Review details of Canon M50: Canon's new flagship in the mirrorless segment? - VnReview

Review details of Canon M50: Canon's new flagship in the mirrorless segment? – VnReview

The camera market in the last few years has witnessed an explosion of mirrorless cameras (mirrorless) thanks to outstanding features such as compact, convenient carrying anywhere, while image quality is at Close proximity to bulky, heavy DSLR cameras.

And Canon, one of the camera giants in the market, cannot ignore this inevitable trend. Over the past few years, Canon has consistently introduced mirrorless camera models and their latest representative has just launched the Canon M50. This can be seen as the successor version of the Canon M5, the mirrorless model was once dubbed Canon's flagship mirrorless mirror, but has almost 2 years of life.

Canon M50 – Canon's latest mirrorless model has just launched

With the M50, Canon was especially adept at equipping many features that first appeared on its mirrorless cameras such as 4K / 24fps movie recording capability, DIGIC 8 processor, and focus detection. Eye AF eye …

Canon M50 currently has a suggested price of about 20 million VND when attached with the EF-M 15-45 mm F / 3.5-6.3 IS STM lens.

Friendly design, easy to use

The Canon M50 inherits almost the entire design of the M5 model with a design that looks like a miniature DSLR because it also has the upper hinges in the middle of the body containing the EVF electronic viewfinder, the flash toad and the grip made. heightened to hold the hand firmly. However, the M50 has a white version that looks more fashionable and lighter, suitable for female users or those who like the youthful and fresh.

Canon M50 white version with youthful, fashionable style, suitable for female users

Hand held, M50 is really light and compact, can be used for a long day, even with one hand without causing aches and pains. However, the entire body is made of plastic, only covered with the skin for the grip (grip), so it is not as good as the high-end, with M5 and M6.

M50 itself also tends to be minimalist. The system of buttons and rotation on M50 is minimized. The machine has only one rotation around the shutter button, taking on all the aperture, speed and ISO functions when combined with other buttons. The EV adjustment compensation brightness is the same as that of film cameras, which were present on M5, M6 has no longer appeared on M50. Even the familiar rotation on Canon cameras, located at the main navigation key, is also removed.

The rotation is reduced to the maximum, only one round of the shutter button remains

Button system with familiar layout on Canon machines, but the rotation on the main navigation key has no longer appeared

Fewer button presses will be suitable for beginners who are familiar with the camera, making them less distracting and focused on using the touch screen, especially when the M50 is Canon's first mirrorless with touch screen flip, more flexible than the flip screen of 2 "elder" M6, M5. By default, the device also has a simple interface enabled, with detailed instructions on settings for new users to easily grasp. Another noteworthy point is that M50 supports both Vietnamese interface so this model becomes very friendly to users who are not fluent in foreign languages.

Rotating screen on the M50 proved particularly useful when shooting at difficult angles such as lowing the ground or high above, taking selfie, turning Vlog … The touch on this screen is highly sensitive, smooth, reflective Quick recovery, support multi-point operations like 2-finger pin to zoom in, zoom out, enter WiFi pass …

The touch screen rotates conveniently when shooting at angles that are difficult to close to the ground or above the head

Sensitive touch, multi-point support, handy when shooting good movies with novice users with cameras

The device supports Vietnamese, friendly with people who are not fluent in foreign languages, including a simple menu for beginners to be confused

The screen of the M50 is LCD, size 3 ", resolution of 1.04 million pixels, parameters like the M6. Good viewing angle, screen brightness, can clearly see the whole time in the harsh sunshine when set the maximum brightness, but the screen colors are a bit light, so when viewing photos on a computer screen, the phone will look better.

Besides the rotating screen, another worthwhile point on the M50 is the built-in EVF (Electronic Viewfinder) electronic viewfinder. This viewfinder inherits the full parameters of the M5 with 0.39 inch size, OLED screen, 2.36 million pixel resolution (at Full HD level).

Electronic viewfinder EVF inherited from M5 generation

The EVF viewfinder on the M50 has impressive quality, good display, and convenient viewing

The EVF quality on M50 impresses with bright colors, vividness, brightness, high contrast, clarity, sharpness, fine detail, smooth display, superior to flip-over LCD screens, Help to check if the image is bright enough, standard definition or not. EVF also makes shooting on M50 more pleasant, especially when used outdoors because the display quality is almost unaffected by environmental lighting.

