Review Lenovo IdeaPad 720S 13IKB: thin, thin, thin, modern features - VnReview

Review Lenovo IdeaPad 720S 13IKB: thin, thin, thin, modern features – VnReview

IdeaPad 720S 13IKB is Lenovo's latest representative to participate in the "battlefield" ultra-thin laptop, aimed at dynamic users, often on the move.

Vietnam laptop market last year saw the expansion of thin and light laptops. Most well-known manufacturers in the market have at least a few models targeting this segment. This may be partly explained by the fact that the 7th and 8th generation Intel Core chips are getting better performance. Price components such as RAM, SSD drive are not too expensive to help the price of light-weight laptops "cool down". Besides, users also pay more because most already have at least one "laptop" or PC enough and begin to focus more on mobility, compact.

Lenovo IdeaPad 720S 13IKB – high-end thin-and-light laptop newly launched in Vietnam shortly

IdeaPad 720S 13IKB is Lenovo's latest representative to participate in the "battlefield" ultra-thin laptop, aimed at dynamic users, often on the move. The product draws attention to the seamless metal body design for the entire body, thin-edged screen, intel Core 8 Coffee Lake processor, Thunder Bolt 3 port with a starting price of about VND 21 million for the i5 and VND 24 million for i7 version.

Design, connection port

Basically, the appearance of 720S 13IKB inherits many similarities with previous IdeaPad lines in minimalist style, limiting redundant details but still ensuring aesthetics. The device feels pretty good thanks to the entire cover being made of solid metal, including the area around the keyboard and the rest of the hand. The edges are bevelled to the maximum, sharp and square machining. The color of champagne gold covering the entire body also contributes to the design more elegant, elegant, and anti-fouling or sweat stains effectively.

The entire IdeaPad 720S case is made of solid metal

Machine is beveled thin, square at all sides

Impressive and lightweight weight makes 720S easy to carry and move

The entire upper surface of the machine almost doesn't use any decorative motifs but is simply sprayed with smooth sandpaper. The Lenovo logo as usual is set to a left angle with a modest area, polished, color harmonized with the case, just enough to identify the brand. It is really light and light with a weight of only 1.1Kg and a thickness of only 13.6mm, easily inserted in a backpack or held in one hand and is very convenient to move. This is also one of the thinnest 13-inch laptops on the market today.

Seamless metal material also helps 720S 13IKB get the certainty and seamlessness required in a high-end laptop. There is no rickety, loose even when pressing hard on the crust. Hinges are sturdy, allowing for a maximum extension of up to 180 degrees for flexible viewing angles. The bottom has large size anti-slippery rubber brackets that promise effective cooling. The minus point at the design of the laptop from Lenovo is the opening of the screen is relatively difficult because there are no edges on the side to create a fulcrum. The edges of the machine are also beveled with a slightly sharp diamond and cause hand touch when used.

The screen can open a maximum angle of 180 degrees

On the underside also uses metal material and a champagne gold color scheme similar to the top

The slippery anti-slip rubber feet and the large heat sink slot are arranged at the bottom of the machine

Opening the screen is relatively difficult because there is no small ledge as a fulcrum

The edges of the machine are beveled with a slightly sharp diamond and cause a lot of effort when used

To achieve light weight, Lenovo eliminates almost all common connection ports such as HDMI, memory card reader, retains only 2 USB 3.0 Type A ports (1 port supports charging for peripheral devices including both on shutdown) and 2 USB Type C ports, next to the mic and headphone combo jacks. Notably, a USB Type C port supports both the Thurderbolt 3 standard with a maximum speed of 40 Gbps, allowing data, image, audio streaming in parallel, connecting simultaneously with 2 4K monitors, fast charging . Having the Thurderbolt 3 port means you can use the eGPU-embedded graphics solutions to increase graphics power when needed, or connect to expansion dock for extra rich peripheral ports. It uses the remaining 1 USB Type C port as the power supply port (which supports USB 3.0 data transfer), and the included charger also uses this convenient connection.

The left edge focuses on the most connected ports with 2 USB Type C ports and 1 USB Type A 3.0 port, 1 outermost Type C port (right) supports the Thurderbolt 3 and the remaining Type C ports with the same charging port

Edge must have an additional USB 3.0 Type A port with headphone / mic combo jack, a typical Onekey Recovery button on Lenovo laptops to restore the system when a problem occurs

The charger comes with a capacity of 45W, uses the USB Type C standard and can be charged for smartphones

Screen, audio, webcam

The trend of thin screen edges that are popular on smartphones and laptops cannot stand outside the game. With IdeaPad 720S 13IKB, the side border is quite impressive and the top border is only a little thicker. Screen panels are pushed close to the frame, making images appear vivid, airy, far more spacious, effective right when browsing the web and more pronounced when watching movies, playing games. 13.3 inch size, Full HD resolution, IPS panel for sharpness, good detail.

