Review Lenovo ThinkPad 25: meaningful gift for loyal fans - VnReview

Review Lenovo ThinkPad 25: meaningful gift for loyal fans – VnReview

The ThinkPad 25 is a special edition celebrating the 25th anniversary of the first ThinkPad. This deserves the meaningful gift of Lenovo for the believers of the famous laptop for its durability and stability.

Back 25 years ago, on October 5, 1992, the ThinkPad 700C – the first ThinkPad was launched at the Japanese Yamato laboratory at the hands of Richard Sapper. Inspired by the traditional Japanese bento box, the ThinkPad 700C is the beginning of an impressive journey of laptop brand favored by businesspeople. So far, ThinkPad has sold 130 million products and has become a symbol of the IT industry worldwide.

Nostalgic design, bold ThinkPad, rich connectivity

ThinkPad 25 – the 25th anniversary version of the first ThinkPad

If you've ever used the first ThinkPad, you will immediately recognize the unmistakable characteristics of the laptop line is famous for the "copper pot" on ThinkPad 25: from the smooth black shell covered with velvet Soft touch form of impact resistance, extremely good scratch resistance (MIL-STD 810G military standard), strong square design with masculine edge, strong, durable steel hinges and especially the famous ThinkPad logo Turn on with 3 colors in RGB full of nostalgia, with built-in LED in red dot on the letterhead i, automatically lights up whenever you turn on the device.

A long time ago, a new ThinkPad has a logo with this "strange but familiar" color. The 3-color RGB logo can be considered as a gratitude from Lenovo (the group that owns the ThinkPad brand from 2005 to now) to IBM – the company that invented the first ThinkPads in 1992. Lenovo itself It seems quite subtle to just put a very "subdued" submerged logo hidden on the shell.

ThinkPad-style IBM logo

The "modest" Lenovo logo is located at the corner of the machine

Open the phone and familiar feelings continue to "rush in". Keyboard 7 rows "legendary" with each key clear, large size. Volume control keys, mic off, and mute separately integrate status LEDs. The green Enter button stands out or 3 dents are located just below the navigation arrow keys. Of course, the indispensable redundant "point" knob and the ability to open the screen up to 180 degrees straight. Any loyal ThinkPad fan will feel refreshed and excited to see the features that make up the reputation of this prestigious laptop.

The "legendary" 7-row keyboard is back on ThinkPad 25

It is nostalgic, but hidden inside ThinkPad 25 is the most advanced technology available today. From touch-sensitive fingerprint sensor, NFC, GPS reader, infrared webcam that supports Windows Hello to enable face unlocking, the USB Type C standard Thunderbolt 3 port supports charging, audio streaming, 4K standard images, streaming Maximum speed data up to 40 Gbps, Bluetooth 4.1, 867 Mbps WiFi AC, built-in 4G sim slot, Mechanical docking connection specially for adding extra dock … all are available on the special version celebrates the 25th anniversary of the first ThinkPad.

Besides, the ThinkPad 25 also proved quite compact with a weight of 1.6 Kg and a thickness of about 2 cm, not too bulky, entangled when moving. Upgrade more RAM, hard drive or replace WiFi card, 4G network card is also very easy when just removing 6 screws at the bottom of the machine.

ThinkPad 25 owns a slim, portable design

The plate can extend up to 180 degrees

A full range of modern connectors such as the Thunderbolt 3 USB Type-C supports charging, audio streaming, 4K standard images, data transfer at maximum speeds up to 40 Gbps

It also has 3 USB 3.0 ports, HDMI port, network port, SD card reader

The area containing the NFC chip allows communication and data transmission with support devices such as smartphones, portable speakers, and convenient headsets.

The bottom has a special connection port Mechanical docking to add an extra dock

Touch screen support, Dolby Audio Premium integrated audio

14-inch IPS screen, Full HD, anti-glare, multi-touch support

Selecting a familiar size of 14 inches with Full HD resolution, ThinkPad 25 uses both IPS panels and anti-glare coating to enhance visibility. Anti-glare screen is an essential equipment on specialized laptop models for work like this, because it helps you to work highly focused, and not be distracted by "obnoxious" reflections "from lights or any other light source around.

The screen of the machine offers wide viewing angle, sharpness, good detail, quite contrast, deep black color, but the maximum brightness is not high, so it is difficult to see under strong light or when used outdoors. Color screen in the direction of brilliant, flattering eyes, yellow hue heat should be more suitable for office work, entertainment with movies or basic graphic editing, no need of color accuracy is too high. When measuring the screen with a dedicated device, the ThinkPad 25 offers a maximum brightness of nearly 245 nit, maximum blackness reaches 0.17 and maximum contrast is close to 1400 and screen color temperature is about 6000.

The basic colors are displayed on the ThinkPad 25. screen. Round dots are display colors and squares are standard colors. It can be seen that the basic color on the machine is much skewed, especially in red, purple and blue colors.

