ipad air rating

"Thinnovation", the term Apple used to promote MacBook Air is probably the most accurate phrase to describe the iPad Air.

Six years after making the tech world stunned about a laptop so thin that could fit into a large envelope, Apple continued to innovate for its high-end tablet line by launching the iPad. Air. As its name suggests, the iPad Air has a "light-air-like" body that weighs only two-thirds of its fourth-generation iPad, and the trim is 40% thinner.

The new tablet still has a beautiful Retina display from the previous iPad 2 generations. The iPad 9.7 inch of 2013 also carried a powerful A7 processor with a powerful 64-bit architecture.

ipad air rating

Unfortunately, the price of the iPad Air will not be "lighter" at all: In the US, the 16GB Wi-fi version will cost $ 500 (10.5 million). The most expensive version, 128GB 4G LTE costs up to 929 USD (19.6 million). Like every year, iPad Air launches just before the busy Christmas holiday shopping season. So, is strong performance and beautiful design worth the money you will spend? Let's find the answer with Engadget.

Hardware design

While the 3rd generation iPad ("new iPad with Retina display") as well as the successor of iPad 4 has a beautiful Retina display, the weight and thickness of these iPads is a big obstacle for fans. . Anyway, by October 2013, Apple had just brought a new and fresh "wind" to its high-end tablet line.

ipad air rating

Why is it both new and old? Those who have ever used the iPad mini will soon comment that iPad Air is actually just an exaggerated version of the iPad mini, if only the design element is considered. It can be said that the iPad mini is a smart game of Apple to test Jony Ive's new design language, and the success of this small tablet is big enough for iPad 9.7 inches to learn under its own juniors.

ipad air rating

Naming the iPad 2013 is "iPad Air" is very reasonable: if you've ever used an iPad 3 or iPad 4, you'll see the iPad Air is much smaller and lighter. The device's weight is only 450 grams, the thickness is only 7.5 mm – 1.9 mm thinner and about 200 grams lighter than the iPad 4. The iPad 2's screen border is also much smaller than iPad 4.

ipad air rating

The iPad Air's solid aluminum body is very sturdy. The edge of the body is less beveled than before, and so you can hold the iPad Air more firmly than the iPad 4. Apple has also added a small border between the front and the rest of the camera body, creating very good looks. class for iPad Air. However, the contours on the sides are quite prone to scratch, so you will have to preserve iPad Air carefully if you do not want your tablet to deteriorate miserably after a period of use.

ipad air rating

iPad Air also has many other small improvements in terms of design. For example, the speaker unit has been redesigned into two strips located next to the Lightning port, instead of in the lower left corner like the previous generation. On the white iPad Air model, the buttons are silver instead of black, and the volume rocker has been separated into 2 up and down keys. Apple has also designed a microphone on the back of the device to reduce noise when chatting. iPad Air only supports nano SIM, instead of microSIM. The SIM card is also redesigned and placed in the lower right corner of the device.

ipad air rating

Perhaps the most regrettable point on the design of the iPad Air is the Home button. Apple has decided not to equip the iPhone 5s Touch ID fingerprint sensor for iPad Air. The new iPad Mini is also not equipped with Touch ID. Most likely, Apple is saving Touch ID for the next iPad generation. Without Touch ID, users will still have to protect the tablet using a password.

Configure & Connect

According to Apple's statement, the iPad Air A7 processor has twice the power of A6X on iPad 4. Just like the iPhone 5s, the A7 on the iPad Air is equipped with both M7 subprocessors to cater for sensitive tasks. Variable motion.

ipad air rating

The screen resolution on the iPad Air reaches 2048 x 1536 pixels, which is equivalent to the pixel density / inch of 264 ppi. The iPad Air's sharpness is still inferior to its juniors, because the iPad mini Retina has the same resolution as the iPad Air, the large iPad of 2013.

Competitors such as the Nexus 10 and Galaxy Note 10.1, the 2014 version even have resolutions up to 2560 x 1600 pixels, which helps create a much larger pixel density than the iPad Air. That doesn't mean that the iPad Air's screen is of poor quality: all compliments for Retina on the iPad 3 and iPad 4 remain the same on iPad Air. The image quality at narrow viewing angles is also very good, and the screen brightness when used outdoors is not inferior to the competition.

In terms of mobile connectivity, the iPad Air supports up to 14 4G LTE bands. However, users in Vietnam will continue to have to live with 3G, but the iPad Air support up to 14 bands is also a good signal: you will not have to worry about the compatibility of the iPad Air with the wave. 4G in Vietnam in the near future.

ipad air rating

iPad Air is equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity, aGPS / GLONASS routing technology. iPad Air supports Wi-fi connection 802.11a / b / g / n with MIMO (multiple outputs, multiple inputs). This means that the iPad Air can connect to multiple antennas simultaneously to receive and send data more easily. According to Apple claims, the maximum data transfer rate of iPad Air is 300 Mbps.


iPad Air is equipped with iOS 7.0.3. Except for the patch for some serious bugs, iOS 7.0.3 also has iCloud Keychain, a feature that allows you to synchronize passwords and credit card information on all your iOS devices, as well as a possibility. ability to create new automated passwords for Safari. Overall, it can be said that iPad Air still has no software advantages compared to other Apple devices running iOS 7.


ipad air rating

Overall, the quality of the camera on the iPad Air remains the same as in previous generations. Apple hardly brought any changes to the iSight camera: it is still a 5MP camera with an aperture of f / 2.4 with a BSI sensor that automatically focuses like the previous iPads.