IdeaPad 720S 13IKB catches the trend of thin screen displays on modern laptops

Color in the direction of a little brilliant, flattering eyes, warm color tones suitable for watching movies, playing games but when you need to adjust the image with high color accuracy, you should recalibrate. The screen provides deep blackness, high contrast, low light exposure, wide viewing angle. Screen brightness is quite high, can look good when used outdoors, anti-glare panels effectively inhibit the phenomenon of glare from the light source directly on the screen.

One point to note is that by default, Intel's integrated graphics card driver will automatically reduce the brightness when entering some apps with dark backgrounds to save battery power so it can be annoying, you should turn this feature off. go in the settings if you want the most stable brightness. The screen also does not support touch so you should not try to tap to avoid affecting the display quality.

The screen gives bright colors, good brightness, wide viewing angle, high contrast, good outdoor use

The sound of the device caught the attention of the pair of JBL-labeled speakers, which incorporate Dolby Atmos technology. The two speakers are arranged on the underside, the size is quite large, the sound is directed down to the table surface and creates a quite resonant effect. Loudspeaker for loud, clear volume. Dolby Atmos technology is activated via built-in software to make the sound more vivid, outstanding, reproducing quite well the bass, treble, automatically optimized for each situation watching movies, listening to music, playing video call or video call game. If you like, you can tweak Dolby sound effects to your liking.

Pair of JBL speakers integrated with Dolby Atmos technology

Software Built-in Dolby Atmos automatically optimizes sound for common situations

About the webcam, the point worth complimenting is the thin rim, but the camera on IdeaPad 720S is still placed in the upper edge, not being moved down to the lower edge or hinges like some other thin-edged laptops, so the view is natural and easy. align. The webcam is quite small in size, probably to fit the thin edges. HD resolution (1280 x 720 pixels), 30fps frame, fixed focus, for medium quality, sharpness, and fine details, but slightly poor. The image is much darker than it actually is. In return, the recording mic works quite well, the noise filter is effective, the sound is clear and clear even though there are a lot of noise around.

Webcam is quite small and still placed on the top

Photos taken from IdeaPad 720S 13IKB webcam

Video recorded from IdeaPad 720S 13IKB webcam

Keyboard, touchpad, fingerprint

Lenovo laptops have traditionally been appreciated for keyboard parts thanks to the good typing experience, high bounce, and reasonable layout keys. On IdeaPad 720S 13IKB, this continues to be promoted. Although the body size is very thin, but the keyboard part is still good for the journey, the bouncing keys, clinging, only when typing quickly is slightly sticky and up and down slightly small keys. Flex phenomenon (key subsidence) when stressed is limited well. Printed letters on sharp keys, beautiful fonts, spacious keyboard, convenient operation.

The keyboard on the IdeaPad 720S 13IKB continues to maintain the strength of Lenovo laptops

The power key goes in the style of most of today's thin and light laptops when they are shared with the main keyboard, not separated. This key is also slightly concave to prevent users from mistaking it. One note is that Lenovo refines the power key and asks to hold down to switch the device to sleep, instead of simply pressing a touch like a normal power key.

Backlight keyboard with 2 different brightness. The backlight is printed directly on each key, not just on the border, so it is high brightness, clear, beautiful, easy to operate when working in the night or in low light without turning on the table lamp. The default F-key rows will be used to control volume up and down, screen brightness, quick off touchpad … to use F1, F2 you will hold Fn key. To correct it, users can use the Lenovo Vantage software preinstalled with the device without entering the BIOS.

Keyboard with backlight 2 bright levels, high brightness, beautifully arranged, convenient to work in the night

Touchpad is also made with large size, spacious, covered with glass, for high sensitivity, smooth, without hissing. The touchpad has Microsoft Precision driver support so it allows for smooth, multi-point operations, especially zooming in and out of Edge browser. If only using office tasks, basic image editing, the touchpad on 720S can completely replace the external mouse.

Good quality touchpad, high sensitivity, smooth, no hissing, Microsoft Precision driver support

To enhance security, 720S is equipped with touch fingerprint sensor located at the corner of the machine, supporting Windows Hello. The layout of fingerprint sensors in this position is more reasonable than the general touchpad part as some other laptops have done. Fingerprint sensor responds quite quickly, recognizing many finger angles but the unlocking effect of Windows 10 is still a bit cumbersome compared to current smartphones. In addition to using Windows to log in, you can also use fingerprints to log in to some websites or supported software such as Dropbox, much faster and more convenient than entering a traditional password.

