Review Dell Inspiron 14-5447 laptop - VnReview

Review Dell Inspiron 14-5447 laptop – VnReview

Do not own "supermodel" looks like ultrabooks but Dell Inspiron 14-5447 is still thin enough to convince users, comes with a strong configuration, luxurious aluminum casing. This laptop model may be an attractive option in the mid-range segment.

Dell Inspiron 14-5447 owns a strong set of configuration including Intel Haswell Core i5-4210U processor (1.7 GHz, 3 MB smart cache, TDP 15 W), 4GB 1,600 MHz DDR3 bus, HDD capacity hard drive 500GB 5400 rpm, discrete AMD Radeon R7 M265 graphics card 2GB GDDR3 VRAM and 43 WHr 3-cell Lithium-ion battery. With the above configuration, the price of Dell Inspiron 14-5447 is about VND 13.9 million (as of the time of writing). In addition, users can choose this laptop with low or higher configuration levels (equivalent to the Core i3 or Core i7 CPU version) with prices ranging from 11 to 18 million VND.

Design and connection ports

The Dell Inspiron 14-5447 is sympathetic thanks to its eye-catching appearance with the use of a rugged, luxurious aluminum-clad material in the entire case. In fact, Dell's 14-inch laptop looks quite large when placed next to some other 14-inch laptops due to its spacious keyboard and touchpad area. However, the device is still thin and light enough to be easily carried with you without causing too much trouble for users thanks to a weight of only 2.02 kg and a thinness of 21.6 mm.

To ensure lightness, the Dell Inspiron 14-5447 also omits the DVD optical drive, due to the fact that today's DVD optical drives are no longer as necessary as before. The most important operation is to install Windows, you can easily do with the USB. If you still need to use an optical drive, you can buy an external optical drive, which is widely available on the market.

All ports on the device are also put on the side, like most laptops on the market today, easy to operate and convenient to connect at the same time many peripheral devices such as mice, USB, drives mobile hard, cooling fan, … Specifically, on the left side of the machine is arranged with pin pins, 1 USB 2.0 port and 1 memory card slot supporting SD, SDHC, and SD3.0 cards , MS, MS Pro. Meanwhile, on the right side is a familiar RJ-45 LAN port, supports 10/100 Mbps speed, 1 standard 1.4a HDMI port, 2 USB 3.0 ports and 1 combo jack both headset and mic .

Dell's laptop also supports Wireless Display 3.0 (WiDi 3.0), which helps share photos and videos between a computer and a large-screen TV without the need for a cable, along with wireless connections like Bluetooth. 4.0, WiFi 802.11ac.

Thus, the Dell Inspiron 14-5447 has also been removed from the VGA port, and the output port is still popular and necessary. Especially in Vietnam, when users often use laptops to connect to the projector with this connection port. However, similar to the DVD optical drive, if you need to connect a Dell laptop with a VGA port on the projector or an LCD monitor, you can equip an HDMI to VGA converter cable.

Keyboard and touchpad

Loyal to the cool and eye-catching chiclet keyboard popular on most laptops today, the keyboard of the Dell Inspiron 14-5447 has a full size quite simple with large-sized buttons, smooth surface and approx. reasonable key way. The keyboard part is also equipped with backlight system to provide convenience when working in low light conditions.

However, perhaps to ensure the thinness of the body, the keyboard must sacrifice the depth that makes typing a little hard, low bouncing and very susceptible to sticking letters. Therefore, it will take a while for you to get used to the keyboard on this laptop. In addition, the navigation keys up, down, left, right are quite small in size, are placed close to each other so also cause many difficulties during use.

In return, the touchpad part of the Inspiron 14-5447 has a modern "no-button" design that makes the mouse area very spacious and comfortable. In addition, the touchpad surface is covered with smooth, smooth rubber to help prevent slippery, high sensitivity, good anti-sweat, and users will quickly get used to it right after several uses.

