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Launched in Vietnam at the beginning of August, Chinese laptop model for Lenovo players attracts attention thanks to attractive selling price (from about 25 million VND) with strong configuration (Core i7 chip, discrete graphics , 1TB hard drive, Full HD display). Besides, the machine also possesses a rugged design and a built-in "pit" sound system.

The Lenovo Y50 that VnReview evaluated in detail in this article has a specific configuration including: Intel Core i7-4710HQ quad-core processor with 2.5 GHz (6M Cache, can Turbo Boost to 3.5 GHz), RAM of 8GB DDR3 Bus 1600Mhz , 1TB HDD hybrid hard drive with 8GB of SSD memory 5400 rpm, discrete graphics GeForce GTX 860M 4GB, 15.6 inch screen Full HD resolution (1920×1080 pixels), 4 cell 7400mAh 54Whr battery, Windows built-in 8.1 copyright, removable DVD optical drive comes with a price of 25 million VND.


As a laptop aimed at gamers, the design of Lenovo Y50 has a prominent feature that is pits, angular and sturdy. Along with the highlight in the way of mixing black and red colors, as soon as I look at the machine I think of the design of Dell Alienware or Asus Lamborghini series. However, compared to the famous gaming series laptops, Lenovo Y50 proved softer.

Review Lenovo Y50 gaming laptop

Due to the "cutting" of the Ultra-drive drive bay – where it can be used to plug an optical drive, radiator fan or even a second video card for the machine, Lenovo Y50 is much slimmer and lighter than Y510p predecessor (2.5 kg compared to 2.9 kg) is still not as thin as the MSI GS60 Ghost model (weighs 1.9 kg).

Although light and thin, holding the camera to move is not easy because it is slightly slippery because the top and bottom cover are made of aluminum. The aluminum material covered with a black cross-scratched paint looks subtle but it is easy to see the patchy fingerprints that appear on the surface when light shines on. Therefore, Lenovo Y50 is easy to become "smelly" if you do not hard to clean the device regularly.

The top and bottom sides have a symmetrical design, on each side there are two diagonal lines that create an angular angle instead of a soft surface like on regular laptops.

Prominent on the back is a red subwoofer system, next to the air circulation slots of the heat sink system.

Review Lenovo Y50 gaming laptop

720p webcam of the device is of average quality

Compared to the predecessor model Y510p, Lenovo Y50 does not have to "add" an optical drive so the edges of the machine have plenty of space to arrange the communication port. The right side is in turn the high-quality audio output port SPDIF, the mic / headphone jack, followed by the memory card slot, one USB 2.0 port and the protective keyhole.

The left edge has two USB 3.0 ports (mixed in red and not blue like other laptops to match the red and black tones of the entire body), HDMI port, LAN port and square head charging port (Lenovo's new charging port).

In addition, both sides are accentuated by a part of red speakers from the keyboard surface that pulls down making the machine look "cool".

The front edge has some small LED lights to signal the power, battery, touchpad, hard drive status when the machine is operating.

The rear edge has a long screen spindle, beveled sides, the radiator slot is designed to look tight and strong.


Lenovo Y50 has a 15.6-inch screen, Full HD (1920 x 1080 pixels) resolution. With Full HD resolution, paragraphs, text strokes are displayed sharply and the level of detail of the image is high. But the viewing angle of the device is not very impressive, the image and contrast are changed quite clearly when looking from the top or the sides.

When measuring the screen with software and specialized devices, the screen of the device has a maximum brightness of 219 nit, lower than many other laptops, such as Toshiba's P50T reaching 226 nit brightness. The maximum brightness is not high, which is an acceptable factor for the soft price of the product but the quality Display color of the product is also not good. Y50's color space is quite narrow compared to the standard sRGB color range.

Lenovo Y50 color space table. The squares are standard color points, while the dot is the actual color measured. It can be seen that the color space of Y50 is quite far from the standard color range.

The ability to display basic colors of Y50: Above is the display color and the bottom is the standard color.

Y50 gray scale display capability: The top is the display color and the bottom is the standard color.

Learn more VnReview screen evaluation like?


In this clause, it can be said that Y50 scored very well. BThe JBL speaker has a volume not too big but it fully meets a space of 15 to 20 m2. The sound is about bass due to the dedicated bass speaker system placed under the machine, the high sound range, even though it is fully turned on, will not be harsh, while the middle range has the thickness and detail.

