Review laptop specializing in Lenovo Y70 Touch game - VnReview

Review laptop specializing in Lenovo Y70 Touch game – VnReview

With a screen size up to 17.3 inches, Full HD resolution, equipped with both the ability to touch and powerful configuration, Lenovo Y70 Touch impresses at first sight.

It can be considered that Lenovo Y70 Touch is a more advanced version of the Lenovo Y50 that VnReview has just reviewed a detailed article not too long ago. It has an almost identical configuration to the Y50 with a 2.5 GHz quad-core Intel Core i7-4710HQ processor (6M Cache, possibly Turbo Boost to 3.5 GHz), a 1TB HDD hybrid hard drive with 8GB of 5400 SSD memory rpm, discrete graphics card GeForce GTX 860M 4GB, 4 cell 7400mAh 54Whr battery, built-in copyrighted Windows 8.1, removable DVD optical drive included.

The only difference with the Y50 is that the amount of RAM doubled to 16GB DDR3 Bus 1600MHz and the screen increased to 17.3 inches, keeping the Full HD resolution (1920 x 1080 pixels) but adding the ability Multitouch. The genuine price of Y70 Touch announced by Lenovo is 35 million.


There are not too many differences in design between the Lenovo Y70 Touch and the Lenovo Y50 "brother". Still scratched black metal shell is scratched, 2 diagonally slightly sloping upwards combined with heat sink slot inspired by the car exhaust to create the health and pit needed for a dedicated laptop for gamer. Along with the red color combination in details such as keyboard, speakers, especially the respectable thinness of only 2.59 cm (much thinner than other gaming laptops), Y70 Touch exudes harmony , beautiful, right quality of a high-end laptop.

However, the Y70 Touch's length, width and weight are much larger than Y50. Specifically, Y70 Touch weighs 3.4 kg without charging, heavier than Y50 to 1 kg. This is completely understandable because the Y70 Touch has a 17.3-inch screen compared to 15.6 inches on the Y50.

With such a great weight and size, the Lenovo Y70 Touch is not a convenient laptop for travel. Plus the top and bottom cover are quite slippery, you will have to be very careful and "cherish" this machine. Besides, the case is also very easy to stick to fingerprints and sweat marks. Therefore, Lenovo Y50 is easy to become "smelly" if you do not hard to clean the machine regularly.

The number of connector ports of the Y70 Touch is similar to Y50, the left side is still the position of two USB 3.0 ports (mixed red and not blue like other laptops to match the red tones). black of the whole body), HDMI port, LAN port and square head charging port (Lenovo's new charging port).

The right side in turn is the high quality SPDIF audio output port, mic / headphone jack, SD memory card reader, a USB 2.0 port and protective keyhole.

The rear edge has no connection port, while the front edge deflects to the left where LED lights inform the status of the device such as source, battery, touchpad, hard drive.

To ensure thinness, neither Y50 nor Y70 Touch have built-in DVD optical drives but use an attached removable DVD drive connected to the device via USB port.


The Y70 Touch's screen measures 17.3 inches, Full HD (1920 x 1080 pixels) resolution and has a pixel density of 127 PPI. Although this is not a high pixel density compared to smartphones and tablets, but with a large screen of 17.3 inches, you will not use it at close distance such as tablet or phone. Therefore, the image on the Y70 Touch is still sharp and highly detailed, especially for browsing, writing, playing games or watching movies.

The color and angle of the Y70 Touch also improved markedly compared to the Y50. If on the Lenovo Y50, the color and viewing angle are low, not commensurate with the powerful hardware configuration that it owns, this is the exact opposite of the Y70 Touch. True and fresh Y70 Touch colors. Viewing angles are very good even at corners that are difficult to see from the bottom up or look from above. The brightness of the screen is also quite high, good enough for it to be used outdoors or in places with strong light shining directly on the screen.

When measuring the Y70 Touch's screen with software and specialized devices, the results received match the visual experience. Y70 Touch has a fairly high maximum brightness, the basic colors are accurate and deviate slightly from reality. Besides, other important elements of the screen are as good as: balanced color heat, deep black color, good contrast. Thanks to the better quality screen, the entertainment with games, movies on Y70 Touch "has been" better than Y50.

