Review fast MSI GT75 Titan 8RG: What's the hot "laptop" for laptops? - VnReview

Review fast MSI GT75 Titan 8RG: What's the hot "laptop" for laptops? – VnReview

As the first laptop in the world equipped with Intel Core i9 Coffee Lake chip and GTX 1080 graphics card, MSI GT75 Titan 8RG promises "tremendous" performance for all tasks, accompanied by a ready price. kidney pain.

In the last few years, we can see a very clear trend in the gaming laptop market: making them as thin and light as possible. The Razer Blade, MSI GS65 Stealth can be said to be representative representatives in 2018. But that trend also brings certain limitations due to technology limitations, such as heat dissipation, performance and durability. .. That is the reason that the gaming laptop "pit" is still a part of users especially trust.

Officially launched in Vietnam on 5/5/2018, MSI GT75 Titan 8RG is the first laptop in the world equipped with Intel Core i9-8950HK Coffee Lake chip and GTX 1080 graphics card. VnReview today is the GT75 8RG-235VN Titan model with 17.3-inch screen with 4K resolution (3840 * 2160 pixels) using IPS panels. In Vietnam, there is another genuine version distributed as GT75 8RG-252VN with almost the same configuration, only difference on the screen with Full HD resolution (1920 * 1080 pixels) but with scan frequency 120Hz and use TN panels, with a slightly lower storage capacity.

The product currently has a selling price of around VND 100 million depending on the distributor's policy, a price that can be said to be "extremely painful". In this article, VnReview will shorten the name of MSI GT75 for you to read and follow.

MSI GT75 configuration parameters

Design pit, bold gamers

Anyone's first impression when seeing this MSI GT75 laptop is a very big, thick, heavy and pity size. This is a common feature of high-performance high-end gaming laptops.

Overall, the product is not so much different from previous MSI gaming laptops. Still familiar design lines with dark red gamer tones, scratched metal cap with MSI logo, two rear pit radiators make us think of super cars.

Unlike other lightweight gaming laptops or other high-end laptops, MSI GT75 doesn't need to sacrifice ports. From USB type A 3.1, HDMI to mini Display Port, USB type C integrated Thunderbolt 3, the product is full of "gaming ports" is no different from desktop computers. Notably, it is also equipped with up to 4 3.5mm audio ports for Line Out, Line In, Mic and headphones.

MSI GT75 is equipped with Dynaudio's sound system, with 2 3W power speakers on both sides and a 5W subwoofer inside the machine, Nahimic 3 sound technology, and Saber Hifi processor chip, for Hi quality -res audio. VnReview's fast experience shows that the speakers have good detail, high volume, well meet entertainment needs, from playing games to watching movies, listening to music.

Although less noticeable during use, the underside of the product is well designed and beautiful, with mesh layers to reveal almost the entire "interior". Cooler Boost Titan 2's cooling system is quite large, with two fans and 10 large copper tubes.

Mechanical keyboard for good typing, beautiful LED lights

MSI GT75 keyboard is still made by the famous brand Steelseries, and it is a real mechanical keyboard

A separate RGB LED system for each key helps to create a colorful and colorful style typical of gaming laptops

According to MSI, this keyboard uses a separate switch called Rapid Mechanical RGB Keyboard, with the key stroke being pulled down to 3mm, the Actuation point is 1.5mm. The practical experience shows that the typing experience of this keyboard is quite similar to the blue switch, with a soft clicky sound, requiring not too heavy pressing force. The backlight system of the keyboard is RGB per-key LED, that is, you can customize the lighting effects and colors for each key, namely through the Steelseries Engine application. The design is slightly raised, making dirt easy to get in, and the "numpad" series is only 3 rows instead of 4 rows like regular keyboards.

On the right side of the keyboard are the power button and the 4-key shortcut function, which in turn launch the MSI Dragon Center app, activate Cooler Boost, quickly launch the Xsplit stream application, and finally change the LED mode of the keyboard.

LEDs also appear in the Touchpad section of GT75, on the left and right mouse buttons, but unfortunately can not be turned off. The touchpad and mouse keys give a good touch, but the size is small but this is not a problem because the users of this laptop will almost certainly use an external mouse.

The screen is impressive for both working and gaming

MSI GT75's display is probably one of the product's best selling points. With 4K resolution using IPS panels, the machine gives sharp image quality, wide viewing angle, brightness is not too high but will be enough to meet the needs of indoor use (anyway, you don't have a reason What is the reason to bring this laptop up to 4.56kg for outdoor use?).

In terms of colors, MSI did a great job on the GT75. Color is re-authentic, high depth. According to MSI, the GT75's screen is 100% sRGB, 100% Adobe RGB, along with True Color 2.0 color technology, users can quickly switch between separate display modes for each purpose like watching movies. , gaming, graphic design with accurate colors.

For gamers, MSI GT75 screen has 60Hz scan frequency, supports Nvidia's G-Sync technology. G-Sync is an image synchronization technology introduced by Nvidia at Computex 2015, which helps to overcome screen tearing but does not cause input lag such as V-Sync, bringing images smooth.