However, there is a slight limitation because the subwoofer volume is slightly reduced due to being blocked by the table surface and the possibility of dirt or damage is also higher, because the lower part is usually places that are less cared for and often exposed to hard surfaces.

Unlike many other laptops, Y50 will give better sound quality when you turn off the Dolby software feature. When Dolby is turned on, the high sound band will be distorted at maximum volume, the bass will be broken and the middle band will become very lifeless.

Lenovo has also provided Y50 OneKey Theater software to provide a more optimal audiovisual experience. With 4 options Normal, Movie, Picture and Theater, the OneKey Theater application automatically adjusts both the color temperature on the screen and the audio ranges of the speaker. The Movie and Theater options on OneKey will use the audio settings of the corresponding options on the Dolby Plus Profile Editor application.

Keyboard and touchpad

The keyboard on the Y50 is still Lenovo's typical AccuType with separate keys and a rounded edge underneath to give a better feel to the finger. The keys are wide area with integrated red backlight which looks quite cool and helps to use comfortably in low light conditions, while also adorning the "pit" of this gaming laptop.

Arrow keys are as large as most other keys. However, the key journey is quite short for the feeling of not yet for gamers. The keyboard has a few handy calling features in Windows 8.1 such as: Fn + F10 to search, Fn + F11 to open running applications.

Part of the holiday has a quite spacious space, large touchpad area with modern style. The material where the hand rests seems to be made of plastic with a soft black coating that feels comfortable at the fingertips. The size of the touchpad is quite large, slightly sensitive so sometimes typing will make it easy to mistakenly touch it and make the cursor move (it is possible to adjust the restriction to identify the palm so that the touchpad is not mistaken).

The bottom of the touchpad with integrated 2 left mouse buttons must have good feedback. In general, scrolling, zooming, and clicking operations on Y50's touchpad work well.

Software and features

Lenovo Y50 is preinstalled with Windows 8.1 with Lenovo's familiar utility applications such as Lenovo Settings (quick setup of Wi-Fi, Airplane mode, Microphone, keyboard light …)

Lenovo Motion Control allows you to use a webcam as a hand gesture recognition device to flip pages, rewind tracks when listening to music or some simple gestures when watching movies.

The webcam is also integrated with VeriFace Pro technology which allows users to log in through face recognition.

The OneKey Recovery System application allows you to back up your hard drive when there is a problem with a small button right next to the shutdown button.

To share files between Lenovo laptops together, you can also use Hightail software.


As a dedicated laptop for gamers, it is no surprise that Lenovo Y50 is easy to "battle" the heaviest games today with high graphics settings thanks to the power from quad-core Intel Core i7-4710HQ processor. 2.5 GHz (6M Cache, possibly Turbo Boost to 3.5 GHz), 8GB RAM and especially discrete graphics GeForce GTX 860M 4GB.

Specifically, in the game Battlefield 4, at High graphics settings, resolution of 1920 x 1080, turning off V-Sync, Lenovo Y50 reached a frame rate ranging from 42 to 52 frames per second, the game ran smoothly even in explosive scenes. complex, detailed images, sharp.

The second test with the title game Need for Speed ​​Rivals, at the highest graphics setting (Ultra), resolution 1920 x 1080, unlocking 30 fps, Lenovo Y50 reaches a frame rate ranging from 33 to 45 frames per second, the game runs smoothly even in bumps and collisions with many complex graphic effects.

Continuing with the FIFA 15 game, the highest graphic setting (High), the maximum resolution of 1920 x 1080 screen, the highest level of antialiasing (4X), no frame lock, Lenovo Y50 reached the level The frame varies from 82 to 110 frames per second. The game runs smoothly, smoothly, without any jerky phenomenon, any lag occurs even when having to deal with many objects such as ball situations in the area of ​​16m50.

Try the game Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag, at resolution 1920 x 1080, important settings such as environment quality (environmental quality), texture quality (surface texture quality), shadow quality (reflection quality), reflection quality (reflected light quality) at normal level, set anti-aliasing quality at the FXAA level, setting ambient occlusion at SSAO level, setting god rays (the quality of light shining through the object) at low level, turning off V- Sync, Lenovo Y50 reaches a frame rate ranging from 29 to 41 frames per second, the game runs smoothly.

