Evaluate Dell Latitude 3500

Review Dell Latitude 3500: Office laptop for people who focus on performance – VnReview

Dell Latitude 3500 is a laptop model aimed at students, students, office staff who are in need of equipping a computer for learning, working and entertainment at basic to advanced levels.

Simple design, not many accents

The appearance of the Latitude 3500 inherits many features from recent Latitude generations. Still a simple black plastic shell, not too fussy, eye-catching with a few highlights are the contours of the ball running around the body. The rigid shell does not have a creaking effect when pressed hard but is easy to catch sweat and is difficult to clean.

The seams, edges are carefully processed, well done, with little extra detail. Screen hinges are made solid. The body is relatively light, compact when weighing about 2 Kg and maximum thickness of 1.8 cm, gentle enough with a 15.6-inch screen lapop to carry around to work, go to school everyday.

Evaluate Dell Latitude 3500

The ports on the device are plentiful with 4 USB ports, including 1 USB Type C 3.1 Gen 1 port that supports Power Delivery and DisplayPort that allows to export 4K quality pictures and charge them. The next two USB ports, the traditional Type A, also have a 3.1 Gen 1 speed, and a PowerShare port with a battery symbol to charge the smartphone, smartwatch or smartband even when turned off. Unfortunately, the last USB port on the right must be a low-speed 2.0, which is only suitable for plugging an external mouse.

The remaining connection ports include HDMI, LAN, headphone and mic combo, SD memory card reader, and the VGA port is becoming increasingly rare on new generation laptops.

Evaluate Dell Latitude 3500

Evaluate Dell Latitude 3500

At the bottom of the machine, Dell arranged a large-size heat sink slot with two plastic strips across the body and the upper body to create good grip as well as help the machine airy. Stereo speaker system is also located here.

Evaluate Dell Latitude 3500

Keyboard, touchpad wide, feeling typing, dragging the mouse

Thanks to its large 15.6-inch size, the Latitude 3500's spacious keyboard, comfortable palm rest, long typing are less prone to wrist strain. Button bounce, grip, fast typing less sticking words. Flex phenomenon (subsidence) when stressed to be stable. Printed letters on sharp, clear keys. The size of a 15-inch laptop allows the machine to add Numpad numeric keypad for easy data entry and quick calculation.

Evaluate Dell Latitude 3500

The keyboard has a backlight with enough brightness to work in the night or when there is a lack of light without turning on the table lamp. However, the default keyboard light will turn itself off after a certain amount of time to save battery power and only light up when you type. To reset the keyboard light, you will need to enter the BIOS.

Evaluate Dell Latitude 3500

The mouse pad (touchpad) is also relatively large in size, slightly shifted left to align with the main key cluster. The area of ​​the touchpad is sufficient for comfortable finger manipulation, smooth surface and smooth sensitivity. Because it is Precision touchpad, it supports this multi-point operation on Windows 10.

Evaluate Dell Latitude 3500

Large screen but resolution only HD, thick border, TN panels

Equipped with 15.6-inch screen, anti-glare but sadly the resolution of the genuine version of Latitude 3500 distribution in Vietnam only has HD resolution (1366 x 768 pixels), with TN background, thick border. Although the size is wide, it helps to observe and work more comfortably, but due to the low resolution, the image appears blurry, less sharp.

Evaluate Dell Latitude 3500

TN background for color quality, average contrast and of course the biggest drawback is that the viewing angle is only guaranteed in the main angle of the screen, significantly reduced when deflected to the sides and the most severe when viewed from below. up or down.

The camera on the device has a resolution of only 1MP, equivalent to 720p (1280×720 pixels), so the image quality is medium and temporary enough to serve the basic video call needs. Micro is placed right next to the webcam for good recording capability, effective noise filtering. If you need a higher image quality for live streaming, you should have an external webcam.

Evaluate Dell Latitude 3500

The audio system on the Latitude 3500 is provided by 2 speakers located at the bottom and although there is no supported audio technology, it is quite surprising when the fact that the sound from the two speakers of the machine is quite big, clear, no being shy when maxed out, had a little bass, so watching action movies, playing EDM games and listening to modern pop was perfectly fine.

Fast performance, smooth running, cool

Dell Latitude 3500 version that VnReview used in this review has a configuration including:

CPU: Intel Core i7-8565U (Whiskey Lake), 4 8-core, 1.8 GHz speed can Turbo Boots to 4.6 GHz, 8 MB Cache, TDP 15 W.

RAM: 8 GB DDR4 single-channel 2666 MHz does not support upgrade.

GPU: Intel HD Graphics 620 + Nvidia GeForce MX130 (Maxwell),, 384 CUDA core, clocking 1122 – 1242 MHz, 2 GB 64DR bit GDDR5.

Hard drive: 128GB SK Hynix M.2 NVMe HDD and HDD Seagate 1TB 5400 rpm.

Connection: Wi-Fi 802.11 a / c 2×2 (Intel Dual Band Wireless AC 9560) + Bluetooth 5.0

Operating system: Ubuntu

Battery: Li-ion 3 Cell 42Whr.

Reference price: VND 23.79 million

Evaluate Dell Latitude 3500

These parameters are enough to meet the most popular needs from working to studying, editing Photoshop photos or even editing movies with Premiere Pro, playing popular online or offline games. .

Playing League of Legends or Fifa Online 4 is also very smooth at the highest graphic setting, HD resolution. Of course, heavier games like PUBG, GTA V, FIFA 19, will only work fine if the graphics settings are medium or low due to the limitations of the Nvidia GeForce MX130 graphics card (which is actually rename – change Name of GeForce 940MX).

In terms of temperature and noise, over the course of the test, running the benchmark, playing heavy games continuously for hours, the Latitude 3500 still works pretty cool and smooth. The device only warms up slightly in the hard drive area and between the keyboard. Heat sinks are arranged on the bottom and slot between the screen and the camera body, so it does not heat the user.

Average battery life

With a large screen, quite powerful configuration, in normal usage conditions, Latitude 3555 usually achieves about 4 hours of use in normal tasks such as web browsing, text writing, screen brightness of about 60%.

This is an average battery with the configuration of a 15.6-inch laptop, using Intel U-series, discrete graphics cards. In addition, it takes more than 2 hours to fully charge the battery from 10% to 100% with the included charger.


Evaluate Dell Latitude 3500

At the price of VND 23.79 million, the performance is probably the biggest bright spot in Dell Latitude 3500 when Core 8 version 7 is quite powerful, NVMe SSD high speed, relatively large amount of RAM, storage drive Abundant HDD, discrete graphics card enough to balance well popular games. This configuration makes the machine run smoothly, handling all tasks from basic to advanced.

However, the machine has many obstacles such as faded design, less outstanding plastic cover. Thick border screen, low resolution, background plate is only average quality TN.

The Latitude 3500 starting version with a price of 13.19 million dong, less than 10 million, equipped with a Core i3-8145U processor, 4GB of RAM, without an SSD, will probably be a better choice for those Who is looking for a laptop from the American brand at an affordable price?


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