Core i9-8950HK + GTX 1080 = monster benchmark

MSI GT75 owns the most powerful Core i9-8950HK chip on laptops at the present time, with 6 cores of 12 threads, maximum clock rate of 4.8GHz and 12MB of cache. Combined with Nvidia GTX 1080 graphics card is still very strong at the present time and 32GB RAM 2666MHz can upgrade to a maximum of 64GB, almost no task, whether game or graphics, can It is difficult to get this "monster".

PCMark 10 is a software that evaluates the overall ability of a computer, from chips, RAM, hard drives, graphics cards, work, entertainment, …

MSI GT75 scores are 93% higher than the scores of computer systems that performed this benchmark

Evaluate CPU processing performance with Cinebench R15

Point i9-8950HK CPU via GeekBench 4. For easy visualization, this number is slightly lower than i7-8700K: 5773 single-point and 24260 multi-point

The OpenCL score evaluates the GPU performance of GeekBench 4. This figure is much lower than the newer RTX graphics cards, which range from 250-300 thousand points.

Goodbye, HDD!

Regarding storage capacity, MSI GT75 is equipped with two M.2 NMVe Super Raid SSDs with 256GB capacity, along with a 1TB HDD. The two SSDs are very fast, making the boot time only a few seconds even though the writer has a large amount of software started under Windows. However, 1TB HDD drive has an inadequate speed, even lessening the value of the laptop.

Speed ​​of two SSDs and HDD drive through Crystal Disk Mark measuring tool

4K game is still a big challenge

Scores of benchmarking tools, of course, are for reference only. What users care about is the actual experience, especially when you spend hundreds of millions of dollars, you have the right to expect at the highest level of performance.

However, a screen resolution of up to 4K will be a huge burden for any graphics card, even GTX 1080. Will this laptop be enough to play well every game today, even in a few years?

To evaluate the gaming performance of MSI GT75 laptops, VnReview will experiment with the most demanding game configurations today, with the highest level of graphics settings. G-Sync, V-Sync or other frame lock features will be disabled. CPU and graphics card does not overclock, and the cooling fan will be set automatically.

Apex Legends, the battle-royale game that attracts the number one world released by Electronic Arts, doesn't require too much configuration. At 4K resolution, MSI GT75 always fluctuates at 45-50FPS, smooth image.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt has been released since 2015 but is still a trusted name to test the power of computers. At the highest graphics setting, 4K resolution, the machine still achieves an average FPS of 30-40.

Far Cry 5, Ubisoft's blockbuster game made a bit of trouble for the GTX 1080. With the highest graphics setting, resolution scale 1.0, the average FPS was 43, there was a slight drop in the fire scenes but not too much

Rise of the Tomb Raider, the famous adventure game of Square Enix has caused certain difficulties for MSI GT75. When the FXAA anti-aliasing is enabled, the average FPS has dropped from 53 to 38. If SMAA is turned on 2x or 4x, the FPS level will drop even more.

Overall, 4K resolution is still a challenge for MSI GT75 despite the support of Core i9-8950HK Coffee Lake and GTX 1080. You can accept lowering the resolution to 2K or reducing the map settings. Paint down a bit to make gaming experience smooth, smoother.

Effective heat dissipation, with …

With the size of the pit, MSI can "spoil" the heat sink design on the GT75. With a two-fan fan structure and 10 large-size copper tubes, the custom Cooler Boost mode in MSI Dragon Center software can be quickly activated in shortcut keys, the device stays cool while playing games and performs tasks. Other heavy.

Interface of MSI Dragon Center software

When pressing the shortcut to activate Cooler Boost, the fan speed will be increased to the maximum. The noise is equal to the vacuum cleaner, which is annoying for the people around, but in return the CPU and GPU temperatures are significantly reduced, up to 5-7 degrees. For gamers who "spend" with noise-canceling headphones or loud speakers, the noise of GT75 is probably not a big problem.

The battery is not a bright spot, but understandable

MSI GT75 is equipped with an 8 cell battery of 75Whr capacity. Although using up to two charging adapters, the charging speed of the device is quite slow, up to more than 2 hours. For simple tasks like surfing the web, combining watching YouTube music at 100% brightness, the device can last for more than 3 hours. As for heavy gaming, perhaps you should plug in the power 24/7.

MSI GT75 needs two charger adapters, weighs more than 2kg, plus the bulky design of the device, you should say goodbye to take this laptop regularly with you to use.

Summary: A real "performance monster"

With what is shown, the final question is, is the laptop at the same price as this SH car worth the money? From Intel Core i9 Coffee Lake chip, GTX 1080 graphics card to 4K IPS screen, 32GB RAM, mechanical keyboard, … MSI GT75 Titan 8RG converges enough of what is currently the "top" of the world. The technology that money can buy and put it into the body of a laptop, though weighing 4.5 kg, is also a remarkable achievement.

While there are still unnecessary points of elimination such as dusty keyboard design, inadequate HDD speed or slow battery charging speed, this laptop's outstanding performance will certainly be enough to compensate for these. that. This is definitely a worthwhile laptop, but it is important that your financial potential is "on the" side.

Plus mark

+ Design pit, bold gamers

+ Screen sharp, true colors

+ Configurable enough to smooth all current games at a high graphic setting

+ Keyboard brings interesting experience

+ The cooling system works effectively

Minus point

– Price is not for everyone

– Slow charging time, too cumbersome charger

Hoan Dang

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