Review the Dell Precision M3800 laptop

Review Dell Precision M3800 laptop – VnReview

The Dell Precision M3800 has all the qualities of a "dream laptop" for those who want powerful performance equipment.


– The screen has excellent quality and resolution

– Slim and light design

– High performance

– GPU achieves ISV certification


– Average battery life

– A bit slower than the MacBook

– Slightly noisy and hot when handling heavy tasks

Main specifications: 15.6-inch IPS screen, 3200×1880 pixel resolution, Haswell Core i7 quad-core processor, Nvidia Quadro discrete graphics achieve ISV certification, 19 mm thickness, 1.8 kg weight , 256GB SSD, 16GB RAM.

Review the Dell Precision M3800 laptop

Looking at the specs we see the Dell Precision M3800 has all the qualities of a "dream laptop" for those who want powerful performance equipment. Inside it has a high-end Core i7 processor and discrete Nvidia Quadro graphics card, these two components work together to cater to the 15.6-inch, ultra-high resolution 3200×1880 pixel display. However, despite the impressive specs, the Dell Precision M3800 is still a compact laptop. Thanks to the aluminum and carbon fiber chassis, the M3800 weighs only 1.8 kg, and the thickness is only 19 mm. With such specs and dimensions, we can easily conclude that the main competitor of the Dell Precision M3800 is the MacBook Pro 15 inch Retina screen.

Design and quality

The design of the Precision M3800 has more in common with Dell's XPS high-end consumer notebooks than it does in larger notebooks. The lid and edges are wrapped in brushed aluminum and the interior, the body and side are made of soft carbon fiber on a sturdy aluminum frame.

Review the Dell Precision M3800 laptop

High quality materials combined with neat lines and simple curves create a great laptop, very good quality. Hand mats have negligible settlement, and the camera body has the same rigidity. Only the screen is a little weak, with a slight distortion when pressed on the back of it, but that's the only problem of the screen panel that is only 4mm thick. It is very sturdy, and only the MacBook Pro screen panel is more sturdy.

You will be particularly impressed with the size of the M3800. Its chassis is only 17 mm thick, with several millimeters added by the base on the back so it is as thick as the MacBook Pro (18 mm), and weighs 1.88 kg M3800 lighter than 200 g compared to MacBook Pro.

Review the Dell Precision M3800 laptop

Small details and overall machine are very good looking. The five-level white battery indicator light is located on the left side, the carbon fiber cover encased in the body and the ribs, and the metal logo on the bottom of the machine has serialized the serial number and model name and service phone number.

The right side has a USB 3.0 port and a USB 2.0 port with a card reader, the left edge has two USB 3.0 ports, an HDMI port, a headphone jack and a mini-DisplayPort connector.

Review the Dell Precision M3800 laptop

The only thing missing is the Gigabit Ethernet port, although the USB port has been equipped with the device. The remaining connections are quite good with the ability to support WiFi 802.11ac, with Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity. There is no broadband mobile connection, and the M3800's battery is a non-removable instant battery.

Screen and sound quality

In addition to high-end specifications and beautiful design, the M3800 also features an excellent quality touch screen. It's a 15.6-inch IPS panel with a resolution of 3200×1880 pixels, its pixel density is 237.9 ppi, which is higher than the 15.4-inch MacBook Pro Retina screen with a resolution of 2880×1800 pixels, a pixel density of 220 , 5 ppi. Similar to the MacBook Pro screen, the M3800 screen is a mirror screen, however there is very little space between the glass and the panel so the reflectivity is minimal.

Review the Dell Precision M3800 laptop

Sharp, razor-sharp screens: Windows 8.1's Live Tiles and desktops display extremely detailed and text looks as beautiful as what MacBook Pro screens can offer. Dell uses a system similar to Apple to make high-resolution screens useful, with the taskbar, desktop icons, and other components of the operating system available to take advantage of the 1080p panel.