Measuring table of Lenovo Y70 Touch screen results compared to Lenovo Y50

Lenovo Y70 Touch color space table. The squares are standard color points, while the dot is the actual color measured. It can be seen that the color space of Y70 touch is quite close to the standard color range.

The ability to display basic colors of Y70 Touch: Above is the display color and below is the standard color.

Y70 Touch's gray scale display capability: The top is the display color and the bottom is the standard color.

Touch ability

The reason the Lenovo laptop is called Y70 Touch is because its 17.3-inch screen is also equipped with a multitouch with 10-point touch support.

Practical experience of VnReview shows that the touch screen of Y70 Touch has good sensitivity, quick response ability. Touching, virtual keyboard typing, image zooming, the website is smooth, smooth and not inferior to high-end tablets or smartphones. Lenovo also has a number of software available to take advantage of Y70 Touch's touch features. Plus, the device is preinstalled with Windows 8.1 operating system with Modern UI interface which was born for touch screen and Windows Store app store is quite rich, the touch screen on Y70 Touch has quite a lot of "land" to "use martial arts".

Overall, the touch feature is an interesting addition to the Y70 Touch when it comes to giving users new experience on a traditional laptop. However, the price as the hinge of this laptop can bend 360 degrees like Lenovo's own Yoga laptops, the use of the touch screen will be more convenient and useful.

The Lenovo Y70 Touch hinges can only expand to a maximum of about 140 degrees


Similar to Y50, Y70 Touch is also equipped with JBL speakers with 2 satellite speakers arranged in two corners of the computer just below the screen and a subwoofer located at the bottom. The volume of this speaker is not too big but it can completely fill a space like a living room or bedroom with an area of ​​15 to 20 square meters.

Thanks to the subwoofer, the Y70 Touch shows a relatively good bass that gives an impressive sound experience, especially when watching movies, playing games or listening to vibrant dance and rock tracks. The high sound range, even when fully turned on, is not subjected to harsh phenomena, while the middle range has a good thickness and detail.

Red subwoofer is arranged on the underside

Y70 Touch also allows you to fine-tune the sound settings to your liking through the built-in Dolby Digital Plus software.

Along with that, Lenovo also provides Y70 Touch OneKey Theater software to bring more optimal audiovisual experience. With 4 Normal options, Movie, Picture (Picture) and Music (Music), the OneKey Theater application automatically adjusts both the color temperature on the screen and the audio ranges of the speaker system. . Movie and Music options on the OneKey will use the audio settings of the corresponding options on the Dolby Digital Plus application.

Keyboard and touchpad

The keyboard on the Y70 Touch remains faithful to Lenovo's typical AccuType design with wide-distance buttons, the bottom edge of each key is rounded below to give a better feel to the finger. Besides, due to its large size, the Y70 Touch also has NumPad number pad for better data entry. The large area keys are integrated with red backlight that looks "cool" and makes it easy to use in low light conditions, while also adorning the "pit" of this gaming laptop, especially when you play the game in the dark.

Arrow keys are as large as most other keys. However, the key journey is quite short for the feeling of not yet for gamers. The keyboard has quite a few quick call features in Windows 8.1 such as: Fn + F9 to access Windows, Fn + F10 settings to search, Fn + F11 to open running applications.

Part of the holiday has a spacious space, large touchpad area with modern style without buttons. The material where the hand rests seems to be made of plastic with a soft black coating that feels comfortable at the fingertips. The large, high-sensitivity touchpad supports many convenient multi-point operations for Windows 8.1 such as swipe from right to to open the Charm Bar, swipe from left to right to switch back and forth between the latest applications, scroll the page With 2 fingers, slide 3 or 4 fingers to perform Back or Forward, press 2 fingers to open the right mouse, …

Software and features

In addition to being preinstalled Windows 8.1 with Windows software available, Y70 Touch also comes with some of Lenovo's own utility applications. First of all, Lenovo Settings. This is an application with a similar interface to the Quick Setting section on Android devices. It helps display system battery level, quickly adjust screen brightness, volume, quickly turn on and off Wi-Fi connection, Bluetooth, switch to Airplane mode, Webcam toggle, Microphone, Touchpad, desk light keys … In addition, Lenovo Settings also helps turn Y70 Touch into a portable WiFi hotspot via WiFi hotspot feature. Comes with some other options for images, audio, system settings …

Lenovo Motion Control allows you to use a webcam as a hand gesture recognition device to flip pages, rewind tracks when listening to music or some simple gestures when watching movies.

