Review HP ProOne 400 G4 23.8 ”: All-in-One PC with slim border, unique" sneaky "webcam - VnReview

Review HP ProOne 400 G4 23.8 ”: All-in-One PC with slim border, unique" sneaky "webcam – VnReview

HP's All-in-One model draws attention in its modern design, slim screen edges and an integrated "recessed" webcam, enhancing security.

In addition to desktop and laptop computers, the computer market has another less popular product, the all-in-one PC. This can be considered mobile desktops thanks to all components such as CPU, RAM, hard drive integrated directly into the screen, saving space, more convenient to move.

HP ProOne 400 G4 23.8 "- HP's new All-in-One PC model launched in Vietnam

One of the most outstanding All-in-One models today is Apple's iMacs thanks to the sleek, luxurious aluminum monocoque. However, the All-in-One computer on the market doesn't just have an iMac. Another name in the PC world in the world, HP, also has a lot of remarkable All in One products, including the HP ProOne 400 G4, which has just launched in Vietnam.

Eye-catching design, flexible base

HP ProOne 400 G4 is sympathetic right from the first contact thanks to the modern, eye-catching design, the thin screen of the screen, the background plate is close to the frame. The loudspeaker range stands out, taking up most of the area of ​​the lower edge promising to deliver quality sound.

HP ProOne 400 G4 has a modern design, a thin screen border that covers the edge

The loudspeaker section stands out, taking up most of the bottom edge

Of course, is an All-in-One computer, so installing HP ProOne 400 G4 is very simple, almost similar to when installing a regular computer monitor. After attaching the stand, plugging in the power, adding a keyboard and mouse, the device is ready to operate, no longer having a scene attached to a monitor or audio cable, looking for a case like on traditional desktops.

Brackets with the same structure as HP EliteDisplay or Dell Ultrasharp screens

Simple installation, no need for screws

Brackets look very pitiful with delicate grip

Attach the stand to the screen, plug in the power, add a mouse, the keyboard is ready to work

The base is neat, elegant but sturdy because it is made of thick solid metal. The entire screen, backside or stand is all covered with a rough black color, the edges are cut in a square shape, strong, exuding the professionalism of a work-oriented machine.

The All In One's base itself is also very flexible with the ability to change the height, rotate the screen to the left and right or back to back, just missing the vertical rotation like the HP EliteDisplay or Dell Ultrasharp screens more.

HP ProOne 400 G4 stand with the ability to change height, left and right rotation, flexible back and back

Webcam "sniffing" interesting

Another noteworthy point is that the ProOne 400 G4's webcam is hidden behind the screen and accessible by sliding it up is quite interesting even though the experience of sliding up and down is not smooth and smooth. Of course, this webcam "sneaky" is not only for fun, but also primarily for enhancing security, preventing users from being "stolen" if the computer is hacked. When you don't need to use a webcam, just slide down and hide it and you're done, you don't have to use an ugly black tape-stick solution like Facebook boss anymore.

Webcam "sneaks up" with the mechanism of sliding up and down manually

The webcam quality is medium, the resolution is only 1MP equivalent to 720p HD (1280×720 pixels) so the definition is low. You will need to use the webcam in very good light environment because it is a bit dark, the color will be greatly reduced. In return for the dual microphones on both sides of the webcam for good audio capture and noise filtering efficiency. On HP's website, ProOne 400 G4 also has an infrared webcam option to unlock faces with Windows Hello, but this version is not currently distributed in Vietnam.

Photos from HP ProOne 400 G4's 1MP webcam

Rich connection

The connections on this All-in-One are quite diverse with 1 HDMI 2.0, 2 USB 3.1 Gen 1, 1 DisplayPort 1.2, 1 RJ-45 LAN on the back side. On the side there is an additional mic / headphone combo, 2 USB 3.1 Gen 1, a USB 3.1 Gen 1 SD memory card reader and 1 USB Type-C port but unfortunately the USB-C port only supports USB 2.0 standard. To transfer data only, audio, images or chargers for laptops cannot be exported.

All components are mounted on the back of the screen, angular design, healthy

Various connection ports on the back side

On the side also has more USB ports, USB Type C, memory card reader

Surprisingly, the device is still equipped with a thin optical drive (Slim) 9.5 mm capable of recording DVDs even though the CD on the market today has gradually drifted into the past. In addition, the ProOne 400 G4 also has Intel WiFi AC 2-band connectivity with a maximum speed of 1.73Gbps with Bluetooth 5.0.