Rich connectivity

M50 is equipped with a series of connections including WiFi, Bluetooth and even NFC. With NFC, the device can connect quickly with supported phones with just a light touch, all settings are then activated automatically without the user having to manipulate complicatedly.

The device has both NFC connection, making it easy and fast to communicate with smartphones

It is possible to control movie shooting, remote shooting with smartphones as well as instant image transfer after each shooting with Auto Transfer feature

Meanwhile, Bluetooth also makes connecting between smartphone and M50 simpler, more stable without much impact on the battery. Once connected successfully, you can use your smartphone to view, download photos, tag locations, remotely control, and tweak your device's settings very conveniently. What's new is that the M50 also supports remote control of video recording mode with smartphones, which is very useful when recording videos in Vlog format alone, reviewing products …

It is noteworthy that Canon's mirrorless model also features new Auto Transfer feature, which automatically sends photos to the phone or computer immediately after each shot. Even with computers, when connecting to the same WiFi network, M50 can automatically send both large video and RAW files.

In addition, M50 continues to be equipped with the ability to upload photos and videos directly from the phone to popular services like Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, Google Drive …

M50 allows uploading photos and videos directly from the phone to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube …

Good video recording but 4K quality is not as expected

Not only is Canon's first mirrorless model equipped with 4K video recording capability, M50 is also one of the rare models of Japanese camera company that can record videos at this ultra-high resolution next to high DSLR models. level like 5D Mark IV, Canon 1DX Mark II.

M50 is one of Canon's rare cameras that supports 4K movie shooting

The device is equipped with a variety of support tools for video recording such as microphone jacks, dedicated movie recording buttons, Focus peaking, subject tracking, continuous focus, intensive manual mode, Time-recording video. lapse … The touch screen itself has been a valuable feature for users who like filming, Vlogger, YouTuber. In addition, the M50 has a Frame Grab feature that allows you to extract any frame in 4K video into a good quality still image, equivalent to 8MP resolution.

The quality of M50 4K video meets the basic level if compared to EOS 5D mark IV, which is priced at nearly VND 85 million. Professional users will have to accept many limitations such as focusing mode when shooting 4K just in contrast, not Dual Pixel faster and more accurate. 4K video has a 16: 9 ratio, 3840 x 2160 pixel resolution, 1.7x coefficient crop, maximum frame rate of 25fps, maximum 120Mbps bitrate, using H.264 codec, maximum duration of 30 minutes, each 4K video minutes cost about 900MB.

Note that to record 4K videos, you must switch the knob to dedicated video mode. In other modes, M50 only chooses the maximum video quality of Full HD 60fps.

4K video 30fps shot from Canon M50

Full HD 60fps video shot from Canon M50

Machine with removable mic slot, useful for users or videographers, gender Vlogger, YouTuber

In general, 4K video on M50 will be best suited for static scenes that don't move too much, like video recording products and landscapes. With vlog-like videos, action, subject-based one shot, Full HD 1080p mode with the help of Dual Pixel focus technology, IS anti-shake will be a more appropriate option. Bring videos that are accurate and smooth.

Rotating screen helps to record Vlogs or take selfies easily and conveniently

Lack of impressive lighting, good noise reduction, effective vibration resistance

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, M50 is particularly favored by Canon, apart from the ability to shoot 4K video, it is also the first mirrorless of the company equipped with Eye AF focus feature. In addition, it is also Canon's first model to use the all-new C-RAW CR3 file system, along with the familiar RAW CR2 file on Canon machines so far. C-RAW CR3 files on M50 are up to 40% smaller than regular RAW CR2 files, significantly saving memory card capacity and storage hard drive capacity, while the quality is completely equivalent, There is no significant difference.

C-RAW CR3 images taken from Canon M50 for Dynamic Range are impressive, detail, color, gradation are all good.

C-RAW CR3 file on M50 is up to 40% smaller than regular RAW CR2 file

RAW files are especially useful in situations of intense sunshine, light shots, backlight, and "save" the bright or dark burning areas.