The webcam is also integrated with VeriFace Pro technology which allows users to log in through face recognition.

The OneKey Recovery System application allows you to back up your hard drive when there is a problem with a small button right next to the shutdown button.

SHAREit software allows to quickly receive and send files between Y70 Touch to smartphones or other computers via WiFi Direct connection. Besides, SHAREit also allows to use the smartphone to control Y70 Touch remotely.


As a dedicated laptop for gamers, it's no surprise that the Lenovo Y70 Touch easily "battles" the heaviest games today with its high graphics settings thanks to the Intel Core i7-4710HQ quad-core processor. 2.5 GHz (6M Cache, can Turbo Boost to 3.5 GHz), 16 GB RAM and especially discrete graphics GeForce GTX 860M with 4GB of graphics memory.

Specifically, in the Middle Earth Shadow of Mordor game at Full HD resolution, setting the graphics to High, the frame achieved with the Y70 Touch ranges from 33 to 45 FPS. The game runs smoothly, stably, detailed images, sharp, beautiful.

With Far Cry 4, still in Full HD resolution, the highest level of graphics settings Ultra frames range from 25-30 frames per second, the game runs smoothly. However, lowering the graphics settings to Very High or High will be more "fit" with the Lenovo Y70 Touch when the frame increases and stabilizes at 30 – 40 frames per second.

Continuing with Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes in Full HD resolution, the graphics settings are at the highest level. Extra High, off Vsync, the game runs smoothly with frames ranging from 30 to 40 picture / second.

Try the game Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare at Full HD resolution, turn off Vsync, at the automatic setting, the parameters of surface texture such as Texture Resolution, Normal Map Resolution, Specular Map Resolution all meet Extra level. , Shadow Map Resolution shines to High level, depth parameters of images such as Depth of Field, Motion Blur reaches Medium, Post Process Anti-Aliasing anti-aliasing reaches FXAA level. The game runs extremely smoothly with frames ranging from 60 to 70 frames per second.

The final test with Assassin's Creed Unity in Full HD High resolution, the frame ranged from 15 to 20 frames per second, the game was very jerky and laggy, hard to play. Lowering the Low level, the frame ranged from 20-30 frames per second, the game was smoother and could play well although sometimes in scenes with a large number of frames per second still dropped sharply. This is partly due to Assassin's Creed Unity not being well optimized, both in computers and gaming systems. A computer with the equivalent configuration of Lenovo Y70 Touch should be "good" for this game at High HD resolution High.

Popular sports titles like PES 2015 or FIFA 15 are handled by Lenovo Y70 Touch at the highest setting, turning on Vsync, the frame is completely stable at 60 frames per second.

In the 3DMark GPU graphics performance evaluation program, similar to the Lenovo Y50 brother, the Y70 Touch also scored high. Specifically, the machine reached 3693 points in the Fire Strike test, 11378 points in the Sky Driver test, 16630 points in the Cloud Gate test and 86376 points in the Ice Storm test. These are all good grades, demonstrating the powerful graphics processing capabilities of a laptop from Lenovo.

Although equipped with a 5400-rpm hybrid HDD with 1TB capacity and 8GB SSD as a cache, the Lenovo Y70 Touch's data access rate is not much superior to that of HDD hard drives. usually, common, normal. Specifically, the Lenovo Y70 Touch's Crystal Disk Mark 3.0.3 hard drive performance rating peaked at 109.9 MB / s at read speeds and 107.9 MB / s at write speeds.

In fact, the hybrid hard drive needs to be active long enough to analyze and contain data that is frequently accessed on the SSD memory. Since then, the retrieval rate has been improved.


Using the same design with Y50, the heat dissipation ability of Y70 Touch is similar to that of its brother. The heat sinks on the bottom of the machine and the rear edge help to cool the air from the outside to cool the system. Then, the hot air will escape according to the heat sink slot located right near the screen hinge. This is a cable storage site connected to the monitor, so it is possible in the long term that the durability of this area will be affected.

