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Review ILife A9S vacuum robot: convergence of intelligent features of automatic robots – VnReview

The intelligent vacuum cleaner is a type of machine that can vacuum on the floor itself, avoiding obstacles and some even have a floor cleaning feature. Depending on the price, many other features are added, such as a built-in camera, fall avoidance sensors, a remote control and a house map.

Today, VnReview will be on hand and experience a fast robot vacuum cleaner, auto mop named ILife A9S. This is a product in high-end segment so a lot of features. ILife A9S is currently distributed at for VND 11.5 million with a 12-month warranty.

Open the box and design

The ILife A9S vacuum cleaner is packaged in a cardboard box with a product image featured on the box. The box has listed the outstanding features of the product such as: 360 panoramic camera, vacuum system, smart cleaning and the ability to connect to smartphones to control the robot remotely.

The ILife A9S takes up almost the entire area inside the box. The included accessories are located separately beside and below.

Accessories inside the charging box and the dock also have English user manual, 1 box for cleaning water, 2 wings for sweeping the edge, 1 sheet of HEPA filter to replace mounted in the dust box, a cleaning brush and a remote control comes with a battery.

In addition to the built-in brush, the manufacturer comes with a special vacuum cleaning brush for wood and ceramic tile floors. This brush is made of soft silicon to sweep away debris and debris from parquet or ceramic tile floors. When in operation, this broom constantly strokes and brushed on the floor surface to collect dirt and debris.

ILife A9S has a universal design in the robot vacuum cleaner market with the familiar round body of today's robot vacuum cleaner lines. The device uses a glossy black plastic shell material, surrounded by gray plastic edges to create contrast and health.

Like the current robot vacuum model, the front of the machine has a clickable bar. This is the part that allows the robot to change direction when touching walls or objects in the house.

Back to the top, the highlight on ILife A9S is the 360 ​​panoramic camera section and a single "Auto" button that allows users to start the vacuuming / mopping process anytime with just one button. press. The plastic buttons do not feel creaking, they like the hand and are well placed.

The bottom of the ILife A9S has the same design as the circular robots available on the market. The main component on the underside is the sweeping and vacuuming area of ​​the robot, including a sweeping brush on all floor surfaces and a soft rear blade. This blade works to prevent the suction airflow from being dispersed backwards, focusing the airflow on the front of the brush to increase the suction force of the machine. In addition, the underside also has two wheels operating independently of each other in combination with the omnidirectional wheel above to help the robot move flexibly.

ILife A9S is also equipped with 2 side brushes. This brush will clean every corner of your home, especially the walls and hidden corners. Symmetric to this omnidirectional wheel is 2 points of contact with the automatic charging dock.

At the edge of the robot is equipped with 3 anti-drop sensors: 1 sensor in front and 2 sensors on the side of the machine. The above sensors are dual type sensors including 1 anti-drop sensor and 1 height measuring sensor. Thanks to the height measuring sensor, when traveling to areas such as the interface between the two floor surfaces, the robot will recognize it as a safe height that can go forward. Many other types of intelligent vacuum cleaners currently do not have a height sensor, so when they come to positions such as a bar between wood and brick floors, the machine will stop, do not dare to go through because of the unknown depth between the surfaces. Current floor with the other floor surface.

The dust box of the robot can be removed to clean or install the mop box. Dust container has a capacity of 0.6 liters, quite large compared to the same product. This dust container features a 3-layer HEPA filter to prevent dust from being released into the environment.

Experience using

First of all, I need to mention that ILife A9S is in the top of the product range with many upgraded features compared to the previous versions that we have been tested. However, the user experience of this robot is extremely easy. The first time you use it, you can use the A9S the most common way: turn the power switch on the side of the device. Immediately after turning on the power button, the working mode selection function key will light up with Wi-Fi connection icon. If using the basic you just press the "Auto" and A9S will automatically scan and wipe your home.

If you need to wipe multiple floors, you just need to take the robot to the desired floor. Because of the smart sensor, A9S will never encounter the situation of falling down the stairs and damaging the machine.

To use more features. You need to control, where the majority of the features of the machine. You can control the robot manually, but you can only move the robot forward and turn left / right. Clock-shaped keys for timer operation for robots and keys with wifi icons to establish a wifi connection.

