Review Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 8: tablet good price for people who like strange, exclusive - VnReview

Review Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 8: tablet good price for people who like strange, exclusive – VnReview

Yoga Tab 3 8 is the latest version of the versatile Yoga tablet line from Lenovo. Chinese technology firm continues to show its determination to attack the tablet market although this product line is becoming sluggish in front of big screen smartphones and phablets.

Long time ago, VnReview has evaluated the "elder" version of Yoga Tab 3 8 is the YOGA Tablet 2 Pro "desktop" tablet with 13.3 inch Quad HD screen integrated projector. Today's product has the same design but smaller and the price is much cheaper, only about 5 million VND.

Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 8 owns the basic configuration with 8 inch IPS LCD screen with HD resolution (1280×800 pixels), Qualcomm Snapdragon 210 quad-core Cortex A7 processor at 1.3GHz, Adreno 304 graphics, 2GB RAM , 16GB of internal memory, 6200 mAh battery, 8MP camera rotation. It has a microSD card slot up to 128GB and a micro SIM slot that supports 4G LTE network allows texting and calling like smartphones, Dolby Atmos dual-speaker systems and pre-installed Android 5.1 Lollipop.


Unique appearance, "no touch" is the most noticeable point on Yoga Tab 3 8. Belonging to Lenovo's Yoga tablet line, this tablet inherited the style featured with an integrated circular cylinder base available. This rotating base enables users to use Yoga Tab 3 8 in 4 different modes: vertical grip is like reading books and newspapers; erect across the table to watch movies, listen to music; Set tilt to type text and even hang dangling anywhere. In addition, the swivel base is also a place for the manufacturer to place the battery, so it can increase the battery capacity without making the camera body thicken like on regular tablets.

4 modes of use of the Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 8

The swivel base is made of solid metal and divided into different steps for each position. Meanwhile, the case is no longer using metal plastic like the last 2 years Yoga Tablet version, which is coated with rough plastic, anti-fouling, sweat marks, very good fingerprints, giving a high feeling when holding in hand. . The machine is carefully machined, rigid, airtight joints, bouncing knobs, and easy to operate. Compared to the tablet of the same price of VND 5 million, it can be seen that Yoga Tab 3 8 has a dominant design.

The dorsal surface changes from a fake metal plastic to an abrasive plastic to prevent stains and sweat

Particularly, the cylindrical rotating base is still made of metal, but it also adds inner handles to make it more firmly fixed

The rotating base on the Yoga Tab 3 8 plus the compact size of the camera body makes handling easier and less fatigue than regular rectangular tablets. In fact, users will mainly use this tablet in two vertical and horizontal modes because these are the two most convenient modes. In the vertical position, the writer can comfortably hold the Yoga Tab 3 8 with one hand for a few hours without seeing a wrist ache as if holding a large phone or tablet because the weight is evenly spread and Natural posture. For a better grip, I usually open the base slightly. Although it causes hand tightening because the edge of the base is quite sharp, in return the grip in the hand is definitely better than when closing the stand completely.

The longitudinal posture is most used on Yoga Tab 3 8

Opening a slightly rotating base will help hold the grip more firmly even though the hand is slightly angled due to the sharp edge of the base

When erected across the table, the Yoga Tab 3 8 acts as a small TV screen, suitable for watching videos, enjoying movies or listening to music. The base is strong, so it can be placed firmly on the table and floor without worrying about it. It also has a Dolby Atmos integrated front-facing dual speaker system that delivers sound quality quite well, even with a bit of bass and clear stereo effects, with only the maximum volume available. great.

Suitable posture for watching movies, videos or listening to music

Dolby Atmos dual-speaker system on the front for good sound quality, but the maximum volume is quite small


The screen of this tablet is 8 inches in size with 16:10 aspect ratio, LCD IPS panel with HD resolution (1280×800 pixels) reaches a pixel density of 189 PPI. With an 8-inch screen, Lenovo's 16:10 aspect ratio option is reasonable, suitable for browsing the web, reading books, stories or watching movies, playing games.

In particular, the screen of the Yoga Tab 3 8 equipped with Any Pen technology allows interaction with the screen with any sharp objects such as keys, ballpoint pens, pencils, knives, forks or even toothpicks , carrots, okra … so you can take notes, draw, write more accurately than using your fingers. However, the practical experience shows that using sharp objects to manipulate the touch screen of Yoga Tab 3 8 is not really comfortable, need to work slowly and make sure the new hand receives the command, and also easy to scratch the screen.

Can use any sharp object to interact with the screen of Yoga Tab 3 8

The display quality of the screen is quite good, natural colors, not too bright, flattering, contrast, good viewing angle, but slightly low brightness, difficult to use outdoors or where there is a strong light source. The sharpness of the screen is also not good, with content such as movies, videos or photos that will be hard to see but when browsing the web, check mail with mainly text content will be a little fuzzy and light pitting.

Lenovo also offers the ability to adjust the screen color thermostat for each mode of use and can make the screen brighter and clearer to match content such as movies or warm gold for reading and browsing. web in the night, help eye aches.

Ability to fine-tune the screen color and sound mode according to the use of Yoga Tab 3 8

When measuring the screen with specialized equipment, Yoga Tab 3 8 performs well in parameters such as maximum blackness, contrast, color temperature but maximum brightness is slightly lower.

