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In modern life, the processing of food items that are nutritious but also save time is always a priority of homemakers. Electrolux Explore 7 E7TB1-84SM blender with state-of-the-art PowerTilt technology makes ingredients that are grinded at a 10-degree angle combined with the optimal setting always preserve the nutrients of your dishes. Besides, many new features will save you considerable time in processing family dishes.

Owning a feature blender like Electrolux Explore 7 E7TB1-84SM means you will have many choices for your family meals. You can freely prepare fruit smoothies, make cocktails, grind porridge, soups, make sauces, make ice cream, nuts, such as peanut butter, almond butter … Especially all dishes will be preserved with all nutrients, flavors and colors thanks to the PowerTilt technology of the device.

With PowerTilt technology of Electrolux Explore versatile blender 7 E7TB1-84SM, the material will be grinded at a angle of 10 degrees in order to reduce friction to help maintain a low processing temperature, retain all taste. Fresh, colorful and precious nutrients are in food. PowerTilt technology was invented and patented by Electrolux, currently used by chefs from the world-famous Culinary School Le Cordon Bleu and is used by the versatile blender app Explore 7 Blender, which E7TB1-84SM is one of 6 models of this model.

The 10-degree tilt design of PowerTilt technology is confirmed by Electrolux for better mixing efficiency. Photo: Electrolux

Electrolux Explore versatile blender 7 E7TB1-84SM has a unique design, many features, outstanding aesthetics with anti-fouling touch control keys, LED system for convenient use and color fashion suitable for all kitchen spaces. It is also equipped with 3 levels of stuffing, allowing users to choose different stuffing intensity suitable for each individual recipe. In addition, the intelligent grind control feature no matter which material you choose, gives the same perfect blending result, even at minimum or maximum capacity.

Tilted design but still retains its balance, with a non-slip stand that keeps the machine balanced and free from vibration and movement during operation. The capacity of wet mill is up to 1500ml, 400ml dry mill, allowing to mix many materials at the same time. The market reference price is currently VND 4.8 million.

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Unique design, high quality materials

The Electrolux Explore 7 E7TB1-84SM versatile grinder that VnReview evaluated this time has a golden light, Tritan plastic mill: impact resistance, heat resistance, especially grinding both wet and dry, with components Main components include: Stand with non-slip rubber layer and plug-in socket; The main blender contains non-detachable sets of knives, which are slightly tilted; The versatile cutter set comes with a versatile cutting blender, used to grind dry ingredients; The lid has a very thick and tight rubber gasket to keep it safe when running, so when you need to add material, open the small lid designed with the function of measuring the material and load the material into the machine through the filling hole. resources; The device also has a screen to filter the fruit juice to allow you to squeeze fruit pulp.

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Machine parts details

The On / Off button turns off the device not the touch button but the physical button and is located on the left side of the device. However, the on / off button just needs to be used when you want to completely shut down the computer, and when the running machine wants to pause or end the running program, you can press any touch button on the panel. control.

When the blender is inserted into the stand, the handle of the jar will point towards the operator, perhaps for easy installation in place, but may be slightly entangled when you want to observe the food. In addition, the design of the blender jar can not be removed, so when you need to clean the machine you need to add water and dishwashing liquid to the blender and choose the maximum grinding speed. The knife is sharp, so be careful when you put your hand into the mixing tank.

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The handle of the blender is designed towards the user, perhaps for easy fitting in place, but somewhat entangled

Try the grinding mode

Electrolux Explore 7 E7TB1-84SM is not just a blender but it is a multi-function blender, so it has many food mixing functions that you can take advantage of for processing. Many different dishes.

As mentioned above, Electrolux Explore 7 E7TB1-84SM has 4 pre-set grinding programs: grinding ice cubes, grinding drinks with ice cubes, grinding hot soup and making blender. In addition, you can grind other dishes with 3 speed buttons 1, 2, 3 and the grind button.

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Illustration of Electrolux Explore 4 preset modes 7 E7TB1-84SM. Photo: Electrolux

The function of grinding ice cubes is usually only available in high capacity blender. Although the capacity of the jar is 1500ml, but due to hard and heavy ice cubes, you should only put ice about 1/3 to 1/2 jar (to the 500 or 800ml mark) to protect the machine and increase the grinding efficiency. You can see, in just 1 minute of the program, the machine can grind a puree of ice like a stone plane.

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The ice cubes are milled fairly, however, you should only grind about 1 / 3-1 / 2 times each time

With the ice drink milling program, such as milk shake or yogurt, the program will automatically disconnect after 1 minute of running and your drinking water will have small ice chips, drink and melt. Very cool mouth. You can also use this program to blend ice with ice cubes if you like your drink to taste cool.

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Rock yogurt still has small stone chips that add flavor

Not only grinding cold drinks, it can also process hot food. The soup milling program allows you to grind hot soup, finished cooking and ready to eat. This is a little feature found on conventional blender. You can cook pumpkin potato soup, mushroom soup, vegetable cream soup … on the stove, then cool it down and put in the blender. Note, never put soup that has just been boiled into the machine, but have to cool it down, the maximum allowable temperature is 90 degrees Celsius but for safety you should cool it down to about 80 degrees C. Electrolux Explore 7 E7TB1-84SM Grind the soft mash soup after 1 minute of the soup milling program, the grind process will also produce mild heat for the food so you can grind it into a bowl / bowl and enjoy it. You can also use this function to grind porridge for children, or simply grind hot dishes, but be sure to cover the lid tightly, cool down the food before putting it in, and not For materials that exceed the maximum permissible level, it is best to put it below 1200ml.