Hot air is released from the heat sink slot just below the screen hinge

Due to the slim size and metal cover, the Y70 Touch heats up quite quickly during use. Just playing games or watching movies for about 30 minutes is the area around the WSAD keys that is hotly seen. Meanwhile, the rest area, the touchpad is completely cool. Perhaps, the fast warming area is where the CPU processor and GPU graphics card are located, so the temperature quickly increases when using heavy tasks.

When testing the operating temperature of Lenovo Y70 Touch with AIDA64 software for the entire system from CPU, hard drive, RAM, GPU, operating at maximum 100% for more than 1 hour 30 minutes, the maximum temperature can be CPU up to 90 degrees Celsius, hard drive temperature of 37 to 42 degrees Celsius. This is a relatively high temperature compared to the Lenovo Y70 Touch configuration.

The problem of gaming laptop overheating during entertainment is not unusual because they are often very high profile and have to handle heavy tasks. So, it is best to have a dedicated cooling fan for your laptop to support better heat dissipation when using the Lenovo Y70 Touch.

In addition, Lenovo also arranged a feature in the Lenovo Setting application named Fan dust removal It helps to blow all the dust out of the machine by letting the radiator fan work at full capacity to help the machine ventilate, operate stably and dissipate heat better.

Battery life

To check the battery life of Y70 Touch, we set it to run in Balanced power mode in Windows 8.1, screen brightness at about 70%, 70% volume, turn off Wifi connection, turn off table light keys and continuous playback of a Full HD movie. The time recorded from the time the device is 100% battery until the alarm is 10% battery is 2 hours 54 minutes.

Meanwhile, with testing game FIFA 15, screen brightness is still about 70%, 70% volume, turn off Wifi connection, turn off the keyboard light. The time recorded from the time the device is 100% battery until the device has 5% battery and automatically turns off is 1 hour 10 minutes.

In addition, with normal usage conditions, the device is still in Balanced power mode in Windows 8.1, screen brightness is about 60%, volume is 50%, the keyboard light is the highest, browsing the web with Chrome 20 tabs. In particular, in addition to the simple tab is the image and the text also has a tab to listen to music at Zing MP3, a tab to watch clips on YouTube in about 30 minutes. Lenovo Y70 Touch lasted for nearly 2 hours, then reported 10% battery life.

Thus, despite having a larger screen, the Y70 Touch's battery life is still equivalent to Y50 and this can be explained by the fact that the two machines have nearly the same configuration. Battery life is not the strong point of Lenovo Y70 Touch and this is the general condition of gaming laptops. The configuration is too strong, the screen size is large while the battery has a small capacity so the battery of the device is only enough for temporary users to use in cases where it cannot be plugged in.

In addition, Lenovo also equips Y70 Touch Lenovo Energy Manager software to manage batteries, allowing you to see if the current status of the battery is good, see which software is the most energy-consuming, Set charging reminder schedule. There are also two notable features: Conservation Mode and Express Charging. In particular, Conservation Mode will lock the battery again and only allow full charge at 55-60% to avoid battery bottlenecks, and Express Charging will make battery charging faster than usual when it only takes about 2 hours You can charge from 0% to 100%.

Practical experience shows that when you turn on fast charging mode, it takes 1 hour 40 minutes to charge from 5% battery to 100% battery.

Lenovo Energy Manager software with many features helps manage battery more efficiently


Compared to Lenovo Y50, Lenovo Y70 Touch gives users a more complete experience with larger screen size, better quality with touch features. Along with that, the configuration of the Y70 Touch is slightly stronger than its brother with double the amount of RAM. However, having to spend the difference of nearly 10 million dong will be a problem for users when choosing this high-end laptop.

With a genuine price of nearly VND 35 million in Vietnam, Lenovo Y70 Touch will compete with rivals MSI GE70 (VND 36 million), MSI GS70 (about VND 34.6 million), Dell Inspiron 7737 (34.5 million) VND), Asus G750JS (VND 33.1 million). The advantage of a gaming laptop from Lenovo is light and thin, its appearance is relatively eye-catching, strong configuration, high quality screen, interesting touch features, good sound system. However, Lenovo is not a well-known company in the gaming industry, so it will take time for the manufacturer's gaming products to confirm its place in the gamer.


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