Yoga Tab 3 8 screen panel compared to some other tablet of the same price range

The ability to display the colors of the Yoga Tab 3 8 is much different from the standard color: the display color (round dot) and standard colors (square)


Often on tablets, the manufacturer does not pay much attention to the camera but with the Yoga Tab 3 8, Lenovo proved to be in favor of equipping the camera cluster with the ability to rotate before and after 180 degrees, the resolution of 8MP aperture F /2.1. The rotating camera layout has been used by some manufacturers on phones such as Oppo or Huawei but for tablets it is the first time. The rotating camera cluster of Yoga Tab 3 8 is set to the left when viewed from the front, close to the power key. The rotation of the camera takes place easily, the swivel joint feels solid, like an inner gear to "brake" the camera cluster when adjusting the rotation angle, making the camera fixed, not loose.

Yoga Tab 3 8 is the first tablet to have a unique 180 degree rotating camera

Simple camera interface, integrated a lot of familiar word modes such as HDR, Panorama to specific situations such as landscape, sports, flowers, candlelight, sunset, night shooting … The device also supports both taking photos automatically by holding your hand in front of the camera and then holding it back, is handy when taking a selfie.

The quality of photos taken from the 8MP rotating camera of the Yoga Tab 3 8 is quite good. Images are relatively sharp, detailed, bright colors, standard white balance. The advantage from 180-degree rotation also helps to create quality selfie or chat video calls compared to just using low-resolution cameras on regular tablets. However, the focus speed and image retention are slow, especially when there is a lack of light or HDR shooting. The camera sometimes works unstable so users have to be patient to re-shoot many times to achieve the best image quality.

Some photos taken from the 8MP rotating camera of Yoga Tab 3 8 (Click on the image to view the original image)

Photo automatically

Photo HDR

Photo automatically

Photo HDR

The tablet also allows video recording at a maximum resolution of 720p 30fps. Video quality recorded at medium level, low detail and easy to shake hands.

Another note when taking photos with the Yoga Tab 3 8 is holding the camera. Because the camera cluster is dislocated and located on the lower edge, each time taking a picture, users should hold the camera back to view the shooting more conveniently and also avoid the finger accidentally covering the camera.

Holding down the camera will easily cover the camera

Holding the camera upside down will help taking photos more conveniently


Configured with the Cortex-A7 Qualcomm Snapdragon 210 quad-core processor, 1.3 GHz, 2GB RAM, Adreno 304 graphics, 16GB internal memory (about 11GB available), the Yoga Tab 3 8 meets the basic needs such as browsing the web, surfing Facebook, checking email or playing soft games like Angry Bird, Ski Safari. However, the device responds slowly when opening multiple applications or playing heavy games like Sucide Quad, Dead Trigger 2. The Yoga Tab 3 8 also allows the installation of an expandable memory card that supports up to 128GB and even 4G LTE SIM to Listen to calls, text messages like smartphones.

Performance tests familiar with Antutu (overall performance evaluation), Geekbench (CPU performance evaluation) and GFX Bench (GPU graphics performance performance evaluation) shown below clearly show the effect Features of Yoga Tab 3 8 are suitable for gentle tasks.

AnTuTu performance point (left) and GeekBench (right)

Graphic points GFX Bench


Built-in Android 5.1 Lollipop but Yoga Tab 3 8 does not use the customizable interface Vibe UI characteristic of Lenovo machines, but only keeps the icon set and pre-installed some software like SYNCit to help synchronize data to the cloud , wireless data sharing application with Direct SHAREit WiFi. Other features such as multitasking interface, notification bar, quick setup, system settings are all of the original Android. It also has Dolby Audio software so users can fine tune the sound to their liking. Perhaps due to limited configuration, Lenovo decided not to bring Vibe UI to Yoga Tab 3 8 to reduce the burden of handling, so that the machine also lacks the typical smart features of Lenovo devices.

The interface of Yoga Tab 3 8 can be conveniently used both horizontally …

… or vertical

Battery life

With a 6200 mAh 2-cell battery included, the Yoga Tab 3 8 ensures a comfortable, high-intensity usage all day long. The standard battery tests of VnReview on Yoga Tab 3 8 achieved good results with more than 5 hours of continuous gaming, more than 7 hours of continuous gaming or more than 8 hours of continuous movie watching. However, the full charge from 10% to 100% of the battery takes up to 4 hours because the included charger has only 5V-2.1A output. It also supports USB OTG connection for charging other devices or adding a mouse or keyboard.


Facing the expansion of big screen smartphones, tablet market has become gloomy and less vibrant in recent years. However, most of the reason also because the tablet is no longer attractive enough for users due to high prices, outdated configuration and poor eye-catching design.

With the Yoga Tab 3 8, Lenovo shows that it is still very "salty" for the tablet market when giving up investment and launching products with innovative and useful designs, equipped with many new features such as cameras. rotate, the screen allows interaction with both knife and fork, key … while the price is moderate, can reach the majority. The drawback of the Yoga Tab 3 8 is that it still has to sacrifice performance, display quality of the screen, software customization to save costs.


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