It also has an optical drive with DVD burning capability

Optical drives are slowly disappearing due to the popularity of the Internet and USB

Quality screen

The front end of the HP ProOne 400 G4 is a 23.8-inch screen, 16: 9 aspect ratio, Full HD resolution (1920×1080 pixels), an IPS LCD panel. The thin border not only makes the design more modern and attractive, but also makes the display content more spacious and spacious. The background is pushed close to the frame making the image look outstanding and lively. The screen is covered with anti-glare layer, so it is good to avoid reflecting and shine, even when there is a strong light source.

Thin screen edges tangled at 3 edges create an eye-catching infinity effect

The image is outstanding and lively thanks to the background plate being pushed close to the frame

Good display quality. Color reproduction faithful, clear, full color, high contrast creates depth for images. This screen also has good brightness, a little bit of coolness. Wide viewing angle, very little variation even when viewed at tight corners. You can adjust the screen brightness quickly via the keyboard shortcut like a laptop. However, color correction or other screen settings are not supported. Another point to note is that this screen does not support touch.

The display quality of HP ProOne 400 G4 23.8 "is on par with the high-end screen models on the market today

Speakers with light, acoustic music

Most All-in-One computers come with built-in speakers for video calling and entertainment, music and movies. With HP ProOne 400 G4, as mentioned at the beginning of the article, the speaker range of the device looks outstanding, taking up most of the area at the bottom. This speaker layout is quite similar to some TV models on the market today and specs show that the speaker range has a capacity of 2W, with 2 satellite speakers to create a stereo multi-channel effect.

The loudspeaker has a high volume, but lacks bass

In fact, the volume of this loudspeaker range is quite large enough to fill a room of about 15 square meters. The loudspeaker gives clear sound, without being shy or distorted when maximized. However, since there is no subwoofer, the bass part is quite weak, listening to dance music, EDM and watching movies, playing games is not. This speaker is more suitable for light, lyrical, acoustic, bolero.

Keyboard, mouse average

Accompanying the ProOne 400 G4 is HP's wired keyboard and mouse set. There is not much to say about this set of mouse buttons as they all have the same popular design as most wired office keyboards today. If HP included a wireless mouse button for the All-in-One, the desk would be much more sleek and neat.

The included keyboard and mouse are wired, not suitable for the compact, eye-catching design of HP ProOne 400 G4

The mouse and keys all have basic features and quality. The chiclet-style keyboard is thinly similar to the laptop keyboard, the bounce is low, the key stroke is short, so typing is easy to get stuck. The highlight of the keyboard part is the integration of function keys into the row of F keys, activated by keeping the laptop-like Fn key added to quickly adjust the brightness, volume, turn off the mic, turn off the speaker, return the device to status break (sleep) or switch when connecting an external monitor.

Performance enough basic needs, easy upgrade capabilities

HP ProOne 400 G4 is distributed in Vietnam with 4 different versions of configuration and the version that VnReview used in this review is currently the highest with the proposed price of 17.89 million VND. This is the reference price through Synnex FPT distributor.

HP ProOne 400 G4 has 4 versions with different screen size, hardware configuration options

With the price of 17.89 million VND, the device is equipped with specific configuration including:

– 23.8 "Full HD IPS LCD screen anti glare, no touch

– 6-core Intel Core i5-8500T CPU (2.10 GHz, 9MB SmartCache, Turbo Boost 3.50 GHz)

– Intel UHD Graphics 630 integrated graphics card

– 4GB DDR4 2666 MHz RAM

– HDD 2.5 "1TB HDD 7200 rpm SATA3

– DVDRW burner

– Source 120W

– HD webcam, with keyboard, wired mouse

– Dual-band WiFi ac connection, Bluetooth 5.0

– Do not install Windows

In this configuration, the most valuable point is probably the relatively powerful Intel Core i5-8500T Coffee Lake CPU with 6 6-core, 2.1 GHz base clock and can boost Turbo Boost up to 3.5 GHz. Compared to the "original" version Core i5-8500 (3.00 GHz and Turbo Boost 4.1 GHz), this "T" version is worse in terms of clock speed but other parameters are still equivalent, so the maximum TDP level drops only 35W, suitable for All-in-One systems or Office Desktop that need energy saving.

