optimal distance (2 meters back) and in low light environments (indoors or lights are not turned on) night).

Overall, this is an interesting additional feature for home entertainment needs.

Take pictures and quay movie

Although it is a large-sized tablet aimed at desktop operations rather than mobile, YOGA Tablet 2 Pro is still equipped with 8MP rear camera and 1.6MP front camera similar to two small YOGA Tablet 2 models (8 inches and 10 inches ). The rear camera is located in the stand area and there is no flash support. This camera supports continuous focus and Full-HD movie recording. Meanwhile, the front camera also supports HD video recording and autofocus according to face movement combined with the base so it's convenient for video conversation.

At the size of an average laptop, holding this tablet to take pictures looks odd and inconvenient.

The camera app interface looks relatively simple, similar to the Android phone interface that allows adjusting many parameters: exposure, contrast, color saturation, sharpness, image / film size, weight in white and has 5 shooting modes (automatic, panoramic, close-up, night and audio-taking photos).

Due to the large size, taking photos from the tablet looks a bit odd and really not convenient, especially when having to hold one hand to focus on the image. The sharpness of the photo is only quite good, the color is also close to the reality, but it does not tend to push the colors more vibrant than many phones today. It is quite clear in the two photos below, taken outdoors on the winter weather in Hanoi, the sky is cloudy.

The rear camera has Macro mode (close-up). When this mode is turned on, photos taken push the contrast and the fresh color even more sharply and flatter than normal mode. Some subjects taken like a leaf photo below, Macro mode proved to be effective but the photo of the flower, the color was pushed up excessively, looking fake.

Photos taken in normal mode

Photo taken in Macro mode

Photos taken in normal mode

Photo taken in Macro mode

Photos taken in panorama mode (panorama)

Photos from the front camera have photo water and detail is quite good when shooting outdoors and indoor lighting. The major drawback of this front camera is that there is no feature to adjust the level of facial smoothing to make selfie look smoother and better.


YOGA Tablet 2 Pro pre-installed Android 4.4.2 KitKat version with the interface has some changes. Notably, abandoning the familiar Android application tray, the entire application is posted to the home screen similar to iOS. Lenovo has also included a quick, easy-to-customize bar setting on the bar by scanning from the bottom of the screen and the multi-window feature to take advantage of the big screen.

Quick custom bar basic settings

Multi-window feature supports 3 applications on screen at the same time

Multitasking window interface

Along with Google's basic applications that come with Android devices, Lenovo has preinstalled some of its own apps on YOGA Tablet 2 Pro, including Projection projector applications, Security HD application, CLONEit applications. transfer data from old device to new device, application share SHAREit data and contacts.

Sharing data from YOGA Tablet 2 Pro with OPPO Neo 3 installed SHAREit software from Google Play.

SHAREit application supports sharing data such as contacts, apps, photos, music, videos and files between YOGA Tablet 2 Pro with other devices (Android or iOS phones and tablets) easily Easy over Wi-Fi network. The condition of the shared device is also to install the SHAREit software provided by Lenovo for free on Android and iOS app stores.

Security HD application has many functions

Security HD is quite useful application. It helps users improve performance by turning off running applications to release RAM; block ads within the app and on the notification bar; application management (removing or temporarily freezing unused applications); Manage permissions for applications that are sent messages, activate 2G / 3G / Wi-Fi / Bluetooth, read contacts, read call logs, read messages, access location information, open cameras / record, modify contacts / messages / log calls, record …

Performance and battery time

It is based on an Intel Atom 3745 quad-core 1.86GHz processor and 2GB of RAM. When measuring on the software performance Antutu (32,814 points), Quadrant (17,438 points) and Geekbench 3, the machine achieved a high score, enough to handle well large applications and heavy graphics games. Specifically, on Geekbench 3 CPU evaluation software, YOGA Tablet 2 Pro gets near score equivalent to the Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet, the 2014 version uses Samsung's eight-core Exynos 5 Octa 5420 processor.

In practical use, the machine responds well to everyday usage activities from opening applications, watching movies and playing games. We tried playing a graphic game of the heavy game group Dead Trigger when we noticed the device Very smooth play in low and medium graphics modes, while when running in high graphics mode, sometimes the frame has a slight lag.

In terms of battery time, Lenovo thinks that the tablet's 9600 mAh battery can be used for 15 hours. However, when we experimented with movies, simulated games and web surfing, the battery was not so good.

Specifically, the movie player get 5 hours 23 minutes (enough to watch nearly 3 movies), playing the emulator on GFXBench software at 100% brightness and 4 hours 19 minutes high graphics and 4 hours 46 minutes on the Wi-Fi network. Note that all three activities we count from time to full charge until 10% of the battery is stopped, especially the movie and web surfing activities used in terms of screen brightness and volume at 70% .

Overall, the battery time of YOGA Tablet 2 Pro is quite good. Although not as announced by the manufacturer, this is also an encouraging time, especially when considering the ownership of a large HD HD screen.


Lenovo YOGA Tablet 2 Pro is not a universal tablet for everyone but aiming for a narrower need than mobile entertainment equipment. All the basic elements of this tablet's design are based on that goal, from high-definition large screens, subwoofers to good sound quality to projectors and stands. The performance of the device also ensures good viewing of high quality movies (2K and Full-HD), running large applications and heavy games, detailed graphics.

If you want a tablet that emphasizes mobile features, this 13-inch device is definitely not the choice for you. But if you want a mobile entertainment device, this is one of the few options at the moment. However, the price of 15 million VND of YOGA Tablet 2 Pro will now be a problem that makes many buyers, including those in need of a mobile home entertainment device to consider. In other words, the current price of this tablet is still high.

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