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Review game Wintermoor Tactics Club

Wintermoor Tactics Club is a visual novel game that combines role-playing elements and a turn-based strategy system with compelling storytelling and interesting character sets in every aspect.

Wintermoor Tactics Club made me quite surprised not only about the story of “not in touch” but also unique graphic style, beautiful artwork. The game is set in the winter of 1981 at Wintermoor Academy, bringing players to members of the tactical club revolving around the role-playing game Curses & Catacombs. However, C&C is only a part of the experience or more accurately the game’s battle system.

It all started one day when the principal suddenly had a student meeting, announced that he was going to throw a snowball throw and forced all the clubs in the academy to participate. The losing team will have to disperse immediately, the goal of maintaining only one club. This absurd decision is a precedent for battles in the Wintermoor Tactics Club experience. Outside the story is still throwing snowballs but in fact, the game takes place through the above-mentioned C&C game.

From a player perspective, Wintermoor Tactics Club built a turn-based combat role-playing experience that is quite suitable for many audiences, especially those who are first coming to this genre. The game possesses a fairly detailed guide system of gameplay mechanics in combat, giving you easy access whether you are a newbie or a veteran of this genre. Game experience is divided into two elements of role-playing and fighting quite balanced, working closely together to avoid “exam cheating”.

The immersive aspect is built into a story that is somewhat visual novel, but very interactive. Players do not experience passively with the press or keystrokes that interact directly like role-playing games. Although many, because of the element “visual fiction”, you need to be mentally prepared to read a lot of words to capture the story. Notably, the scriptwriters build content quite attractive, especially those who love the Dungeons and Dragons series.

Instead of a story based on the battle system, you will discover many mysteries surrounding Wintermoor Academy through the game experience. Remarkably, although the quest system often requires you to move from one place to another and chat “the right people, the right time”, it is the compelling story that helps to experience the whole experience. boring. Not to mention that it is also “backed” by artwork and extremely soundtrack throughout the experience.

The environment probably left me the most impressed, especially the battle scenes. You can even easily identify which cells the character cannot enter just at first glance. This is an important thing, avoiding the player’s mistake, leading to the miscalculation that I have encountered in some other turn-based strategy games. Not to mention the extremely cute “cheese cheese” style of the characters in C&C.

In terms of gameplay, players control Alicia interacting with students in the school to expand the story content and recruit new members. The fight between the clubs and Alicia’s team takes place on the above-mentioned C&C game, built on a relatively basic turn-based tactical model and does not cause much difficulty if not quite easy at setting level. Normal difficulty. Every time you defeat another club, players recruit new members and expand your squad.

In addition to the main quests, you can also perform side quests to improve your strategic abilities for major battles. Wintermoor Tactics Club has a limited role-playing element, only revolves around interacting, expanding equipment and unlocking new skills or classes for members of the club. However, whether you are a long-time player or a newcomer to this genre for the first time, the game experience always brings quite compelling tactical tests thanks to the flexible combat system.

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This is also the most attractive feature of Wintermoor Tactics Club’s C&C combat experience. Players can freely experiment with combinations, such as switching from paladins to berserkers or even switching from physical attackers to magic in the blink of an eye. This design brings quite flexible experience and tactical elements, making it easy for you to change your strategy after a failure just by changing the blood of new characters and skills, without needing to be forever painful. ”Because of the previous mistake as well.

Basically, Alicia’s club will be getting more and more new members. Each member will represent a character in C&C with a unique technique that in the game called Tactics Power and other skills. For example, the first member you “collect” to own Tactics Power makes enemies “foolish” and attacks their teammates. Remarkably, you cannot use this skill arbitrarily but must use Tactics Point collected from attacking enemies. It creates a very high balance.

This element is closely associated with the quite special role playing in Wintermoor Tactics Club. Basically, the game does not have the leveling system and experience points as usual. Instead, players can only unlock equipment and Tactics Power to increase the fighting ability for the character. Even, you do not need to care about the permadeath problem that often causes players to headache in many games designed to be “puzzling” too much like the case of Grimshade.

However, Wintermoor Tactics Club not only designed gameplay for casual players as you think, but actually it is not too challenging for veterans of the turn-based tactical role-playing genre. In addition to setting up a hard puzzle, the game adds challenging battles to the characters with generous rewards. These battles not only provide new equipment for the character but also new Tactics Power.

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Lastly, Wintermoor Tactics Club offers a visual novel experience that combines great with immersive elements and attractive turn-based tactical system, with high flexibility. The visual novel aspect is closely built and attracts players by the relationship between the characters. Meanwhile, the combat system is small but still brings a sense of compelling experience in terms of tactics and very depth. Not to mention excellent artwork and soundtracks. If you like this genre, this is a name you cannot ignore.

Wintermoor Tactics Club is currently only available on PC (Windows). The console will be released soon for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

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Developer: EVC

Price: $ 14.99

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