Configuration of HP ProOne 400 G4 23.8 "meets basic office tasks

In fact, with normal, light office tasks like browsing the web with less than 5 tabs, opening Word, Excel, Power Point in parallel, the configuration of the HP ProOne 400 G4 is somewhat "redundant". The CPU score from familiar software like Cinebech R15 or Geekbench 4 shows impressive performance of Core i5-8500T, especially multi-core performance.

Score of Intel Core i5-8500T CPU on ProOne 400 G4 measured by GeekBench

Score of CPU, GPU on ProOne 400 G4 measured by CineBench

Even so, only 4GB of RAM, despite being a high-speed DDR4, significantly limits the device's multitasking capabilities. Hard drive of 1TB HDD speed of 7200 RPM is plentiful to store office data, even if it must contain more games, music, images, it is not a big problem but the speed is not enough to bring the Agile feedback, especially when faced with 100% Full Disk status in Windows 10.

Speed ​​of HP ProOne 400 G4 HDD drives measured by Crystal Disk Mark

Integrated graphics card Intel UHD Graphics 630 responds to gentle online games like League of Legends, FIFA Online 4 at average graphics, Full HD resolution but any offline game is heavier like PUBG , PES 2019, Fifa 19 are both overwhelming even when set at a low graphics level, HD 720p resolution.

GPU score of the device when measured in 3D Mark

Users often use a lot of heavy applications like Photoshop, Lightroom, web browsing continuously over 10 tabs or more or need to handle large Excel files need to upgrade to at least 1 4GB RAM and additional SSD. The HP ProOne 400 G4 has an empty RAM slot that supports up to 32GB upgrade, M.2 2230/2280 PCIe SSD slot compatible with both Intel Optane Memory solution.

When you need to use heavier tasks, you should raise more RAM and SSDs

The upgrade is quite simple when just removing 4 screws on the back. However, the distributor has stamped here so you need to contact technical staff to not lose warranty. Note that ProOne 400 G4 uses laptop RAM and does not upgrade the graphics card.

Removing the screw on the back is accessible to the internal components of the machine

However, the distributor has stamped here so you should contact the technical department to avoid losing warranty

In addition, HP provides quite a lot of software to enhance security, suitable for business users such as the ability to automatically detect and recover BIOS (Basic Input – Output System) if there are errors or attacks, HP Client Security Gen 4, HP Sure Start Gen 4, Trusted Platform Module TPM 2.0, HP System Software Manager …

In terms of operating temperature, an advantage in the above configuration is that the machine runs very cool and smooth. Even when forcing the system to operate at full capacity with AIDA 64 for 1 and a half hours continuously, the CPU temperature is only up to 78 degrees Celsius, the GPU temperature is up to 73 degrees Celsius, the hard drive is 48 degrees Celsius. The machine makes almost no significant noise.

System temperature when stress tested with AIDA 64 in 1 hour and a half

The cooling system works effectively, so the CPU does not encounter throttling during the test. TDP is also stable at 34.59W, so the average clock is high at 2.89GHz.

The system works stably, there is no phenomenon of reducing pulse, squeezing CPU performance


The explosion of laptops, tablets and smartphones with high configurations, provides enough performance to meet all the familiar entertainment tasks that have made desktops and even All-in-One computers somewhat unresponsive. However, they still have a firm stand, especially in traditional agencies, businesses or with less mobile users.

HP ProOne 400 G4 can be seen as a typical direction for the new generation All-in-One computers thanks to its eye-catching modern design, equipped with many advanced features such as webcam "leaked", USB Type ports. C, flexible base, easy upgrade ability.


+ Eye-catching design, modern, flexible base

+ Webcam "sneaking out" nicely, strengthening security, preventing being "stole"

+ High quality screen, wide viewing angle, thin screen border

+ Outstanding speaker range, decent sound quality, suitable for light music

+ Various connection ports, including memory card reader, USB Type C, WiFi, Bluetooth ports

+ Easy upgrade capability, high speed M.2 PCIe slot, Intel Optane compatible

+ Cool, smooth, energy saving operation

+ Good performance for office tasks, powerful Intel Core i5 8500T processor


– The amount of RAM is only 4GB, the hard drive is only HDD

– The accompanying mouse keyboard is still wired, not high quality

– Average quality webcam

– Do not install Windows


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