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[Review] Canon Laser Shot LBP 2900 Printer Really Good?

Canon Laser Shot LBP 2900 printer is an office equipment that is widely used in today’s life. Is this machine really good? And Make tech Find the answer!

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  • Which country Canon LBP 2900 laser printer?
  • Canon LBP 2900 laser printer review is good?

    • User ratings how about LBP 2900 laser printer
  • Where should I buy Canon LBP 2900 laser printer?

Canon printers

Which country Canon LBP 2900 laser printer?

Canon is known as a famous global brand from Japan specializing in providing copiers, printers, fax machines, scanners …

Canon’s products have been available in the Vietnamese market since the 1990s and are mainly copiers using analog technology. From 2008 onwards, Canon accelerated the development of copier lines using digital technology to replace analog technology with more current features, bringing more convenience to users.

With its continuous development, Canon printers in general and Canon LBP 2900 laser printers in particular have been trusted and used by consumers around the world.

Canon LBP 2900 laser printer review good?

To know the vehicle Canon laser printer This is good, let’s learn more about them through the reviews below.

Canon laser printer

About design

The Canon LBP 2900 laser printer possesses a compact, simple design suitable for use in many different spaces without taking up too much area. The machine is produced with 2 main colors: black and white, easy for users to choose.

The LBP 2900 is also appreciated for its smart software application that makes setting up and starting up faster for more efficient printing.

In addition, the number keys as well as the screen of the machine are easy to operate, so it helps a lot for novices.

Print speed

Print speed is a fairly important factor in evaluating the quality of a laser printer. A quality machine means printing speed must be fast and meet the job requirements.

Most users used to have very positive reviews about the print speed of LBP 2900. In addition, with improved technology, with a resolution of 2400 x 600 dpi also makes it possible to process the data. document fast and produce sharp, clear prints.

How good is the LBP 2900 laser printer

Energy saving

With the ability to print up to 200 – 800 pages / month, this laser printer is capable of saving at least 30-50% of the energy compared to conventional printers.

Ink tank

The machine’s paper tray has a capacity of 150 sheets, the machine’s ink cartridge can be used for 2000 pages of standard paper.

Moreover, the LBP 2900 is also not fussy about paper, does not have problems with paper jams, so it can flexibly use many different types of printing paper.

In addition, the ink of the machine is also a popular type that can be purchased in many places, so it is very convenient for users to change the ink.

Reference: Guide to install Canon LBP 2900 printer on Windows

User ratings how about LBP 2900 laser printer

Here is a review of the pros and cons of the Canon LBP 2900 laser printer:


  • The machine works relatively stable, quite durable.
  • Good price
  • The machine is not picky about ink, the price of refilling ink is also quite cheap, so it does not cost much.
  • Print ink is even, bold, easy to adjust
  • The replacement of components is also convenient
  • Fast start-up speed, do not take much waiting time.


  • Does not support 2-sided printing
  • Only supports USB 2.0 port

From the above reviews, can you rate the Canon LBP 2900 laser printer good? Is it worth buying?

Laser printers

Where should buy Canon LBP 2900 laser printer?

Currently, Canon LBP 2900 laser printers are sold at META.vn. With over 10 years of experience, printers in general and LBP 2900 printers in particular are 100% genuine, with full invoices and papers.

Contact us immediately if you want to own LBP 2900: In Hanoi: 024.3568.6969 or in HCMC: 028.3833.3366

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