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Although it has only been released for a few days, Death Stranding is a game that has received a lot of mixed reviews from reputable game information sites in the world. In general, most of these comments indicate that Hideo Kojima's super product is very interesting but also very boring in some details. So what makes the game receive those comments.

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Indeed, Hideo Kojima never let the experience of a game become easy because after more than 50 hours of playing and a long credit, not everyone can grasp the spirit of this director. Death Stranding begins the journey at a very slow pace in the early chapters when you almost only "deliver" to remote areas. But the original conversation really makes players feel confused by the very confusing terms. And the kids BB and Sam always have such a close relationship that, without it, players are very hard to motivate to move forward. But honestly, even when the player has cleared the island, there are still many mysteries that exist that almost have no answer to it. So, despite being an attractive game on every journey, it is still very boring and takes a lot of determination to really stay with it.

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In general, Death Stranding takes place in a far future, a time when the world suffers a strange phenomenon when the dead are trapped in a special world. This phenomenon swept through a series of cities and opened bridges between the world of the living and the dead, bringing strange creatures to war and only bringing some people back to the earthly world. And Sam is also one of them. Despite being a "special" post-apocalyptic deliverer, Sam embarked on an ambitious mission at the time: reconnecting a ruined and divided America. At the same time, Sam is also going to the west coast of the country to rescue his sister was arrested by a terrorist organization.

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Although there are many things to do, but the game does not do much to bring you into this world. For the first few hours, things were really confusing and you didn't know what was happening. But at least, the game also gives you a playable visualization. As a Bridges employee, you'll have to pick up and deliver on-site with an incredible amount of cargo in just one way: walking. However, players must know the balance between goods and items taken away to keep Sam balanced.

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And your task is to take those shipments to the required places, through the difficult terrain and remnants of human society. While moving, you have to balance Sam's package through adjusting the liquid – tight of the backpack Sam is wearing with the PS4 handle. You have to be very careful when moving because a small slip also causes the package to be damaged. Of course, the game still provides you with escalators and ropes to overcome difficult terrain and even trucks and motorbikes, an extremely effective short-term support tool. And to make the journey more difficult, the terrorists, the dark souls and even the "black" monsters, but big, will challenge on their "ship".

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On the delivery journey, you will gradually understand everything around you if you really pay close attention to it, from what happened to America to the origin of black souls. The people you meet in the game will provide more information on how you deliver and stories around the United States at that time. Death Stranding touches on all contemporary issues, especially in technology where you can automate deliveries using special robots. However, the elements of the surrounding environment are left aside to focus entirely on the story of the game, about the children, ghosts and apocalypse.

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Talking about Sam, because he was originally a returnee from the afterlife, Sam's blood was also very special. With the ability to kill its evil enemies, this color line is used by Bridges scientists to create weapons, but unfortunately it can also be harmful to them. Every time you choose to take a break for a bath or toilet, the items collected will complement your inventory. Through Sam's perspective, we get to see the characters here. All of these characters have been taken care of and developed by Kojima, so that each character, no matter how much they play, has an interesting background to be able to share the stories or information needed with Sam. After a long and difficult journey, when you sit down and listen to the stories of the people there, you will feel everything really comfortable and peaceful.

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It can be said that the controversy in evaluating a super product of Hideo Kojima is completely grounded. With a simple gameplay, sometimes boring and a lot of things that are quite confusing, maybe the beauty that Kojima wants to convey to the player is not in delivery challenges or combat phases, but lies in The way the player controls Sam can feel and practice how to survive in a world that is no longer what it used to be.

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