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Review game DreadOut

DreadOut is a terrifying survival horror game that combines the rich material of Indonesia’s folklore and urban legends with gameplay inspired by the classic Fatal Frame horror game series.

The veteran player who loves the feeling of “fear of losing his soul” probably can’t help but know about Fatal Frame, a survival horror game series quite famous for the gameplay element revolves around the old camera, just as “the eye”. is also the “weapon” of the main character. DreadOut “caught up” with this unique gameplay, built by Digital Happiness to create a survival horror experience from the Indonesian folklore of the development team. Notably, this game has been adapted into a movie, but not in theaters in our country.

In DreadOut, the player plays the high school girl Linda. The game begins with a segment of the main character waking up in the middle of a deserted building, everywhere without a shadow. You will join the character to find out what happened here to continue into the main event of the experience. The game content is quite attractive with visual material imbued with Indonesian folklore like Ghost Parade, but much more terrifying. The famous “names” in the legend of the land of thousands of islands like Kuntilanak, Pocong or Palasik have made me feel quite new in the experience. Unfortunately, the graphics are not the strong side of the game, feeling quite old like the Fatal Frame games from the old PlayStation 2 era.

However, do not let the quality of graphics make you miss the game. Even if you just control the character “waving back and forth” to discover or encounter invisible ghosts, the experience always brings a constant sense of tension. This is also the core gameplay design of DreadOut. The character Linda has a very strong psychic ability, can sense the appearance of ghosts of cinnamon or puzzle clues even though she cannot see them with her own eyes. Instead, players will use the Irisphone phone is billed as “buffalo battery”, both to help clearly see the enemy and use a shot to counterattack them and especially do not need to replace the battery like Outlast. From a player perspective, it can be said that this is a “cost-effective” version of Fatal Frame, but the experience is not “economical”.

With the survival horror game, the DreadOut experience is mainly about the discovery element to find out about materials, information about the world and the main content. Players will use Linda’s phone to face and fight enemies or even solve puzzles throughout life. The game world has many things that the character’s naked eye cannot see, but all of them cannot pass through the “electronic eye” of Irisphone. For example, at the beginning of the experience, if you do not use your phone “route”, you will not be able to see the path hidden behind the old brick wall. Players can also use the phone’s shooting feature as a picture of “ghost memories” or update “encyclopedia” Ghostpedia search clues to kill ghost bosses. For example, near the end of the game, there is a boss battle through the reflective lens, which makes many players “stand in the heart” if they do not know the boss’ weaknesses.

Although the fighting mechanism that uses the shooting element remains the same throughout the experience, the change between mobile phones and SLR cameras requires the player to know how to improvise and pay attention to the weaknesses of the The enemies are more or less improved over the gameplay mechanics in Fatal Frame. Each enemy also has its own weaknesses, requiring you to consider the situation and constantly change the strategy of “crushing a picture” for the purpose of survival. Even the puzzle element, too, is designed to give players a chance to explore naturally without causing a sense of compulsion. However, from the perspective of the player, providing very few clues to the puzzle is probably a small minus point for some players. I personally have no problem with this design.

Notably, DreadOut does not use the usual jump-scare tricks, but actively uses the scary image material to sow into the player’s mind the feeling of “cold spine”. Comes with the soundtrack if not like “up the soul” is also the gong drum or folk instruments with fast rhythms, contributing to creating a feeling extremely stressful . In addition, the number of ghosts that players face is also very diverse in terms of shaping “not yet soul”. Even, even if you know in advance of an event waiting for you at a “fork”, but also inevitably feeling “afraid to drop skirt” when suddenly “in contact” with ghosts too close. Considering the aspect of “scoop a little play”, the developer Digital Happiness did too well.

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From creating the ghosts that make you cold when you encounter them, to many segments of “howling spirits” in real life, but always causing stress “the right person, the right time” in the situation and context of the game. , new talent. It’s on DreadOut’s unimpressive graphics quality, which has never been the strength of independent developers and the game of developer Digital Happiness is no exception. From a player perspective, this gives me a bit of regret because the game experience is so good, especially the gloomy atmosphere and “tight like strings” that very few games of the same genre on market can bring. For a “hardcore fan” of the Fatal Frame series like me, it was the excitement and excitement that the gaming experience felt was satisfying.

However, graphics are not the biggest minus in the DreadOut experience. In fact, one of the most significant problems lies in some “old-school” game designs of the past that are very easily inhibiting for those who are familiar with the “handheld working” game design in today’s game design. . However, the most annoying are miscellaneous errors or unfair design in the experience. For example, I often encounter the situation where the image is blinked off, disappears and then reappears very annoying, easily causing confusion in the “great war” with the enemy. Worth mentioning, this seems to be a limited problem from the game engine itself as acknowledged by the developer and they have no workaround even after more than 5 years from the date of release.

Equally annoying is that whenever being “ghosts”, the player must wait for the “sleeping princess in the forest” to awaken and run a long distance in the “ecstasy” to be able to continue to experience, very time-consuming. . Meanwhile, one of the reasons that Linda regularly “sets off” is because the camera view is not “always right” and the brightness is too low due to the featured design, sometimes it is impossible to observe anything. Also, if the player let the protagonist be cornered and lost his life but the autosave system is activated “too fast too dangerous” this moment, the only way to continue the experience is to take it as “experience.” blood, ”then delete the save file and play again from the beginning. Not crazy novelty!

In fact, this was the situation I encountered in the experience when I first encountered the boss holding the scythe at the beginning of the game. After being cornered by both of these “demonic” ghosts, there was no way to escape, being looped to death and then revived and so on. Each time the enemy attack “falls”, the character takes a few seconds to get up, but if cornered in certain situations and the enemy keeps attacking, the player can never take the phone. out to shoot a counterattack or anything else. Even the ability to “wait and wait” is not possible because of being caught in enemies and terrain. More significantly, this annoying problem also drove me crazy in the DreadOut 2 experience, but fortunately, the autosave was not at that “poisonous” position like DreadOut.

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After all, DreadOut brings a thrilling and extremely captivating survival experience to those who love this game of heart attack, especially those you once loved. classic names of the old days like Silent Hill series or Fatal Frame. If you want to find the “heart attack” feeling in the survival horror games of the past but with a short playing time, this is definitely a very worthy name to consider.

DreadOut is available on PC (Windows, Linux).

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Developer: Digital Happiness

Price: $ 14.99

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