In addition, on the controller there are quite a number of cleaning modes such as the button that instructs the robot to scan from the center and rotate to the surrounding areas like a shell shape. The button indicates cleaning 1 place. The button with a square icon with arrows will indicate the robot to clean the area such as the corner of the wall, next to the table / chair … The home button will tell the robot to find the charging dock by itself.

During operation according to the preset modes, you can press the MAX key to activate the robot's dust extraction performance. But note that this mode is quite noisy when operating.

In addition, we can remotely control the phone via the ILIFE Robot application, which supports both the most popular operating systems currently iOS and Android. After downloading the app to your phone, you can connect the robot to your phone via Wi-Fi to control it.

The ILIFE Robot application has all the functions of a remote control via Wi-Fi. The main interface of the application displays the room map, area, battery life and other custom modes. For quick cleaning option, you can also press the auto button similar to the hard button on the robot.

In the A9S box, the manufacturer also provides a physical virtual wall. With a physical virtual wall, you can mark areas of inviolability such as children's display locations or indoor hi-end display stands. When moving into places where physical virtual walls are located, the robot will automatically change direction to avoid these positions.

Especially, A9S has both water tray and mop mode. To activate this mode, simply replace the dust container with the water dispenser. The supplied water tray has a capacity of 350ml.

Ability to vacuum and navigate

About navigation: In practical experience, the 360 ​​panorama panorama sensor on the A9S really works. Our observations show that the A9S can intelligently find a way to clear all areas that need vacuuming, avoid obstacles and rarely move back into previously cleaned locations.

It is this clever navigation that will solve another problem: battery life. With a capacity of 2600 mAh, the battery of A9S is actually lower than that of some current smartphones and the operating time is only about 130 minutes. But due to good navigation, the A9S does not take long to find the way, "running around in one place" like the vacuum cleaner robots only have collision sensors, so even though the continuous operating time is only 130 minutes but A9S can clean apartments with large floor area.

Thanks to the intelligent PanoView sensor, the robot knows when it's done and returns to the charging dock itself. Do not worry too much because the floor is too wide or the battery is low, the robot will automatically return to the charging dock and when the battery is full the robot will return to the position it left unfinished to continue to complete the remaining area.

Dust collector ability: We test a few days for robots operating in the office area, with carpeted rooms, rooms with wooden tiles, ceramic tiles …. A9S can easily suck all kinds of dirt, hair or dog and cat fur. easily …. Even when we opened the robot's garbage storage section, we found that the vacuum cleaner could even pick up small screws, pieces of wire that would often be too heavy for normal vacuum cleaners to use. sucked. It is possible that the robot has a reel with hard brooms, so if the suction is not strong enough it can still wrap small objects when passing through.

A9S is also equipped with a wet wiping system which is integrated with an innovative vibration system to clean the house cleaner technology that vibrates the container, mimicking the traditional mop principle, through an integrated vibration motor that increases friction to the floor. home to remove all stains. In addition, users can adjust the amount of water to regulate mopping through the application on the phone. However, the robot is only equipped with anti-drop sensor, depth measurement but not equipped with sensor when entering the carpet. In the process of cleaning the house, if there are locations where the robot carpet is still unrecognizable and still passing through, this is a rather unfortunate minus point on this product.


At VND 11.5 million, ILIFE A9S belongs to the high-end segment of the robot vacuum market. Compared to the automatic vacuum cleaners that we have had the opportunity to experience, the outstanding feature of the ILIFE A9S has a strong suction power, which can vary between a normal brush and a rubber brush, the robot sweeps and absorbs hair and feathers. Pets in short form. Besides, users can control the robot remotely via the application on the phone. However, the product lacks a carpet-sensing sensor, so the A9S still goes into the carpeted area in wet wipe mode.


+ High cleaning performance, able to effectively suck hair, pet hair

+ There is a 360-degree panorama sensor guide system that helps the robot move smartly without missing the position.

+ Fully equipped with intelligent features such as virtual walls

+ Smart wet cleaning system works effectively, overcome the disadvantages of other types of cleaning robots.

+ Connect to wifi with phones, tablets and Voice Assistant support.

+ Simple, easy to use suitable for all subjects.

+ Circular cylinder design so the robot operates very flexibly in tight areas, low noise and smooth operation (automatic mode).

+ With a height of 7.6cm, the robot easily accesses the area below some indoor furniture


– Vein brush is quite long

– Max operation mode (maximum power) causes quite a loud noise.

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