Review Honda NSX: Affirming the position of a legend

Review Honda NSX: Affirming the position of a legend

NSX is a luxury midsize sports car of the Honda brand. Honda NSX new version upgraded many improvements promising impressive experiences.

The latest Honda NSX exterior

Review exterior Honda NSX new version has a few changes compared to the previous version to help the car more eye-catching. Some significant changes such as: Grille does not use chrome coating in the border but instead with another paint of the same color as the body, many decorative details with high gloss. In addition, the car is also equipped with Continental SportContact 6 tires to bring the best grip when running at high speed.

Latest Honda NSX furniture

The interior of the latest Honda NSX is very comfortable and modern with standard equipment. Black Milano leather and Alcantara leather seats. The seats are sporty and feature manual controls. However, if possible, users can buy additional seats with electric adjustment function. It is equipped with a satellite navigation system, a high quality audio system, a front and rear proximity sensor, and an aluminum sports pedal.

Latest Honda NSX engine

The new Honda NSX uses a V6 petrol Hybrid engine in combination with a twin turbocharger for a maximum capacity of 573 horsepower. It comes with a maximum torque of 645 Nm and a 9-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission. Thanks to this engine, Honda NSX is able to complete the Suzuka race track 2 seconds earlier than its predecessor. This is one of the factors that help the new Honda NSX version has confirmed the position of a legend.

Equipped with the latest Honda NSX safety

The new Honda NSX has a big change when it is equipped with a larger balance bar in the powertrain to increase rigidity at the front up to 26% and the rear is 19%. In addition, the car also has power steering system for electronic steering; electronic balancing system; active damping features combined with comfortable driving mode; … These equipment will help the car operate more stable and optimal.

In the US, the new Honda NSX price ranges from $ 157,500. This price is $ 1,500 more expensive than the old Honda NSX price. However, this is considered a reasonable price because the new Honda NSX version has a lot of new upgrades and options.

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