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Electrolux Explore 7 E7TB1-84SM can grind hot soup, up to 90 degrees Celsius

The last preset program button is a smoothie that allows you to grind dishes with soft ingredients, such as raspberry or strawberry smoothies with yogurt, mango smoothies … Follow the instruction manual of Electrolux Explore 7 E7TB1-84SM, you can also use this function button to grind pastes to make pancakes with flour, salt, eggs, milk, water and butter. And this is a mango blender experiment, the color of the golden smoothie is very eye-catching. As can be seen, PowerTilt technology has helped to blend well and retain the original color of the material. According to Electrolux, the 10-degree tilt angle of this technology reduces friction when grinding so it does not raise the temperature, thus preserving the color and nutrients for the finished product.

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There is nothing to complain about the blender regime, grinding Electrolux's ice drink to explore 7 E7TB1-84SM

All 4 pre-installed programs of the machine have 1 minute on time, but the mixing method of each program is different. With the program of grinding ice cubes, the machine will continuously perform the stuffing from the beginning to the end of the program. To grind a drink with ice drink, it performs high-speed grinding in the first half-minute, then grinds it to stir the ingredients. The hot soup grinding mode will perform high-speed grinding throughout the program. The smoothie mode, in contrast to grinding ice drinks, means grinding first, then grinding speed.

In addition to the pre-installed programs mentioned above, you can optionally make other dishes using the speed buttons 1, 2, 3 and the knead button. As said, the stuffed crusher button can choose the speed. As recommended by the manufacturer, the total continuous grinding time of the machine must not exceed 7 minutes.

VnReview has tried to make mayonaise sauce with Electrolux Explore multi-function blender 7 E7TB1-84SM, only about 1 minute the machine has given the dish of smooth egg sauce sauce.

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Due to the high speed, Electrolux Explore 7 E7TB1-84SM can grind mayonaise sauce in just about 1 minute

Testing using fruit juice filter to squeeze fruit residues, depending on the type of fruit, the amount of juice is different. For example, with 300g of pineapple, a cup of water weighs 150g, but with 300g of watermelon, a 200g glass of water is obtained, which is roughly the same as the juice ratio of the Philips HR1861 juicer that VnReview evaluated.

Evaluate multi-purpose blender Electrolux E7TB1-84SM

With 300g of watermelon, 200g of juice is obtained

Dry grind Electrolux Explore 7 E7TB1-84SM has a capacity of 400ml, designed simply with a stainless steel 2-blade grinder. VnReview has tested making peanut butter is a need for good grinding power and long grinding time.

The amount of 200gram peanuts is sufficient to reach the max mark of the dry mill, but the machine will not grind at this level. You should split the batch of ingredients, only grind 100 grams each time to make sure that the peanut is well ground. This dry granular mass is also consistent with the manufacturer's recommendation.

Evaluate the blender Electrolux E7TB1-84SM

200g of peanuts is just to the max of the dry mill, but the manufacturer recommends only grind 100g dry beans at a time

After grinding 2 batches of pure 100g peanuts then mixing 2 batches and continue to grind more with cooking oil, sugar, salt, the result is a bottle of aromatic peanut butter.

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You can make use of a dry mill to make delicious peanut butter (peanut butter)

The dry mill of Electrolux Explore 7 multi-function blender E7TB1-84SM can also be used to grind meat, pepper, dry seeds, onions, garlic, coffee, dried shrimp, dried chillies … The stalk can fit 300 grams meat to the max, but according to our tests, the machine cannot be processed at this level. You can grind meat in quantities from 100-150g to medium. It is suitable to grind fish rolls, shrimp rolls and live rolls …

Evaluate the blender Electrolux E7TB1-84SM

Grind shrimp with a dry mill

You can refer to the user manual of the table recommending the maximum amount of dry food that can be put into this versatile blender as well as the maximum dry grinding time, to ensure the machine is running well and durable.

A few comments when using the device

– Wet mill still can grind dry stuff, I tried grinding sugar and grinding dry grain, grinding machine quickly and quite smooth. Note, however, that you should not use a wet mill to grind too hard items, and you should grind it in a small amount, and do not grind it into this bowl.

– Wet mill grind without grinding can not be disassembled, slightly inconvenient when you want to clean the machine will have to be careful not to touch the blade, but the bottom of the mortar is quite wide and flat design, not concave, so you Easy to put a soft cloth underneath the blender to clean the machine.

– The cleaning is quite easy and quick, even with dishes containing oil / fat, I just need to use a soft towel and a little washing-up liquid to clean. You can add the dishwashing liquid to the machine with a little water and turn on the maximum speed for the machine to clean itself first, then wash it again by hand will be easier and faster. The fruit filter has a filter net with tiny holes but not very difficult to clean.

– Multi-function machine should be able to process a variety of dishes, grind both cold ice and hot soup, proving that the knife is very good and the broken plastic material of the machine is a high-class, safe for health.

– PowerTilt Technology design with light tilt helps food be mixed in a new way, which through the processing of the dishes I found effective at short time blending but the material is still smooth.

– However, it should be noted, although the device has a large storage capacity, up to 1500ml, but the machine only grinds well in this capacity if the raw material contains a lot of water, dilute, and when the material is thick, flat plastic or less water must split the amount of raw materials and grind many times.

Actual images of Electrolux Explore 7 versatile blender 7 E7TB1-84SM


Electrolux Explore 7 E7TB1-84SM is a multifunctional blender with the function of controlling the intelligent grind and capacity of a large container, enabling quick mixing of food. It is also beautiful and different with the 10-degree PowerTilt technology designed to preserve the nutrients, flavors and colors of the material, overall this is a good machine that you can consider buying. Instead of having to buy many different devices like stone planers, meat grinders, juicer … then maybe you just need an Electrolux Explore 7 E7TB1-84SM is enough. Besides, grinder 7 Explorer 7 also has a white version (E7TB1-50CW) for you to choose.

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