The iPad Air's image quality is generally quite good, and you can also shoot "high speed" with 12 shots in 5 seconds. The iPad Air camera does not have a flash, so night photography will be blurred and quite noisy. Perhaps, Apple should offer a variety of shooting modes for the iPad Air like panorama, continuous shooting and slow shooting. Just like old iOS devices, the iPad Air photography app has almost no custom, except HDR, square photography and editing after shooting.

ipad air rating

Photographs in the dark are almost impossible to use

ipad air rating

Photos taken in low light conditions are also not of high quality

ipad air rating

ipad air rating

However, outdoor photos are quite "sparkling".

ipad air rating

Photos like this are more than enough for social networks

ipad air rating

The video recording feature has the same parameters as the old generation: the front FaceTime camera is capable of recording 720p video, while the rear camera can record 1080p video.

Thanks to the 2 microphones (instead of the usual one), the FaceTime listening experience brings a clear voice. The video quality is also acceptable, the video call is quite smooth, but sometimes the image is slightly over-shaken.

You can record videos with the iPad Air's rear camera: the main camera delivers good video quality, the movement of the objects is smooth, but unfortunately the 2 microphones don't help eliminate the ambient noise. or even mild winds.

Processing performance & Battery life

Until now, iPad 4 is still one of the best software performance tablets on the market. Therefore, there is nothing difficult to understand when iPad Air continues to hold the title of Apple application performance: some tech sites even humorously claim that iPad Air "is ridiculously fast". The reason for the iPad Air's strong performance is the A7 processor similar to the iPhone 5s, but has been clocked up from 1.3 GHz to 1.4 GHz. iPad Air has 1GB of RAM.

ipad air rating

The benefits of the A7 processor do not stop at better power consumption and performance, but also include 64-bit architecture. 64-bit architecture is the future of mobile computing with many benefits such as increasing performance and supporting RAM (theoretically) up to … 16.8 million terabytes. A number of mobile games and applications have made the jump to 64-bit, and the A7's presence on the iPad Air is a good signal for software developers in particular and mobile users in general.

The biggest obstacle to the iPad Air is that the device sometimes encounters a problem of iOS 7 error. The application has a significantly improved download speed, and you will find the application "heavy" processor. like Infinity Blade III, iMovie and GarageBand become much faster. Fortunately, the iPad Air does not heat up as much as older models, even if used for a long time.

Here are the benchmark results of iPad Air, iPhone 5s and iPad 4:

ipad air rating

Sun Spider benchmark results on iPad Air currently hold the No. 1 position in the mobile market (smartphones and tablets). All other benchmarks also show that the iPad Air is a huge step forward from previous generations. In general, this benchmark results accurately reflect the actual use experience.

In terms of battery life, iPad Air continues Apple's traditional "10-hour battery". This is also the battery life of previous iPad generations. While the iPad Air battery life has not improved much, this is still a remarkable achievement for Apple because the battery has been reduced in size and the processor has been greatly increased. Even though the iPad Air battery is reduced from 42 Watt-hours (iPad 4) to 32 Watt-hours, the iPad Air's battery life … is better than the iPad 4 and reaches 13 hours 45 minutes in the test continuous video. Whereas, much thicker and heavier, the Wi-fi version of iPad 4 barely reached 10 hours of video testing of Endgadget.

During actual use, even if used a lot, the editor's Endgadget can still use the iPad within a day and a half.

ipad air rating

In the heaviest "battery" test: turn on the Maps app, connect to a Bluetooth device, iPad Air drops 40% of the battery in just 2 hours. The reason is that the iPad Air's screen is continuously turned on during this time, so if you turn off the screen you can get better battery life. For example, if you use an iPad Air to broadcast Wi-fi to other devices, it still has up to 70% of the battery after 6 hours of use. Overall, the iPad Air's battery life is very good compared to competing products.

The quality of the iPad Air speaker is still the same as the old one, but on the iPad Air speaker is placed at the end of the device, so you may accidentally cover the speaker of the device when used. However, this will not be too big a problem because you can hardly

accidentally plugging the speaker to the level of the volume.


If just a simple end-user experience and powerful processing performance, the iPad Air is still the best choice for you. The design and performance of large iPads has been greatly improved: the weight and thinness of the device will be really handy, while the A7 processor is capable of anticipating the future and beating all applications. heaviest.

It is possible that iPad Air will lose market share to iPad mini Retina. Apple's small tablet this year has a "gut" just like the iPad Air and will therefore be ineffective. If you want a compact but high-performance tablet, choose the new iPad mini. But if you need the most high-end tablet on the market, the iPad Air is the answer for you.

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