Screen pixels are not the only impressive feature of Precision. When checking with the XRite i1 Display colorimetric software and measuring 436 nit and 0.39 nit brightness, these are the best numbers ever seen on a laptop. The dark level may be slightly deep, but the contrast ratio of 1,131: 1 is a great number.

Review the Dell Precision M3800 laptop

The measured color temperature is at 6,632K, extremely good, close to the ideal temperature of 6,500K. The 4.9 DeltaE figure is reasonable, and the M3800's panel can display 92.5% of sRGB color, an excellent ratio for a laptop. This means that this monitor can handle almost all colors with accuracy and brightness. M3800 only handles bad red.

Backlight light does not leak, viewing angle is good, and the panel is made from sturdy Corning Gorilla Glass glass. It can be concluded that the Precision M3800 screen has rich brightness and contrast, accurate color display, and extremely high resolution that makes text and images display sharp. If your work needs a good-screen laptop, the Precision M3800 is right for you.

The excellent screen of the Precision M3800 comes with decent quality speakers. They're powerful enough to create a sound that fills a small room, a well-balanced, high volume is quite powerful and lively without too much noise, the mid-range volume is quite good. Bass is acceptable, better than most current laptops, but it should be stronger.


M3800 owns Intel Core i7-4702HQ processor. This is one of Intel's most powerful Haswell processors at this time. The initial 2.2GHz clock speed of this processor can be overclocked to 3.2GHz with Turbo Boost software, and it has 6MB of L3 cache memory through four Hyper-Threaded cores.

This CPU is combined with 16GB DDR3 RAM and SSD LiteOn 256GB hard drive.

The M3800's Geekbench score was 11,477, one of the laptop's best scores, but still 2,000 points lower than the MacBook Pro's Geekbench score. The M3800 scored 5,831 points in PCMark 7, which is also a very good result. With daily tasks you will never have to wait.

Review the Dell Precision M3800 laptop

Dell equips the M3800 with an Nvidia discrete graphics card, but the Quadro K110M is a mid-range component based on GK107 core, the technology that has appeared on the GTX 650 graphics card for desktop and GTX 750M for portable devices. dynamic. It faces stiff competition from Intel's latest integrated graphics. The Quadro average score in Unigine's Heaven graphics test is 24.9fps. Meanwhile, Apple MacBook and Intel Iris Pro 5200 both scored 30.3fps.

The score that the M3800 scored when tested with the 3DMark software trio was good, but still lost some of the lower-priced laptops. Asus N550JV uses the GTX 750M, which has the same graphics core, but its clock speed is 967MHz, slightly higher than the Precision M3800's 716MHz. This means that Asus laptops offer better graphics performance than Dell laptops, but at about half the price.

Review the Dell Precision M3800 laptop

The Quadro graphics core can achieve average scores in graphics tests, but it has enough speed to overcome all the old generation integrated graphics cores and discrete graphics for consumer laptops or for Cheap workstations. The Quadro chip has a significant advantage over most competitors, which is ISV certification, which means it can be compatible with a variety of professional applications.

When it comes to graphics, the Dell Precision M3800 is not a bargain, has cheaper laptops with less screens but offers higher graphics power. But Dell's laptops are still better than many other laptops, and experts will appreciate the optimization of Quadro graphics cores and ISV certification.

LiteOne SSDs are quite powerful, sequential read and write speeds are 490MB / s and 401MB / s, and the M3800 boots within 11 seconds. It has been backed up with a 500GB HDD, one of the features that consumers often work with large video files, will be interesting.

Temperature and noise

Dell is quite clever when cramming a lot of powerful components inside a small chassis, but the 19mm-thick frame is Precision's disadvantage. When testing the system with intense working density, within a few minutes, the microprocessor temperature jumped to 96 degrees Celsius, 4 degrees below the CPU's overloaded temperature.