Fingerprint sensor reasonable layout, high accuracy, fast speed

Performance, temperature

Equipped with quite good hardware with Inel Core i processor generation 8 Coffee Lake i7-8550U or i5-8250U (version in the article using i5 chip), 8GB of DDR4 RAM, integrated graphics card Intel UHD Graphics 620 , preinstalled Windows 10 Home, the point worth more than both on IdeaPad 720S 13IKB is probably a 256GB NVMe SSD standard, giving data transfer speed faster than the regular SATA SSD. This is reflected right at the start-up speed, shutdown, opening the application is all very fast, almost instant feedback, no latency. The hard drive speed measured by Crystal DiskMark 6.0 software is also impressive.

IdeaPad 720S 13IKB PCIe 256GB SSD hard drive speed measured by Crystal DiskMark 6.0

Machine works fast, smooth

The Intel Core i5-8250U processor itself is also a significant upgrade due to its four real cores (1.60 GHz, 6 MB clock, 3.40 GHz SmartCache, Turbo Boots), compared to only 2 cores of the Intel Core i generation. 7 (Kaby Lake) before that.

The Geekbench 4 and Cinebench R15 software measurements for CPU reviews show the single-core performance of the i5-8250U slightly higher than the i5-7200U and the same as the i7-7500U. While multi-core performance is superior, it is about 60% more powerful than the two popular CPUs of the previous generation. Practically experience, Intel Core i5-8250U CPU on IdeaPad 720S handles all tasks well, including heavy tasks like editing, editing photos, exporting files in Lightroom or Premiere Pro. 8GB DDR4 RAM also provides good multitasking performance, can open multiple apps in parallel without causing the machine to stall, lag.

Cinebench application evaluates CPU power and graphics power

Geekbench application evaluates CPU power

While Intel UHD Graphics 620 integrated graphics on Coffee Lake chips are still similar to Kaby Lake, it is not surprising that graphics performance is not significantly different. You can play gentle online games like League of Legends, FIFA Online 3 with a moderate set of graphics at Full HD resolution. But, any heavier game like PUBG, PES 2018, Fifa 18 is too much for the machine.

Geekbench application evaluates CPU power

The temperature and noise when the IdeaPad 720S operation was good. It runs smoothly and cool even when having to "carry" heavy tasks, CPU, GPU running 100% capacity. The effective heat dissipation system, in addition to the large heat sink slot at the bottom, also has 2 small radiator slots in the hinge area to keep the machine running at high speed for a long time without encountering overheating. .

2 small radiator slots arranged in the hinge section

One thing to note is that the upgrade capability of the device is almost zero, all components are hardened on the board and cannot be removed by hand regardless of RAM or SSD.

Battery life, software

Regarding the software, Lenovo does not install too many "bloatware" junk applications according to the device. Only Lenovo Vantage app is pre-installed with a pretty modern interface, in harmony with Fluent Design on Windows 10. In addition to fine-tuning the keyboard, touchpad settings, Lenovo Vantage also allows managing the screen, battery, audio, network connection settings, such as: automatically reducing screen brightness when locking the camera or turning on eye protection during the night … This application has the error checking feature of hardware, software, automatic driver updates, system software is quite useful.

Lenovo Vantage software helps manage settings, checks errors, updates drivers

The other application is Lenovo App Explorer that will give you suggestions about interesting and interesting apps and games for users to explore and explore.

In terms of battery life, equipped with a 46 Wh battery, the IdeaPad 720S's actual battery life is not really impressive. With common tasks such as web browsing, text writing, gentle image editing, brightness screen of about 70%, set in Balance Better Performance mode in Windows 10, the machine can only support about 4 to 5 Voice of continuous use. Convenient point is USB Type-C port of the device to support charging so you can use with backup batteries that support standard USB Power Delivery or tuber compatible smartphone or USB Type-C port on some screens computer.

The included charger has a capacity of 45W and takes about 2 1/2 hours to fully charge the device from 10% battery. The charger is quite cool when operating and the machine does not have much warming when using and charging.

The outflow of the charger comes with 720S fully compatible with smartphones


At the price of VND 21 million for the Core i5-8250U version, the Lenovo IdeaPad 720S 13IKB possesses many attractive elements compared to competitors in the same segment such as high-speed PCIe NVMe SSD, the modern Thurderbolt 3 port, the quality Large RAM, with fingerprint sensor. Eye-catching, high-quality, seamless, lightweight metal design. The screen is thin, bright, crisp, open 180 degrees. The keyboard, touchpad are all good quality.

The drawback of the product is that there is a little connection, especially the memory card reader and HDMI port is still very popular. It is also nearly impossible to upgrade the hardware, and the battery life is not impressive.


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