The strongest impression when the M50 shooting experience is the fast focusing and execution speed. The Dual Pixel AF focus system when continuous autofocus is activated will focus almost instantly every time you move the camera into the area to capture. Speed ​​of shooting, saving photos quickly, superior to many Canon M6 models that writers are using before. The number of focus points of M50 is increased to a maximum of 143 points when attaching EF-M lenses 18-150mm F3.5-6.3, 55-200mm F4.5-6.3 or 28mm F3.5 macro, covering up to 100 % vertical sensor and 88% horizontal. With the remaining lenses, the focus score of M50 is also up to 99 points, covering 80% of the sensor, a big step forward compared to only 49 focus points of M5 and M6 for convenient layout.

Eye AF eye-tracking feature is especially useful when taking portraits, making it easy to get standard pictures in the most important part of the face, especially when using long telephoto lenses like 70-200mm F4L or 60mm F2.8 large aperture lens. The machine will prioritize focusing on the eyes near the camera most, want to change the other side, just press the focus select button twice. Unfortunately, Eye AF only works in One Shot fixed focus mode, does not support the focus mode following the Servo AF even when taking photos or recording videos.

Eye AF eye focus feature Helping portrait photos are always sharpest, especially when using large aperture lenses. Photo taken with EF-S 60mm F2.8 lens at maximum aperture, speed 1/500, ISO 100.

Eye AF will be activated when switching to face focus mode

M50's continuous shooting speed improved slightly compared to M5, M6, reaching 10 frames per second when in One shot AF mode (fixed focus) and reduced to 7.4 frames per second when focusing continuously. Servo AF (2 seniors reach 9fps at One Shot and 7fps at Servo AF). This speed is just enough to capture fast-acting scenes like sports, kids, and pets … It can store up to 33 JPEG images and 10 RAW images when shooting continuously.

Continuous shooting of 10 frames per second with Canon M50

The quality of APS-C 24.1 MP CMOS sensor images on the Canon M50 impresses with sharpness, fine detail, true color, accurate white balance, wide bright range. Canon's pleasant, gentle, medium-sized, eye-catching tones continue to be promoted. The HDR feature has appeared on many Canon cameras before but with M50, HDR algorithms have made significant improvements. HDR photos are more natural, faster, more eye-catching, making impressive landscape photos, especially clouds and greens in the sky.

The reproducible color on the honest M50, Canon's characteristic soft tones, fine detail and definition. Photo taken with EF-S 60mm F2.8 Macro lens at maximum aperture, speed 1/100, ISO 100.

Photo HDR significantly improves the light band, especially in the sunny sky and the bright area under the bridge

Photos taken in M ​​mode, without HDR, EF-M lenses 15-45 mm, 15mm focal length, F 5.0, 1/500, ISO 100

HDR mode automatically captures 3 images with different exposures and then re-mixes, the camera handle is firm enough to produce sharp images and produce the best results.

HDR photos help create impressive landscape photos, especially the fully reconstructed sky, no longer clear a color as usual.

In low light conditions, the M50 retains fast focusing speed, electronic vibration resistance on the camera body combined with anti-shake on the lens is very effective. I can completely hold my hand, do not need a tripod, and still get exposure shots from 0.5s to 1s sharp. M50's noise reduction ability is also good. At ISO 1600 or below, M50 offers sharpness, detail, impressive noise reduction, clear, sharp images. Higher ISO images still work fine with small sizes and noise appears only at ISO 6400. It supports a maximum ISO level of 51200, but it is probably only necessary if you have to capture images in the very bad light.

Photo taken with EF-M lens 15-45 mm, 15mm focal length, F 3.5 range, 1 / 3s speed, ISO 100

Photo taken with EF-M lens 15-45 mm, 15mm focal length, F4, speed 1 / 2s, ISO 100, handheld

Photo taken with EF-M lens 15-45 mm, 15mm focal length, F 5.6, speed 1 / 2s, ISO 1600, handheld

Photo taken with EF-M lens 15-45 mm, 45mm focal length, F 6.3, speed 1 / 125s, ISO 6400

Photo taken with EF-M lens 15-45 mm, 45mm focal length, F 6.3, speed 1 / 10s, ISO 3200

Photo taken with EF-M lens 15-45 mm, 45mm focal length, F 6.3, speed 1 / 10s, ISO 6400

Photo taken with EF-M lens 15-45 mm, focal length 20mm, password F 4.0, speed 1/40s, ISO 3200

20s exposure photo taken with EF-M 15-45 mm lens, 20mm focal length, F 25 gun, ISO 100

Another new feature on the M50 is quite useful when shooting under low light under the street light, which is the ability to balance white environments. When turning on this white balance mode, M50 will eliminate almost all of the yellow, suitable for portraits.

