Review details of AirPods 2: Still the most complete True Wireless experience - VnReview

Review details of AirPods 2: Still the most complete True Wireless experience – VnReview

3 years after its launch, AirPods has become a symbol of the era of wireless headphones. The second generation gets a lot of improvement on paper, but be sure to know if this is the True Wireless for you.

Products evaluated in the article are distributed by MacOne store for VND 6.3 million.

Design: Old bottle kept intact

Two-ear design has not changed compared to the previous generation.

The success of AirPods is unquestionable: a study conducted by Counterpoint said the headset helped Apple make up 60% of the True Wireless headset market share. Perhaps because of that, AirPods 2019 did not bring any significant changes in terms of design. Still white ear tubers, still round box. Wearing on the ear, two batteries still "stick" out: 3 years ago, many people might find it funny, but by 2019, maybe all of them are familiar with this rather odd design.

The most obvious strength of AirPods design is the highest level of comfort: the headset is very light and will probably fit most Vietnamese ears. The "rounded" earbuds design has made AirPods more difficult to fall down than other earbuds headphones, which are not annoying when used for a long time. The comfort level also outperforms in-ears, because the user's ears will not be sealed when used.

The supplied case is now able to charge wirelessly.

The machining quality of AirPods has nothing to blame. Both sides of the ears are light but still create a sure, polished feeling on each line, not scribbled like Chinese counterfeit goods. Sturdy cases, when opening and closing also create a "sound" sound. Unfortunately, Apple is lazy without adding any new design details or colors. So, if you buy AirPods to stand out or enjoy sound, you might want to study other headphones.

Sound quality: Not for people to play

Yes, at the price of more than VND 6 million, AirPods are not really for audio players. Since the launch many people have known that these headphones are essentially just EarPods cutting strings, and the sound quality shows exactly that: EarPods sound like, AirPods are almost the same.

Not audiophile: How does EarPods sound, AirPods are almost identical.

It is not a bad sound that is unacceptable. In fact, the changes made by Apple on EarPods helped to create a sound that was superior to the "bundled" headphones of the iPod or the previous decade's mp3 player models: the round ear-exposed tubers helped create more bass, while maintaining the relatively airy and clear sound characteristic of the earbuds. Overall, the AirPods still have an audible sound, not flattering or harsh, slightly warm and smooth in the lower and middle tones.

But at the same price, True Wireless phones from Sony or Sennheiser can still easily defeat AirPods. Finally, Apple's True Wireless headset still inherits the sound from a bundled headset, and thus still possesses all the weaknesses, the narrow, mid-high range (high-mids). ) somewhat distorted.

Handy and polished

Luckily, not many people buy Apple goods to satisfy the sound needs. People buy AirPods because of the great experience, and indeed in this respect Apple is still No. 1.

Let's start with the extremely easy connection experience inherited from AirPods 2016: users just need to bring the headset back to iPhone / iPad and then tap the confirmation button on the screen. Once connected to the iPhone, users can choose to play music directly from iPad or MacBook to AirPods without pairing again. This is the only feature Apple can implement, because the H1 chip helps AirPods pair with iCloud account instead of each device. For Android and Windows, users will often have to disconnect from the device being played and then reconnect to another device, causing inconvenience and confusion.

Apple has thought of every factor in its use: removing one ear is a self-stopping music.

Other small features help create a complete experience in every way. The music application will automatically stop when you remove one ear and automatically play when the user has worn both ears. Call receiving / stopping can be done via touch buttons on both sides of the ear. Siri has always listened to the "Hey Siri" command to activate, instead of just activating via the touch button as before. If you are familiar with this virtual assistant, you will find the experience on AirPods much more handy than the iPhone, especially when asking for weather information, to activate the call or to transfer songs without opening the phone screen. . Unfortunately, Siri still does not support Vietnamese.

A complete experience

Perhaps because it is not optimal for listening to music, AirPods are … great for listening / calling purposes. Whether it is via the mobile network or through applications such as Skype or Whatsapp, the pair of earbuds always record a clear voice from the wearer. Mic processing noise reduction is also quite good, so very few shady talk in open office space.

Sufficient battery life for a morning or afternoon at the company.

The battery life on AirPods 2 has no noticeable change compared to AirPods 1, which is still very good. Each time, the two ears are enough for one writer's session – about 4 hours. However, the situation of AirPods being pushed to the limit is very rare, because the box can add 2 hours to the ear when stored. Because the battery in each ear is very small, just put it in for about 15 minutes or half an hour to use it for another 2, 3 hours.

Another commendable highlight is that the box has a wireless charger. This feature will allow AirPods to have nearly … immortal battery life, as long as you get in the habit of putting the case on the charging dock (Qi standard) when not in use. Investing in charging dock Qi is absolutely worth it, especially if you are using an iPhone 8 or one of the X-series iPhone models.

Stability is superior to other True Wireless series.

Most importantly, the stability of AirPods is completely superior to that of Sony WF-1000X or Samsung Galaxy Buds. In our test, the two sides of the ear did not break even once. AirPods also did not disconnect with the iPhone or iPad despite being in a high-tech work environment, flooded with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth waves and 2.4GHz frequencies. Delay when watching movies or playing games with Apple labeling device minimized and almost impossible to perceive.

Do you use Apples?

Before choosing AirPods, make sure one thing: to combine with as many iDevice as possible, the new AirPods will take full advantage. When using AirPods with HP dv15 laptop via Bluetooth connection, gunshots are played about half a second after clicking. When using AirPods with Galaxy S10, music will continue to play when you have removed one ear. Android users have almost no reason to choose AirPods.

On the other side, combined with iPhone, iPad or Mac, the AirPods experience shows that Apple's Wireless market dominates True Wireless is absolutely worth it. At the expensive price, AirPods does not conquer sound quality but brings a complete and convenient experience in all aspects. This is the option of True Wireless if you want a pair of headphones that can help you anytime, anywhere, especially during your daily work.


+ Lightweight, comfortable to wear.

+ Long battery life, wireless charging.

+ Experience of using is polished in all aspects.


– Audio "ears attached" at quite high prices.

Gia Cuong

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