Screen and sound

Equipped with a 14-inch mirror screen with a normal resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels, the Dell Inspiron 14-5447 cannot avoid the inherent drawback of this type of screen, which is quite heavy and flaring when working outdoors or under strong light shining directly on the screen. At the same time, the brightness of the screen is also relatively low, the text and the text when displayed are not really sharp and detailed because the resolution is not high. The color of the screen is also quite pale, the viewing angle is narrow because the machine still uses normal TN panels, which makes the viewing quality deviate significantly.

When measuring the screen with software and specialized devices, the results of the machine match the perception with the naked eye. The colors of the Dell Inspiron 14-5447 are shown on a pale screen due to the display of basic colors inferior to reality, along with other factors such as overly warm color, deep black, low contrast and poor brightness. Learn more VnReview screen evaluation like?

Dell Inspiron 14-5447 screen results table

Results measure the displayed color space of Dell Inspiron 14-5447. The squares are standard color points, while the dot is the actual color measured.

The ability to display basic colors: below are standard colors and above the actual display color on the device

Gray scale display capabilities: Below are standard colors and above the actual display color on the device

Luckily, the sound under the powerful support of Waves MaxxAudio 4.0 technology on the Dell Inspiron 14-5447 delivers a relatively impressive sound quality. The sound is clear and clear, and there is no noise or distortion that occurs even when maximized. The deep bass is still a bit lacking in depth, while the treble sound is moderate and not harsh. The volume of the speakers is also large enough to fill a room from 30 to 40 square meters.

A noteworthy point is the Dell Inspiron 14-5447 speakers are located on the underside of the machine. Thanks to that, the sound spreads better when placed on the table and produces a warmer bass. However, one drawback is that the volume of the speakers is also slightly reduced due to being blocked by the table surface and the possibility of dirt or damage is also higher because the lower part is usually the place where little attention is paid to and care Frequently contact with hard surfaces.

Dell also offers Inspiron 14-5447 Dell Audio software to tweak and turn off features like Maxx Audio Pro, to optimize external speaker sound when listening to music, watching movies, playing good games when voice chat, Built-in microphone to reduce noise or when high quality, clear and clear sound is needed. Besides, you can further interfere with the sound of the system by refining Bass, Treble, Dialog, Stereo, Equalizer, …

Performance performance

With the ownership of quite powerful hardware parameters including Intel Core i5-4210U CPU (clocked at 1.7 GHz, can automatically accelerate Turbo Boost to 2.7 GHz), 4GB of DDR3 bus 1,600 MHz and discrete graphics card AMD Radeon R7 M265 2GB GDDR3 VRAM, Dell Inspiron 14-5447 can play well on today's popular 3D titles like PES 2014, League of Legends (at the highest setting) and FIFA 15 (at the medium setting right) and get good grades in system performance evaluation programs like 3DMark, Crystal Disk Mark.

Specifically, in the famous PES 2014 sports game, Dell's laptop easily handles smoothly at the highest graphic setting (High level), the maximum resolution of the screen 1366×768 (pixel), turn on V-Sync. The frame rate is always maintained at 60 fps, the image is sharp, detailed and completely without any jerky phenomenon, any lag occurs even when having to deal with many objects such as ball situations in focus. area 16m50.

Meanwhile, in the FIFA 15 game, at the highest graphic setting (High level), the maximum resolution of 1366×768 (pixel) screen, the highest anti-aliasing (4X), lock the frame at 60 fps, Dell Inspiron 14-5447 only achieves frame rates ranging from 37 to 49 frames per second, images are relatively jerky, laggy and hard to play.

Still keep the other graphics settings but turn off the antialiasing feature, now FIFA 15 on the Dell Inspiron 14-5447 can run at 60 frames per second. Sometimes images are reduced to 51 to 56 frames per second and slightly jerky, laggy but still quite acceptable.

With League of Legends game, at the highest graphic setting, 1366×768 pixel resolution, graphic options, character quality, environmental quality, effect quality, shadow, are all at Very high, turn on anti-aliasing and vertical sync, the frame rate limit of 60 fps, Dell Inspiron 14-5447 can run smoothly at 60 frames per second.