Normal white balance mode

White balance mode prioritizes the environment that eliminates the yellow from street lights

Silent shooting (Silent Mode) using electronic shutter has appeared on M50, allowing shooting without creating any sound but when using this mode, users can only adjust the brightness level. of photo. All ISO parameters, password and speed are determined by the machine itself.

The kit comes with EF-M 15-45 mm F / 3.5-6.3 IS STM with a focal range suitable for a wide range of images from landscape to portrait, close-up but if you want higher quality, you should consider buying an EF / EF-M mount adapter for about 1.5 million VND to take advantage of Canon's extensive availability of pipes and "for" brands. Plugging in the adapter still supports features such as focus or IS, which is superior to the switch used on other systems.

The M50 and other Canon mirrorless machines can take advantage of the extremely rich lens store with only EF / EF-M mounts. cost about 1.5 millioncopper

For those who don't know how to take photos, the M50's fully automatic shooting mode is enough for scenes that aren't too complicated. A good light meter, automatically sets the shutter speed and ISO appropriately, so when shooting in the evening, the image is less vibration. Auto white balance mode also works well, giving the standard color.

Besides automatic mode, M50 also equipped with creative shooting modes, including built-in color filters or Fish Eye effects, Toy Camera, Tilt Shift, simulated painting effects. .. Noteworthy when the machine has both skin beauty modes when taking selfie photos.

Features smooth skin when taking selfie

Selfie taken with EF-M tube 15-45 mm, 15mm focal length, F 3.5 range, 1 / 80s speed, ISO 100

Fish Eye photo with fish eye effect

Photo taken simulating the painting effect

Photo taken with Tilt Shift effect

Battery life is surprisingly good

Although the LP-E12 battery has a capacity of only 875 mAh lower than the LP-E17 battery (1040 mAh) on M5, M6 but in actual use, the M50 offers a slightly more battery life. The writer can capture between 500 and 600 shots at a full charge compared to about 300 of M6. Perhaps thanks to the use of multiple EVFs, I have limited the amount of time the LCD monitor has to operate, significantly saving battery life.

Battery LP-E12 The new on the Canon M50 has a capacity of only 875 mAh lower than LP-E17 (1040 mAh) on M5, M6 But it gives a much more realistic use time

Canon still holds the point of not supporting charging via microUSB port on the machine to ensure voltage safety compared to competitors, so users cannot take advantage of the backup batteries which are very popular now to charge for M50. when needed.

The microUSB port on the M50 still does not support charging


Clearly in the mainstream segment, mirrorless cameras are showing outstanding advantages over traditional DSLR cameras. Even the previous writer himself, although he has been involved with many DSLR models, is currently only used when not moving too much and mainly at work or studio due to their bulky, heavy size. .

When traveling, traveling or wandering around, mirrorless becomes my top choice thanks to its extremely compact advantages, which can be used all day without causing fatigue. Previous limitations of mirrorless such as focusing, slow shooting, low battery life are almost all fixed on new generation models.

With the M50, Canon shows they are making serious investments in mirrorless cameras. This mirrorless model has all the necessary strengths such as a flip-over touch screen that is convenient for Vlogger circles or those who like to film, incorporating a high-quality EVF viewfinder for DSLR-type acquaintances, focusing systems Continuous, impressive anti-vibration. Good image quality under low light conditions with effective noise reduction algorithm. Along with that, a series of new features first appeared on Canon.M50 mirrorless machines worthy of Canon's flagship mirrorless model, gradually replacing the older M5, M6.

The drawback of M50 is that while it is possible to shoot 4K movies, the quality is just enough for new users and for professional dialers it is difficult to please them.

Compared to many mirrorless brands such as Sony's strong cinematography, Fujifilm's strong nostalgic design, the M50's difference comes from Canon's "lens treasure". When using the mount adapter, you will take advantage of many high-quality Canon lenses using EF and EF-S mounts with more features than those on other systems.

With the current price of about 20 million for the M50 kit and the EF-M 15-45 mm F / 3.5-6.3 IS STM lens, this product can be the first step to "engaging" in the handset industry. Canon fans, Vloggers, Youtube Reviewer or a mirrorless set of good support for users of DSLRs and professional Canon tube sets.


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