Review Ford Expedition: "Heavy weight" in all aspects

Review Ford Expedition: “Heavy weight” in all aspects

With many changes and improvements, experts evaluate Ford Expedition as one of the serious competitors in the large SUV segment today.

Introduction of Ford Expedition

Ford Expedtion was first introduced in 1990. This is a large SUV with a powerful engine, spacious space that has received the attention of numerous car lovers around the world. And this version is a complete revolution in exterior, interior as well as engine … making the new Ford Expedition a serious competitor in the market of large SUVs.

Review Ford Expedition on the exterior

Overall, it can be seen that the Expedition has changed a lot compared to the previous generation. Ford Expedition reviews from experts believe that this new model is gradually becoming more suitable for the majority of people. Specifically, Ford redesigned the exterior to look elegant and elegant by Ford engineers, making this model more attractive. Now, this giant SUV has a closer look to rivals such as Cadillac Escalade, Chevrolet Suburban …

Ford Expedtion 2018Ford Expedtion superficial and luxurious

Top car

New design language on Ford SUVs has been applied on Expedition. The front of the car has a square design that makes the Ford Expedtion look sturdier and more solid. Large grille cluster with evenly spaced patterns quite similar to Ford Explorer brothers appeared in Vietnam market shortly.

The front of the car has a square designThe front of the Ford Expedtion has a square design

Ford Expedtion features a monolithic headlight system with integrated LED strip positioning embrace the grille. In general, details are logically linked to perfection. This design helps the car balanced and sturdy style “King of Ford cars”.

Vehicle body

Ford Expedition has the overall dimensions unchanged from the old generation Ford Expedition. While the overall length of the vehicle increased by 101 mm, the wheelbase length increased by 76 mm to 3,098 mm. To match the body of the feared Ford Expedition, Ford equips this “beast” with 22-inch wheels (for the high-end version). The standard Expedition, meanwhile, is only 17-inch wheels. This drawback makes the Expedition the standard version becomes unbalanced and aesthetic.

The car with 22inch big wheelsThe car with 22 inch large rim of Ford Expedition

The most notable change on the Ford Expedition that helps the vehicle increase protection for the driver is the body of the frame using a durable frame. Reinforced aluminum is more applied in the body. This durable frame helps reduce the weight of this Fullsize SUV by about 136 kg compared to the current version. Lighter weight means that the engine efficiency is also significantly increased.


Expedition’s rear end uses the familiar design style that Ford uses on its SUV models. The square, sturdy lines are used to make the rear of the vehicle become more balanced and stronger. The rear light cluster uses full LED technology with the same design as Explorer. These two large lamps are connected to each other through a chrome metal called Expedition.

2018 Ford ExpedtionFord Expedtion

Review Ford Expedition on the interior

Interior space

Thanks to its large size, the Ford Expedition interior is quite airy and gives users a comfortable feeling to use. The function control keys in the car are arranged in the direction that is most easy to use for the driver. Since then, minimize the unfortunate accidents caused by being too focused on finding and selecting function keys.

The 2018 Ford Expedtion has a spacious interior spaceFord Expedtion has a spacious interior space

This giant vehicle has 8 seats, adjustable to create more flexibility for users. Ford Expedition reviews all show that the spacious design makes it possible for passengers to feel comfortable on long journeys even when sitting in the third row. Ford designers also use many of these changes. Ford Expedition as in center console, air conditioner, steering wheel.

Equipped with amenities

In addition to changes in exterior and design, the equipment used on the Ford Expedition has also been greatly upgraded. Vehicles equipped with a panoramic sunroof Panoramic Vista Roof.

Infotainment system on Ford Expedtion 2018Infotainment system on Ford Expedtion

In addition, the following vehicle technologies include: Wireless charger, 12 V outlet for each passenger position, 6 USB ports and a 110V power outlet, rear entertainment system, system SYNC 3 infotainment is compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. In addition, the audio system of the 2018 Ford Expedition also has the option of a high-power 12-speaker Bang & Olufsen audio system and rear passenger entertainment system with headrest screens mounted on the seats. before.

Review Ford Expedition on engine / performance

Under the cap of Ford Expedition is a 3.5-liter V6 EcoBoost petrol engine block, a 10-speed automatic transmission with auto Start-Stop function.

Version Capacity (horsepower) Torque (Nm)
Ford Expedition XLT, MAX, and Limited 375 max 637 max
Ford Expedition Platinum and Platinum MAX 400 max Max 651

Review Ford Expedition on safety equipment

In terms of technology and safety, Ford Expedition is fully equipped with Ford’s technologies with more than 40 features and driver assistance technologies such as active parking assistance system, adaptive cruise control , lane warning, blind-spot warning, collision prediction and mitigation, 360 camera‚Ķ

Ford Expedition 2018 is fully equipped with modern safety featuresFord Expedition is most fully equipped with modern safety features

How much is the Ford Expedition?

Ford Expedition is currently not genuine distribution by Ford Vietnam. However, in September 2019, the first Ford Expedition was available in Vietnam as a private import. Price of imported Ford Expedition in this type of vehicle varies from 3.5 to 4 billion.

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