Interestingly, the ThinkPad 25's built-in multi-touch screen allows convenient interaction with all 10 fingers at once. Touch screen is really useful when you need to review or present content such as presentation slides, figures, blueprints with partners, colleagues. The operation of zooming, minimizing, scrolling, moving content happens naturally, much faster than using a mouse or keyboard. If the hinge of the ThinkPad 25 can be folded back 360 degrees to the back as Yoga line, the touch screen will be "more beneficial" than.

Manipulate multi-touch smooth

Touch screen makes interaction intuitive and convenient

Browsing the web, viewing photos becomes much more interesting than using a mouse or keyboard

If the ThinkPad 25 hinges can be folded 360 degrees like Yoga lines, it will be even more amazing

The audio system is powered by 2 speakers on the bottom with a total capacity of 2W equipped with Dolby Audio Premium technology. As a specialized machine for work, it is easy to understand when ThinkPad 25 speakers do not leave much impression when listening to music or watching movies. However, with video conversations via Skype or Facebook Messenger, the audio is especially optimized for the voice, making the conversation clear and clear.

2 speakers located at the bottom of the machine are optimal for conversation work rather than entertainment

Quality microphone, average webcam

Built-in 720p HD resolution webcam so the image quality when ThinkPad 25 video conversation stops at medium level. Detailed images, low definition, easy to light tires, grainy noise appears more, pale colors. In return, the 2 recording mics are arranged right next to the webcam for good recording quality, clear sound, efficient noise filtering, less noise, capturing sound at a long distance.

Photo taken from ThinkPad 25 webcam

Video test from the ThinkPad 25 webcam

The plus is a webcam on ThinkPad that supports Windows Hello technology, powered by two special infrared sensors that allow Windows to log in with your own face. The actual experience shows that Windows Hello on the ThinkPad 25 works fast, lagging from when the face is detected and unlocking only about half a second. The face login is also more convenient and interesting than the traditional password or fingerprint scanning methods.

Infrared sensor that supports Windows Hello will flash every time it works

Excellent keyboard, legendary TrackPoint, Touchpad support Microsoft Precision

The classic keyboard has been a long time coming back on a ThinkPad

One of the points that loyal fans of the ThinkPad are proud of is nothing more than the keyboard part. The legendary 7-line design has imprinted on how many hearts love technology and become a monument hard to shove. Since 2012, this is the first time a ThinkPad has owned this prestigious keyboard. The keyboard on the ThinkPad 25 fully inherits the essence of traditional ThinkPads, providing an extremely good typing experience thanks to a high bounce, certainly, without any key subsidence. The key position cannot be more reasonable, the keys are large and spacious, especially the important keys with technology people like Esc, Delete, Backspace, Enter, Right Shift or arrow keys to navigate … Cluster Home, End, Page Up, Page Down keys are separate, not "touching" with other keys like most laptops today.

The unique ThinkLight lamp of the ThinkPad line that was not posted on the ThinkPad 25 is an unfortunate omission. But equipped with a 2-level backlight for the keyboard section makes it convenient to work in the dark or low-light conditions, which also eases some of the veteran ThinkPad fans.

Without ThinkLight, replace it with keyboard light with 2 different brightness levels

Who is familiar with using the small TrackPoint "knob" of ThinkPad martial arts will continue to be "immersed" with the latest version on the ThinkPad 25. TrackPoint is one of the "specialties" indispensable on any ThinkPad. . And with ThinkPad 25, Lenovo also "bonuses" the 3 TrackPoint knob for your comfort to change according to your preferences and usage habits.

The biggest meaning of TrackPoint is that it allows you to control the mouse without lifting your finger from the Home row – row of keys from A to L with 2 keys F and J with small edges for positioning when typing 10 fingers. From there, maximizing performance and typing. The TrackPoint on ThinkPad 25 is still as traditional as ever, just need a gentle force to control so your fingers almost don't have to move at all, combined with 2 left and right mouse buttons and mouse scroll buttons, You can almost forget the touchpad table if you have mastered it.

Knob TrackPoint can easily change the style

Pure with TrackPoint and you can forget the external touchpad or mouse

Of course, not everyone is familiar with using TrackPoint keys, especially for new users by its special control mechanism. Therefore, the touchpad on ThinkPad 25 still plays a very important role. This touchpad supports Microsoft Precision driver, so the experience is very smooth, especially for enlarging, reducing and scrolling pages on Microsoft Edge browser. A series of convenient multi-point gestures to switch applications, quickly call Cortana or turn on Task View are available. Unfortunately, the area of ​​the touchpad is not very spacious, so the mouse movement is not real and comfortable.

Sensitive, smooth mouse pad, Microsoft Precision but small size

Fast performance, cool machine, smooth running

ThinkPad 25 configuration is enough to "cope" with complex tasks

Configuration is not "terrible", "touch the roof" but with what is equipped, ThinkPad 25 is enough to help you "cope" with many types of work from simple to complex. Intel Core i7-7500U processor (2 cores, 4 threads, 2.7GHz, 4MB, Turbo Boots 3.50 GHz), 16GB DDR4 2133MHz, SSD 512GB m.2 PCIe, NVIDIA GeForce 940MX 2GB GDDR5 GPU, preinstalled Windows 10 Pro 64 bit provides agile performance, instant feedback with all familiar operations in a reporter's work like browsing the web with both Firefox and Chrome with about 20 tabs available while opening Photoshop, Lightroom to edit photo.