In the GPU 3DMARK graphics performance evaluation program, Dell Inspiron 14-5447 scored 911 points in the Fire Strike test, 3,766 points in the Cloud Gate test and 37,150 points in the Ice Storm test. These are all pretty good scores, showing the relatively strong graphics processing capabilities of a laptop from Dell.

The data retrieval speed of the Dell Inspiron 14-5447 is also quite good, although still using only a conventional HDD of 5,400 rpm. Specifically, the measured speed through the Crystal Disk Mark 3.0.3 hard drive evaluation program of Inspiron 14-5447 reaches the highest level of 106.4 MB / s at read speed and 100.3 MB / s at write speed, but That's quite an average of about 90 MB / s of other laptops that use a 5400 rpm hard drive.

Temperature and noise

Testing the operating temperature of Dell Inspiron 5447 with AIDA64 software for the entire system from CPU, hard drive, RAM, GPU, operating at a maximum of 100% for more than 1 hour, the recorded temperature of the CPU in about 56 to 94 degrees C, hard drive temperature of about 39 to 48 degrees C, RAM temperature of about 53 to 95 degrees Celsius. This is a relatively high temperature compared to the configuration including dual-core processor, hard drive speed 5400 rpm, discrete graphics card of Dell Inspiron 5447.

The heat sink of the Dell Inspiron 5447 is arranged on the lower side so when you put this laptop on the table to use it, you will not feel the heat escaping and uncomfortable like other laptops (usually arrange side radiator slots). The left edge causes the heat to enter the hand when typing.) However, if the person who puts the laptop on the lap or on the poor heat dissipation surface, the bottom side of the Dell Inspiron 5447 is more annoying and harmful than the cooler on the left.

Another plus in the heat dissipation capability of the Inspiron 5447 is that the entire left and left hand rest areas are very cool, only the right side and the right hand rest area are slightly warmed up because this is the area. Hard drive layout and RAM.

Radiator slot area is located at the bottom of the machine

In terms of noise, when running at the heaviest load, the noise of the machine is at an acceptable level. In the office environment, even if we let this laptop constantly run benchmark programs, play games for hours to let the system's cooling system work at full capacity, the Inspiron 5447 still doesn't cause any noise. annoying noise.

Battery life

To check battery life, we set up the Dell Inspiron 5447 to use Balanced power mode in Windows 7, screen brightness at about 70%, 70% volume, turn off the Wi-Fi connection and play continuously. a Full HD movie. The time recorded from the time the device is 100% battery until the alarm is 10% battery is 5 hours 37 minutes.

In addition, under normal usage conditions, the device is still in Balanced power mode in Windows 7, screen brightness is about 60%, volume is 50%, web browsing is in Chrome with about 20 tabs. In particular, in addition to the simple tab of images and writing, there is a tab for listening to music at Zing MP3, a tab for watching clips on YouTube for about 1 hour. The Dell Inspiron 5447 lasted for more than 4 hours before reporting 10% battery life.

This is a good battery level with the configuration of Intel Core i5 chip, discrete graphics card of the Dell Inspiron 5447. Perhaps thanks in part to running basic tasks, the machine will use the integrated graphics card in the chip. Intel Core i5 is Intel HD Graphics 4400, so battery life is longer.

In addition, the built-in Dell Power Manager Lite software suite included in the Inspiron 5447 also offers many options to refine the system to achieve better battery life, as well as battery protection to avoid fast battery charging. when the user is constantly plugging in the charger for a long time.


At a price of about VND14 million, the Dell Inspiron 14-5447 is a good choice thanks to its robust configuration that satisfies basic tasks like web browsing, text editing, and even more advanced games like 3D gaming. heavy graphics or photo, video, architecture editing. Besides, the sleek design with luxurious scratched aluminum shell and the Dell brand is famous for its durability and stability is also a factor that helps this laptop convince users.

At this price range, you can also consult some other laptop models such as Lenovo Z5070, HP Probook 450 G1 or Asus K551LN. These are all laptop models with almost the same configuration as the Dell Inspiron 14-5447. The difference is mainly from design, typing experience, warranty period and love with a certain brand of each user.


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