Review the Dell Precision M3800 laptop

Too high a CPU temperature is not a big problem, unless you often make the CPU run at full capacity for a long time, but there is another problem that is noise. When the CPU is working hard, the laptop's cooling fans will spin very fast and make noise, the laptop's heat sink is at the bottom of the device, so it's a bit inconvenient to use the Precision M3800 for a long time.

This is probably a part of the M3800 that is worse than the MacBook, maybe we have to accept these drawbacks to get a thin, light yet powerful laptop.

Battery life

The Precision M3800 has a limited battery life. This laptop's 6-cell battery can power laptops to survive for 4 hours and 8 minutes, for video viewing, web browsing and word processing with screen brightness at 40%. This number increased to 5 hours and 12 minutes when lowering the screen brightness to lower and disabling WiFi connection.

That's a poor result, but what we expect on a workstation is power, not battery life. The MacBook Pro performed better, with screen brightness at 50%, allowing the web to be browsed continuously for 10 hours.

Keyboard and Trackpad

Just like the MacBook, the Dell Precision M3800's keyboard immediately attracts users. The character keys are next to each other in a recessed upper part of the screen, and there is plenty of unused space on either side.

Review the Dell Precision M3800 laptop

Typing on the M3800 is quite comfortable, the body of the phone is well combined with good feedback, consistent operation of each key. The M3800 keyboard works similarly to the MacBook keyboard, is easy to get used to and can be typed very quickly. Trackpad also has very good quality, supports gestures on smooth, wide surfaces and two flexible buttons. The keyboard is also equipped with backlight.

Review the Dell Precision M3800 laptop

But there are still some issues, you have to sacrifice the usability of the numeric keypad for form factor, and there's no need to minimize the Enter key and navigation keys on a laptop with a screen size of 15.6. inch.

Review the Dell Precision M3800 laptop

Some points need attention

Dell offers four different configurations for the Precision M3800. The model was evaluated in the article for £ 1,856 (66.4 million), it is not the most expensive model, spending £ 1974 (VND 70.4 million) you will receive a 512GB SSD, double size of SSD in laptop model has just evaluated.

The M3800 is priced at £ 1,738 (VND 62.2 million) with the same specifications as the sample justified, but has not received a further year of ProSupport insurance and the cheapest model costs £ 1,506 (VND 53.9 million) will have a lower resolution screen, 1920×1080 pixels, 8GB of RAM and a 500GB HDD.

Review the Dell Precision M3800 laptop

Each template can be customized with a range of service options such as random accident and anti-theft warranty service. Other security improvement services such as anti-theft tagging, data protection and tracing options can also be added. Even the M3800 can equip a custom BIOS to set up remote machines via LAN for a small fee.

Should I buy the Dell Precision M3800?

The stunning display of the Dell Precision M3800 immediately impresses by its higher pixel density than Apple's Retina display, and it continues to surprise users in other parts with excellent design and quality. .

Processors and graphics chips are quite powerful, but the Quadro chip and the rest of the specs are a bit poor. GPUs integrate on the MacBook and some cheaper laptops have higher raw graphics performance. The M3800's battery life is also not as high as the MacBook.

Review the Dell Precision M3800 laptop

The biggest drawback of the Dell Precision M3800 is the high price. The £ 1864 price of the laptop is rated at more than £ 150 compared to the cheapest 15-inch MacBook Pro, and only the high-quality screen is worth the price. If you need a laptop with the best screen, choose the Dell Precision M3800, but we still prefer the MacBook Pro because it has a better battery life, faster processor and a completely aluminum chassis. The M3800 is still one of the best Windows laptops but you will have to spend a lot of money.


The stunning screen and Dell Precision's best physical design make it a good candidate for you if you need a laptop with the best screen. But the Apple MacBook Pro is a little faster, the battery life is longer and the price is a bit cheaper. The Precision M3800 is a great laptop but is a premium option only for customers with money.

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