You can learn more about graphics settings when playing games in the following article: 5 important graphic settings when playing games.

In the 3DMark GPU graphics performance evaluation program, Lenovo Y50 also achieved high scores. Specifically, the device scored 3427 points in the Fire Strike test, 10852 points in the Sky Driver test, 13400 points in the Cloud Gate test and 80446 points in the Ice Storm test. These are all good grades, demonstrating the powerful graphics processing capabilities of a laptop from Lenovo.

Although equipped with a 5400-rpm hybrid HDD with 1TB capacity and 8GB SSD as a cache, Lenovo Y50's data access rate is not much superior to that of using hard-drive HDDs. often. Specifically, the speed measured by Lenovo Y50's Crystal Disk Mark 3.0.3 hard drive evaluation program reaches the highest level of 108.3 MB / s at read speeds and 106.3 MB / s at write speeds, only marginally. a bit compared to the speed of data retrieval of Dell Inspiron 14 – 5477 which VnReview has recently evaluated.

In fact, the hybrid hard drive needs to be active long enough to analyze and contain data that is frequently accessed on the SSD memory. Since then, the retrieval rate has been improved.


Right from the design, Y50 feels skeptical about the ability of heat dissipation by the heat sink slot mainly focused on the bottom, the back edge has a bit but only formality. Meanwhile, usually the radiator slot on the underside has the main effect to suck air into the machine and push it to another place (either side or back of the machine).

Besides, the thin and aluminum machine should definitely be hot during long use. X-Men: Days of Future Past X-Men: Days of Future Past, the temperature outside the machine (the area between the keyboard) is up to 36 degrees, the lower side is hotter to 38, 5 degrees, much higher than the 35 degree Celsius – mold starts to annoy users. Temperatures where the touchpad is temporarily stable at 29 degrees C.

When testing Lenovo Y50 operating temperature with AIDA64 software for the entire system from CPU, hard drive, RAM, GPU, operating at a maximum of 100% for more than 1 hour 30 minutes, the recorded temperature of The CPU is about 55 to 92 degrees Celsius, the hard drive temperature is about 38 to 42 degrees Celsius. This is a relatively high temperature compared to the Lenovo Y50 configuration.

In the FIFA 2015 game experience about 20 minutes, the area between the letter G and H keys reached a temperature of 39 degrees C, equivalent to the bottom area. However, the problem of gaming laptop overheating during entertainment is not unusual because they are usually very high profile and have to handle heavy tasks. Therefore, it is best to equip a dedicated fan for laptop to support better heat dissipation when using Lenovo Y50.

Battery life

To check battery life, we set up the Lenovo Y50 to use Balanced power mode in Windows 8.1, screen brightness at about 70%, 70% volume, turn off the Wi-Fi connection and give a continuous playback Full HD movie. The time recorded from the time the device is 100% battery until the alarm goes down and 10% battery is 2 hours 50 minutes.

Meanwhile, with testing game FIFA 15, screen brightness is still around 70%, 70% volume, turn off Wifi connection. The time recorded from the time the device is 100% battery until the machine turns off automatically is 1 hour 10 minutes.

In addition, with normal usage conditions, the device is still in Balanced power mode in Windows 8.1, screen brightness of about 60%, 50% volume, web browsing with about 20 tabs. In particular, in addition to the simple tab of images and writing, there is a tab for listening to music at Zing MP3, a tab for watching clips on YouTube for about 1 hour. Lenovo Y50 can last for more than 2 hours, then report 10% battery life.

Easy to understand when battery life is not a strong point of Lenovo Y50 and this is the general condition of gaming laptops. The configuration is too strong, while the battery is too "remote" just enough for temporary users to use the device in cases where it cannot be plugged in.


Overall, Lenovo Y50 possesses enough advantages to convince gamers that it targets as well as users who prefer entertainment on laptops. It is designed to bring both a thin and light tunnel, neat, high resolution screen, good gaming performance, quality sound system and a long warranty period (2 years).

Besides, it also has an attractive price (about 25 million VND) compared to the equivalent gaming laptops like MSI GS70 (about 34.6 million VND), Asus G550JK (about 31 million VND), or Toshiba Satellite P50 (about 27.6 million VND). However, the screen has a narrow viewing angle and color quality is not really impressive are the factors users need to consider in this game laptop.

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