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Review Gillette Proglide Fusion razor after more than 2 years of use

It's been over two years since I bought this Gillette Proglide Fusion razor. I don't think this razor is used that long but the price when I bought it seemed to be about 300 thousand something. This is really a worthwhile and pretty shaving razor for me. So today I want to share the review over 2 years of using my reality with you about this holy shaver:

Actually, the hand on the razor has a @Nam Air Mod done and has a very specific description in the article. But I just want to share the actual process of the person using this razor to see if it really is the brand of Gillette Proglide Divine Fusion razor?

The overall shape of the razor

In general, when buying Gillette razors, it is only enclosed in the master tray including: 1 head of 5 blades, 1 body with a blade, and 1 3A Duracell battery. I used to use Gillette razors all the time, but these types of razors are cheap and spend about 1, 2 weeks, and only 2 blades stop shaving. But when I bought this brother, I couldn't think that I had used it for more than 2 years and now I am still using it every day to travel, I have brought it with me and have never changed a blade of my head both. Recognizing that he is really practical :).

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A normal shaver that also uses the battery, vibrates and vibrates

I think this is another traditional, more modern shaving razor why do I say that? Because it gives me the traditional way of holding the blade from the men 's razor (However, I also know some women also use it :)). When holding the feeling very solid, the dress design part of the manufacturer made the grip on the body and the edge of the rubber around the body of the razor is no reason but not sure.

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The edges are designed around the razor body

Why do I say it's modern because Gillette has designed and retrofitted this razor with a fairly smooth vibratory tub mounted inside the body and its source of activity is a 3A Duracell battery. You just need to operate it by pressing and the power button on the red light is on. The good thing I want to tell you is that this vibration mode I used for more than 2 years but still doesn't bother to run out of batteries or show weak vibrations at all. On average, I shave twice a day for quite a long time.

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Power off on the Gillette shaver body

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The body to attach the battery has a rubber ring to prevent water

About the well-equipped Gillette shaver body, this section is quite interesting and too careful for their razor shaver. I often bathe and shave, so I personally feel more comfortable and comfortable.

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Gillette razor head section is equipped with up to 5 blades

And then there is the indispensable part and that is the Gillette shaver head. I was quite fond of this type of 5-blade blade for more than 2 years. Because the feeling of shaving feels quieter, cleaner and more confident than normal 2, 3 tongue types, manipulating brothers just need to shave once a time, they are completely clean. I have a habit of wetting the shaving beard on my face to make it smooth when shaving to make it feel smoother, however at the tip of the knife at first there is a green part as a lubricant when shaving. country. But you see in the picture that the green lubrication part is worn out but I still use it.

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The lubrication on the tip of the razor was already horribly white :) I have been using it for more than 2 years but have not replaced it yet, it still scrapes well

Over the past 2 years, the blade part is still sharp, the vibration feature is normal, this is really the true divine shaving razor. :).Summary:
Through the process of using more than 2 years Gillette Proglide Fusion shaver with prices that are generally cheap and durable, oysters are worth your attention to buy and use. I don't know how to use a razor but I personally love the vibration feature when I know it doesn't work for some users but it feels like you shave more.

– Feeling happy, smooth, very clean shaving.
– The blade is sharp.
– Battery uses long vibration
– The blade head is easy to change and bought at supermarkets at the Gillette counter for 350k / 1 8-head box.

– Easy to cut hands, skin when using razors, than using a shaver.
– Difficult to shave for those with long beards, should be trimmed to make the shaving more effective.

Are you using a traditional razor or shaving machine? Brothers and sisters share together in this post!

Thank you for watching this review!


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