Editing, rendering product review videos with Premiere Pro in Full HD resolution, Full Playback levels or making live streams on YouTube with external webcams at 1080p are smooth and smooth. Large amounts of RAM up to 16GB make ThinkPad 25 not hesitate to handle multitasking with multiple heavy-duty parallel open apps. The most valuable is probably the NVME SSD hard drive with a capacity of 512GB, standard m.2 running at PCIe x2 speed for app opening speed, fast response, maximum read / write bandwidth, turn up to 1755 MB / s and 1335 MB / s, while 4K random read / write speeds are also impressive with 40.15 MB / s and 110.7MB / (measured by 64 bit Crystal Disk Mark 5.2.2) .

High-end CPUs, large RAM, NVME SSDs, discrete GPUs help ThinkPad 25 to handle most jobs

NVIDIA GeForce 940MX 2GB GDDR5 discrete graphics also contributed significantly to improving system graphics performance and served well in light-weight titles such as Fifa Online 3, LoL at moderate level, resolution Full HD. If you want to entertain with more heavy games like Fifa 18, Pes 2018, Battlefield 1, The Witcher 3 or Rise of the Tomb Raider … GeForce 940MX can still "shoulder" but you will have to lower the resolution 720p HD level, lowest graphic setting.

Cinebench application evaluates CPU power and graphics power

Geekbench application evaluates CPU power

3DMark application evaluates graphic power

Speed ​​SSDs measured via CrystalDiskMark

During the evaluation process with many heavy tests, the ThinkPad 25 still works cool, smooth and does not cause any temperature or noise problems. CPU and GPU performance is stable thanks to the efficient heat dissipation system, keeping the clock rate high, so there is no Throttling phenomenon (automatically reducing the clock due to overheating).

Another point that the writer appreciated in the performance of ThinkPad 25 is the built-in 4G LTE micro SIM slot. This is really a convenient feature, which helps me to be able to actively connect to the Internet anytime, anywhere without depending on the surrounding WiFi connection as well as not worry about smartphone battery when I have to "sacrifice" to do Mobile broadcast point.

4G LTE micro SIM tray placed just below the removable battery slot

The SIM tray works in a push-pull mode, similar to the memory card slot

Plug in the SIM card to receive the phone right away, no need to do any more operations

The battery is enough for a working day

ThinkPad 25 comes with 2 batteries, 1 external and 1 built-in battery

Integrating up to 2 24 Whr 3 cell batteries bringing a total of 48 Whr capacity, a good point is that a ThinkPad 25 battery is attached inside the device, while the remaining battery is completely removable and the device still works. normal action. Therefore, if you are constantly on the move and cannot plug in the charger regularly, equip one more battery and change the heat whenever you want for ThinkPad 25 will be a great solution to extend the time. use.

In daily high-intensity practical operation, 2 ThinkPad 25 batteries can provide about 7 to 8 hours of time when the screen brightness is about 80%, Windows Balance Mode battery mode, WiFi connection. This time is enough for a working day without external charging. The convenient point is the USB Type-C port of the ThinkPad 25, which supports battery charging and the included charging bulb also uses this convenient connection. Therefore, you can use backup batteries that support USB Power Delivery or smartphone charger, USB Type-C on some computer screens to charge the battery for ThinkPad 25.

The included charger of the device has a maximum capacity of 65W, so the charging time is quite fast, it only takes more than 2 hours to charge from 10% battery until 100% full. During charging, the charging bulb is only slightly warmed up.

2 batteries run in parallel, but the battery will be used first, then the built-in battery

The charger comes with a capacity of 65W, using the convenient USB Type C standard plug

Instead of the conclusion

With the mission to be the 25th anniversary model of the first ThinkPad, the ThinkPad 25 has shown quite outstandingly what makes the advantages and strengths of this prestigious laptop line. From the design, machining quality, finishing, performance, battery life, or more specifically, the keyboard, Trackpoint … all deserve the quality that the ThinkPad brand has built throughout. 25 years.

The price of USD 1900 (about VND 44 million) is perfectly reasonable for ThinkPad 25 when it is only equal to the ThinkPad T470 with the same configuration. Even with what is received as a classic quality keyboard, unique nostalgic container, this price is quite "good" for fans. Even if you do not care much about the cost, owning ThinkPad 25 is not easy because it only sells in limited numbers in some countries and currently Vietnam is not on the list.

The regret will probably come the most because of the absence of the legendary ThinkLight lamp or screen quality, the webcam can still improve even more. And perhaps, the ThinkPad believers will have much to look forward to in the next special versions of a long-lasting laptop line over time.


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